Slimming World fish and chips recipe

You can’t beat homemade fish and chips, and this
classic British favourite is sure to hit the spot. Baking instead of frying saves you stacks
of Syns on the chip shop version and it’s really easy to make. Start off by whizzing the stale
bread in a food processor. Beat the eggs and beer together, and dip the fish in the mixture. Coat with the breadcrumbs
and transfer to a baking sheet. Par-boil the chips for a few minutes, drain
and shake them to fluff up the edges. This will make them nice and crispy! Spray with low-calorie cooking
spray and bake everything in a hot oven for 20 minutes until the fish
is cooked through and the chips are golden brown Serve with mushy peas and fresh lemon wedges. Slimming World is not a diet. It’s a healthy
way of eating that means you’ll never go hungry and you will lose weight beautifully. You’ll discover hundreds of recipes and meal ideas each week at your friendly Slimming
World group. To find one near you visit:

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