Sharkathon Shark Fishing and Redfish Tournament | Behind the Scenes!

Sharkathon Shark Fishing and Redfish Tournament | Behind the Scenes!

right on the other side of the screen I
see a couple of big Mullet I’ve got to get a big
mullet for bait so here we go so we finally managed to get out here to
the beach and it is a gorgeous day I said that with a straight face it’s
miserable out here I hate these conditions we have bait I’ve got my Nick here we’ve
got the kayak and we’re ready to put some baits out and try to get ourselves
into some big sharks caught that with a busted net got ourselves some bait we
got that with a busted Fitec Castnet that’s how awesome Fitec cast nests are
we both swam baits out as far as we could we get back to the beach Nick’s flipping me off behind the camera and you can take a look at this rod
right here I swam this out I’m not even dry yet
and that thing is already running right down the beach shivering so hard I can’t even hold the camera straight okay we are cold and totally
professional we are about to put you to work buddy
yeah we need your help we did some fishing if that’s what you call
it not catching for the record I mooned the camera everybody is aware why are you filming me talking say something interesting I just did make me some money cuz you’re my money makers Rachel why are you staring at me like that? Got ourselves a little spot out here we were actually able to find a
section of beach we could get all to ourselves so we’re setting up our camps
so that we can be prepared to be out here for as long as we need to be and
we’re gonna get some rod set up so we’re working on that now I’d like to do it
for sure no we will let that guy go yeah that’s working a lot better I
thought it was already on all right we are freezing it looks like Paul’s got
something I know I’m taking a picture it through Oh yep oh we got a nice little
red all right good job ha nice little redfish Nice little redfish from shore we’ve all
been wandering out there freezin Savannah Cassidy and Hazel the only ones with anything thank you
girl yes ma’am stop rolling room
17 inches what is the slot? 20″ so we will have to let this redfish go bye bye little red! looks like there was something on it
after all another hardhead Whammy! I guess we are having hardheads for dinner
all right so right down the beach from us there is a big camp got one guy going
out on a kayak and over here to our right we’ve got another guy taking bait out it’s about five o’clock Suns going down on either side of us it looks like
two kayaks are going out Sharkathon update hey Paul you want to take a look
at that right there red right by the door you’re fishing five minutes later here’s our friend from next door after a drop-off Hi there! I’m actually really happy
you showed up bud I need a favor what would it take to get you to paddle
out a bait for me I had the same problem earlier man I couldn’t do it you’re
using real bait I was about maybe a minute away and the hook came out of my bait yummy
now whammy no whammy no whammy what are you doing
Oh shes’s gonna shiver in a minute all right Nick I want something awesome
for dinner man okay yeah let’s tag him up and get some dinner good look it’s on the wide angle to get
that fish eye out that’s good right there like a gangster you’re a gangster give
me gangster I just gotta share this with you cuz I kind of had some fun
with it on that last clip I’m sitting here and I’m editing the video I thought
it’d be kind of funny to have that thug life logo get slapped on there so I real
quick made the thug life logo and then I went back to editing the video now
Rachel’s not here right now she’s at a football game and her and I have a
shared Google Drive account so what happened is while I’m sitting here and
I’m editing this Google automatically uploaded that logo to the drive and then
it showed up on her phone she did not remember that we had filmed that little
scene because it’s been two weeks now so she immediately texted me about it and I
just had to run with it so here’s a series of text messages between her and
I for the last couple of minutes I kind of had to have some fun with it just I
just had to put that on there guys sorry let’s get back to the video check the
lines real quick about an hour ago just died no activity so last night we had dinner hung out
around the bonfire drank some Jameson kinda had some fun
though we tried to maintain our lines all night long did not have a single bite
so would you sit there and drag it through that same base to sat out all
night long and sharks like to come in they come in close at night but we just
didn’t get any around us well we called it a night took a little bit of a nap now
we’re back up we’re gonna do what we can with the morning bite although I don’t
really perceive sharks on a morning bite now unfortunately we were not able to
get any more fish that weekend we tried as hard as we could and we wore
ourselves out in the process but it just was not our weekend and that’s
okay we really look forward to the next time around we want to thank the guys at
Sharkathon for having us and for putting on such an amazing event we really had a
blast thank you guys now before we end this video I do want
to take a second to thank everybody who responded to our tweet
about the video and you guys have got all those up right here if this is your
first time would like that please consider subscribing and slapping
that captain’s bell so that you never miss an opportunity to spend a miserable
weekend at the beach with us at this time guys I want to thank you very much
for sticking through to the end of this video we really very much appreciate
that and we appreciate you appreciate you for watching appreciate you for being
there through all of our videos as you look forward to having some great ones
in the very near future now you go out and have yourself a wonderful weekend
and I’ll see you in the next video

29 thoughts on “Sharkathon Shark Fishing and Redfish Tournament | Behind the Scenes!

  1. like 3 amigo….hoy vi tu video muy rápido!!!!jajaja……lo haces genial….me encanta el momento del perro….yo tengo un Sharpei y me encantan los perros….estaba el día bastante nublado y hacía mucho aire…..pero se ve que lo pasaron genial!!!!….un fuerte abrazo desde España!!!!!

  2. I see I did end up inspiring you to try that kayak lol. Weather has been uncooperative here as well. Calling for snow Friday maybe actually 😬

  3. Man what crazy weather. Super funny video. I need to get out there one day and try shore fishing, looks like such a blast!

  4. Lovin my from inside the truck commentary…I was on my 4th change of clothes, antibiotics and more than a bit loopy from cold meds😢

  5. #totalpro BUUURRP!!😂🤣😂👍…cool apparel!! Stanley that hair line of yours is going farther and farther back bro!😂🤣..beautiful catch gangsta! Awesome video! I love your editing man!

  6. Great work Brother!! 2 of boys are down in Florida on Ponte Vedra beach on vacation with my far 2 Bull Reds caught and my son Tony had a 4 1/2 ft blacktip all the way to the shore and the line snapped 😖😭.. I'll be joining them soon. Another Great video y'all!! God bless you guys!!

  7. Looked like a chilly day out there. Nice big one you got there at the end. Good workout for the arms. 😂. Big 👍 from the North side.

  8. Looked like a pretty windy day but looked like you all had a fantastic day fishing. That fish was huge! Nice gansta pic! 🤘🏼🙌🏼

  9. This was great Stanley, love the out takes! That weather just wasnt cooperating🥶 Epic video as always 🎣🐟

  10. Horseback riding on the beach looks pretty epic! You guys really looked like you had a lot of fun. I love fishing trips that make memories with friends and family. I got to do one of these tournament videos. Next one here is ice fishing tourney.

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  12. Stanley you got some great content brother and just know im a Fan🖐.Keep pumping them vids out.👍EXCELLENT WORK

  13. Great video my friend, looks like you all fish for sharks quite a bit, you should get a truck bed fishing platform built. I'm cheap made mine out of wood lol.

  14. What a great day! I'm definitely a little jealous, you guys are chilling on the beach and we just got our first snow here in Toronto!

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