100 thoughts on “SHOPPING FOR NEW FISH!!!

  1. I need it, I need you, HES BEAUTIFUL

    *me when I see a duck at the pond*

    2 min later


    30 seconds later

    My friend: Cora you have to stop,you can’t be chasing ducks as a living

  2. May i ask joey, where is beans right now? I love frank and all but i havent been able to update myself being so busy with other stuff. Hope you get to answer back. Thanks

  3. Gosh Gourami are so nice, i recently got a dwarf gourami that i keep alone in a 20 gal with live plants. He's absolutely beautiful and so friendly, he always greets me and likes to nibble at fingers and he begs for food like crazy, super active. He reminds me of Frank in that way.

  4. My flower horn is not taking food for the last 12 days
    I ve separated it from a community tank after the incident
    Suggestions please

  5. Massive respect for what you guys a did for the family! If more people done more for others the world would be a bigger and better place! I love watching people who are overexcited about their hobbies! It’s always awesome to watch a guy and his craft!

  6. I had a tank of Glowfish that I loved. I actually had a Popeye Gold fish in the tank and he would swim between my fingers and kiss my fingers. The glowfish play tag (as school fish) and they would try play tag with me through the glass. They all got the ick and died unfortunately..

  7. I’m crying the first video of frank and I already saw the video when frank died it’s good to see frank!

  8. I said the same thing at the beginning, to a pleco when I started fish keeping. I wanted to get started on catfish.

  9. I started breeding Pundamilia Neyerrei. They are so rare but yet very beautiful. I also want to breed some peacocks which I think would sell like crazy.

  10. Man we all know that you have so many big aquariums but I really would like see you that you are setting up a beautiful nano tank! Can you do that for us ? 🙂

  11. Bruh arowana for $2k.
    You can buy one here at the Philippines for 1000php same size
    1000php= barely 20 bucks

  12. For me $2000 is a starting point when shopping for fish, which I know to some people might be a lot but to me is not.

  13. Imagine that you have a tank filled with the complete types of gourami all around the world in one tank, you’ll definitely feel like a god of gourami’s.

  14. I went to PetSmart and I saw this fish in there. I was excited . I didn't buy it. I don't know much of that Fish.

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