Shore Fishing for bluefish / pêche du tassergal aux leurres !

Shore Fishing for bluefish / pêche du tassergal aux leurres !

So, I’m going to do my intro now because I couldn’t do it before There were many people around me I caught a fish after 4th or 5th cast I kind of forgot to do the intro So today I’m in the south of France in Cannes And now I’m fishing this mouth of river I’ve been fishing here And I’m going to fish there up to the sea And then I’ll go back down I’m looking for Seabass Bluefish Why not a Leerfish or an Amberjack hunting right here, we never know ! I will start with this lure Duo Narabone 125 We will see how it goes, let’s go ! It’s recording ! With perseverance it happens ! What is this fish ? It looks like he’s not fighting to much Oh Bluefish ! Cool Come here Oh I did not expect that ! Yes, he juste realised ! There’s another one following ! Calm down Calm down please ! A nice bluefish I did not expect that Really nice fish It’s a bluefish I put him back in the water because…oh okay ! So I just caugh a nice Bluefish With this lure I did not expect that It’s been a long time since I caught fish here I knew there was some seabass and bluefish I had a great attack I did not keep the fish out too long I wanted to keep him well and healthy So yeah, great fight, and I saw another one following so I will see if they are still hunting right now untill nightfall Let’s hope to catch another fish So I’m going to come back where I caught the fish Around here Apprently… I can get lucky again Oh that’s it !! I just had a hit There are still here They are still here, what a pitty I missed it So here there is an army of fishermen It’s full full full the place is full So I changed lure, I took this one White, slightly shinny with some orange on the belly It can imitate a mullet In distress, so It can be good It’s a bit heavier heavier than the previous one, so I cast much better So, well… End of this session quite nice let’s say I did not expect much around here So, after a I dunno, a few casts a nice bluefish and later at the same spot, another hit maybe I should have insisted and stay there but I wanted to move a little Closer to the sea, so I came back and nothing It was still cool a nice, fish, and I will come back maybe in the morning, or in th eevening at the same moment Don’t hesitate to leave a like if you enjoyed and SUBSCRIBE for more videos BYE !!

14 thoughts on “Shore Fishing for bluefish / pêche du tassergal aux leurres !

  1. Et maintenant Cannes ! le world trip fishing movie continue ; ) On peut pas dire que tes spots ne soit pas diversifié !

  2. Hi! I'm a fellow Youtuber heading to Cannes to fish, any tips on the lures i should use and setup i should use?

  3. Bonjour, vous êtes à l embouchure de la siagne une très belle rivière qui va jusqu'à mandelieu . De plus en plus les tassergals sont présents sur celle-ci… Ils ont bien pris possession des lieux, les loups et les dodo sont de en plus dur à attraper cela devient un peu fatiguant tt ces tass enfin… Bonne continuation

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