Small Stream Huge trout! – Family Circle Flyfishing!

Small Stream Huge trout! – Family Circle Flyfishing!

How was it? it was awesome i fished the fly near some branches and i knew it, if a trout took now, i just had to pump it up really fast otherwise I would lose it and then i saw a trout came for the fly but then I did not see the size of it but it turn around so i play with flie on the same spot to attract it to attack and then it came back again and i saw it was pretty nice and it came up took the fly and when it turn around Valter!! 😀 and it was so lucky that it swam upstream so i fight the fish tired in maybe 2-3 minutes upstreams how was it on your class #4/5 rod? well.. that was really cool release it now it was clear that my dad had the best experience and had caught the biggest trout of the day but… in about 20 minutes we would both know that it was wrong well.. it was a good day Are you cold? no i’m warm, my heart is warm and there you are red I just stood there, and then see how it slowly swims up to the fly and i just !”#¤%&/()=? it swims out of the tunnel they are usually bigger than you think when they finally come up (If they do) i will lose it, i feel it get the landing net!! no, just take it up Get the landing net!! no, just take it up place the camera and hurry up to get the landing net I didn’t get a good grip around the fish each time it twitched I thought the fish would come off and then you came with the landing net and throwing it down in the water and the net floating down to the trout and get stuck and the fish gets heavier i thought i need to get it up now fast and i put a hard press on it !”#¤%&/()=? THE LINE BREAK !! AND I RUN OVER THE BRIDGE and then i see a tail sticking out under the net and the hook is in the net who have messed up with the fish and i run is it still there??! no, i thought i lose it !”#¤%&/()=? *Jumped in the water* and when i catched it! that feeling after every hour i have spent here.. ? *HAPPY* it was on about a little bit over two kg yes, it was probably a bit over two two kg But it was anyway really fun and when you hold it up.. that feeling *HAPPY* smile to the camera *HAPPY* *HAPPY* smile to the camera Im still the boss here so far you have been here for 32 years now and you have caught one on 2,6 kg only 6 hg left to be as your fish i think your fish weighed a little bit over two kilo yea.. it was cute 😀 next spot! now we’re going home no? yes okay 😀 i’m proud and the last thing.. where’s your phone? You should go and pick up your rod where’s it? it should be still down there okay wazzup Jacob!! Proud best friend with the tunnel trout on a bit over 2 kg

21 thoughts on “Small Stream Huge trout! – Family Circle Flyfishing!

  1. Grymt(:
    Den här fiskehistorian kan du vara stolt över det är nog inte många som har fått uppleva det här

  2. Syk film!

    Ikke helt enkelt for en nordmann å forstå hva som ble sagt. Men forstod jeg det riktig hvis du spurte etter en håv, og din far kastet håven til deg, men den landet i vannet. Etter dette svømte ørreten INN i håven, og da ble presset såpass stort at du røyk fortommen? Og deretter løp du nedstrøms og fanget håven, ørreten var fortsatt igjen i håven?

    Helt utrolig, det villeste fiskeøyeblikket jeg har sett.

  3. Grym video! älskar flugfiske. ska till norge med farsan till sommarn i två veckar, i koppang ska vara grymt öring och harr fiske där!

  4. you have alot of good streams there in sweden, i'm jealous for you'r rivers, we in finland have lost most of our rivers and small streams because of dams without stairs for fish to rise to spawning waters.

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