1995, disaster strikes
the West Coast of California. Damn! 1998, despite efforts made by the
authorities, the scourge strikes again. God damn! Punta Kaka Beach remains threatened
by the beast. Impossible to fight it.
The victims have piled up… Only one man was able to save
Punta Kaka. Day 1 Come on! California Beach. Punta Kaka.
300 dead. 750 wounded. Smells like shark. Smells like fucking shark. Day 2 I have one objective, one target:
The Great White Shark of America. D’you smell the shark?
D’you smell it with your big nose? 5 tons. 5 tons of pure meat. A fin 18 inches big.
As fast as three Formula 1. 3 or 4. Day 3 Come on! Does he have a wife? He lives alone. He eats his wives. At first I thought of going bare-handed. Fuck that the extension. A nylon rope.
Wrought iron steel-toed boots. Hat. Glasses. If you don’t have those
on the ocean, you’re fucked. Of course with my experience and
my technical approach, I should have a good odds ratio
of winning this fight. Day 4 – Wanna tell me what happened?
– Well ya know… K alright. Day 5 Come on! ‘course I’m just, you know,
looking ’round… to know the… the good sites.
You know, where there’s… ’cause I have a rubber dinghy
3 HP. V6. Day 6 It’s too deep here.
45 meters deep. It’s not a piece of cake.
A fucking cold stream my friend. It’s cold as fuck. It’s going well. 3 knots per second. Gonna puke. I’m exhausted. Boat’s taking on water.
Fuck, it’s not going well. Day 7 He’s here! He’s right underneath. screenplay, directed, editing and the Shark: BrioBriss Dialogues and the Hunter: Fred Pit Camera and victims: Thom Christ THANKS: Thom Christ, Fred Pit, your dad, your mom Translated by:
Audrey Talbot-Guilbert Université laval Next episode, on the hunt… Day 1 Claude!
Get over here. Lean in. There, smell over there
with your big nose. What does it smell? It’s been 3 years, man. There’s a
fucking wild goose partying in the field. 3 dead, 14 wounded,
it has to stop, man. Hunter, you’re ok?
The hunter! Shut up.
Shut the fuck up. Day 2 It’s defined as a carnivorious. Have you ever heard of velociraptors? Well, that’s the same thing.
Let’s go over there. Follow me. You can see something’s been here.
He must have stayed 2 or 3 weeks. Ok, let’s go back. Damn man, there’re snails in my shoe. It’s not a cakewalk here. Do I have
to teach you the basics of hunting? I’ve been through a lot.
The doe? That’s nothing. 3 bears. D’you wanna know
what’s my prize list? I’m talking to you.
You gonna have to wake up here, man. 4 beavers, 3 bears… buffalo, bears.
Named the best hunter in 2009. Hey, give me that. That’s the key man,
the key to hunting. You can do anything with that, man. Day 3 Tell me a story!
Tell me a good hunting story! Shut up!
If you don’t mind, I’ll take my shirt off. I mind a little but… Damn it, shut the fuck up. Now time to get the arsenal. I got this. In the army. 14 years ago. Extension. My shirt. Pure llama wool. That’s vital man, if you’re lost,
you need that. Plug it in. 1000 W. When you don’t have an… electric
outlet to plug it in, what d’you do? Just shut up!
You go anywhere, anytime. Fuck, it’s hot. 34°C.
74°C with humidex. Where are we now? Fuck! No, there’s only one, bro.
Never seen before. In the register. No one’s ever seen that. 1.50 meter, 2 meters high.
We’re up against somethin’ huge. Day 4 Will the hunter be able to catch
the wild goose? You will know in the next episode. – In episode 3 at the…
– Shut the fuck up Brio! YAMOCHE CREW!

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