Smallest Fish Room Tour – Bettas and more in a converted bathroom!

Smallest Fish Room Tour – Bettas and more in a converted bathroom!

Hey Guys, Simply Betta here, I’m Taylor and
I’m about to show you a very quick tour of my very TINY fish room. Tiny. My Fish room is a bathroom. Literally. It is actually a bathroom. It’s a spare bathroom in our house nobody
was using, it was just a bunch of wasted space. I decided, “hey, I’m gonna make this my new
hobby room!” So let me give you a little 360 tour. Behind me right here to this side, this is
where the shower was and the bathtub was and the bathtub, You can see the bathtub down
there and then the shelving is built on top of it using the steel bathtub
as a support. And then back here is a wall and a little
cheap-y shelf that I made. And back here is where the toilet
is. Was. Ok, then we have the counter and sink and
stuff and my storage. And then nothing, and nothing, and my door, and it starts all over
again. Tiny. Here is the bathtub I was talking about. It
has four shelves on it. The bottom shelf has some tanks, middle shelf is holding a bunch
of bettas at the moment, and the upper shelf – just one tank and then storage on the very
tippy top. This shelf right here is one that I made a while ago. It’s just a PVC shelf
with PVC and 1x8s and then I painted the PVC so it didn’t look white. Why? Because I wanted
a shelf. And it was super cheap. Um, it’s a little wobbly but it does the job. I don’t
plan on keeping it forever but it does the job for now.
It houses more bettas, these are one-gallon jars from a plastic distributor. I learned
about these plastic containers from Gianne, from Inglorious Bettas because she pointed
out that’s what she uses. They’re gallon-sized plastic and I decided to give them a shot
and they’re awesome, I really do like them. They’re nice.
Down there I have one of my betta spawns and… Bubbie. That’s my Bubbie. Hey, get back here!
And now we’re over to this interesting little unit. This little nook here is where the toilet
was in this spare bathroom of mine. Its down there, I built a shelf over it so you don’t
actually see the toilet, instead I have those two Betta spawn tanks and then two more spawn
tanks, and then up there its a storage area but I have a black soldier fly container up
there at the moment. Its an experiment of mine that I’m doing, I have a video on it.
I’m trying to cultivate my own black soldier fly larvae for another one of my pets.
Then we move over to my counter area. It’s just a bathroom counter, my sink isn’t that
great. It has a dog bowl in it at the moment. There’s me.
I have a bunch of female bettas cupped there right now. I did a big spring cleaning today,
I cleaned and sterilized everybody’s jars and these females still have to go back into
their main jars. These are just my, kinda my small little holding containers for when
I clean the big containers. 16-oz solo cups really.
These guys haven’t gone back into their containers because I’m actually planning on doing a little
experiment with them. I’m thinking about trying to do a betta sorority. And this selection
of females are kind of my most calm, at least I think so. Calm ones that I think would probably
do best and I still haven’t quite decided if I’m going to do it but that might be a
future video I think I’m gonna try to figure that out tomorrow. These are marble female
plakats. You could call them “koi” you could call them koi plakats, except for her, shes
a koi, light bodied cambodian, more koi, just a little selection of my collection. Very
beautiful fish, I love her especially. So I kept these guys together because I’m
trying to see if any of them are way more aggressive than the others, like I tooksome
out of the selection because they were really trying to get their neighbors. But these guys
really aren’t reacting aggressively and they’re seeing each other and haven’t been carded
in a longtime I think they’re getting used to each other. And that’s the goal. I’m gonna
try a betta sorority in a pretty small sized tank, like ten gallon tank. I’m trying to
see how many fish I could put in there, how peaceful they’re going to be, how that’s going
to work. We’ll just see. That’s my brine shrimp my brine shrimp hatchery.
It’s a little ghetto. Um, I’m gonna have to make another one too. My fry are eating a
lot. Ah-hah! This is the source of of my heat,
all of my heat. This little 400-watt heater, I usually have it up here on the counter,
keeps the entire room at about 82 degrees, it’s really nice. The benefits of having a
small space, huh? Hello Bubbles, hello. You’re a good dog.
Ok, let’s take a closer look at this bottom bathtub shelf. It currently it only has two
tanks on it. I plan on putting more, um, without heaters these tanks run at about 72, 72-76
depending on if it has a light on it. This planted tank it’s algae-ridden, I haven’t
taken really good care of it for a long time. It just has little platys in it. Coral platys,
and one female swordtail. I’ll probably end up taking them out and putting them into the
community tank and then using this one as a growout or even trying my betta sorority
in here. I’ve done betta sororities in the past but I’ve never tried them in a small
sized, smaller-sized tank. I’m gonna give it a shot.
Let’s see, for plants I have a bunch of bacopa, I have a few ludwigia, a bunch of that hydrocotyle
sp. Japan, some anubias nana petite, no, anubias nana. Some crypt wendtii red, I believe that
is. This one is called anacharis, I believe. This right here, that is crypt parva. Nice
and small. It does OK, I’m trying to balance the tank out so I don’t have that much algae
anymore. Ok, I just have DIY Co2 running on this at
the moment. This tank right here is my California blackworm culture. It might be kind of hard
to see, it’s not really that bright. Let me get a light on it real fast. Oh, actually
I’m just going to take this light temporarially, sorry plants. Put it right there. Ooh, ok,
here are my California blackworm culture. I keep them in here with a sponge filter,
which for some reason isn’t on. It’s my fault I was fiddling around with it here a few minutes
ago. There now it’s on. Um, yeah. So I feed these guys a high-protein pellet. They have
some moss back there too and I feed them bits and bobs and Ihave snails in here too. They’re
pretty cool, my fish really like them and I’m pretty sure the population is slowly growing.
My fish LOVE these things. Ok, shelf number two! This is where I keep
a bunch of my jarred bettas. Um, they’re just littel quart-sized jars and I also have half-gallon
sizes.I have a lot of fish at the moment! I’m planning on downsizing in fact these guys
over here for sure I’m going to bring them to my local pet store and I’m probably going
to select maybe six others out of my collection of, I have halfmoons, I have plakats. I have
a pretty good selection of all of my favorite types of fish. Like for example this is a
super red female that I just love so much! No irridescence, this is a nice little fish.
Um, I have some white females, platinum white females growing out over here, five of them,
I have oh gosh a selection. I’ll probably go over them a little more closely in a different
video. On my excellent PVC rack over here with the
jars that Inglorious Bettas told me about that I really like, I have some of my favorites.
Beautiful white male, he’s pretty young Ihope he turns out to be halfmoon, I can’t tell
yet. This is one of my favorite males at the moment, a cool black fish with this white
butterfly pattern on his fins but he’s just he’s my favorite, he’s striking. And this
is his spawn over here, I bred him with a super black female that also carried butterfly
so I’m hoping some of those traits came over. Oh this guy right here I totally have him
just for the novelty, let’s see if I can focus, he’s a spadetail and I’ve never had a spadetail
before. Do you see the little point he has on his fins? If I could get him to flare…
He’s not a perfect spadetail but he has the trait and I just thought he was kind of neat
and I needed him. A cool-looking, well developed spadetail is really neat. Why don’t more people
have spadetails. This is where I keep my giants! I have a giant
copper male he is a big boy, hes really great. Um and then I have a blue metallic blue male.
And then a blue female to go with him and then a pretty white whoops! sorry. Pretty
white female. Then I also have this fish, she’s a giant female plakat. And man, she,
her sister was my favorite fish I’ve ever had. With absolutely amazing fins holy cow
the form on this beautiful beautiful fish was amazing. A little masculine but still
fantastic.I would have loved to breed her but unfortunately I lost her. So I will have
to breed her sister just hoping that genotype carries on.
Hey beautiful.I really love this guy. I really like this guy a lot. You see that clear band
he has? Um it’s almost like a reverse butterfly? I really like him a lot. His spawn is right
here and I hope that trait carries on. These are they look pretty small but these
are half-gallon containers and I keep some of my males down here. Some of these are going
to the local pet store.This guy has a big tumor unfortunately so I’m just taking good
care of him. That green male back there the plakat this is his spawn. He has a short body
so I bred him to kind of a longer bodied gold-colored female. So we’ll see how his fry turn out,
I only have about eleven fry in here cuz I got a little fungus attack. But we’ll see
how they turn out. Pretty koi male back there. I need to card these guys. I like to keep
them carded, but I ust got done with my spring cleaning. Third shelf! All that’s on here
is a ten-gallon tank with a bunch of stem plants in it. It’s kind of like m holding
tank for now for these plants, it’s just temporary. What I’ve been doing actually is Take my light,
my Finnex planted plus light at night and I put it up here. And then, so these plants
are on a reverse cycle and then what I do is I’ve just been blocking off like this so
the whole room isn’t light at night, and that’s my set up temporarily. Just as I hold these
plants because I have some plans for them in the future. I just took the papers off
so I could show you guys. Let me put the light on there. Ok, I’m a tiny little person so
I reply on a step stool to get to these higher places. Ok, here it is, my stem plant holding
tank, and it’s kind of algae central. Shelf number four just has storage on it. Ok, and
now we’re going to the toilet shelf over here. If I crouch down, you can see the toilet and
I built the shelf over it. Because nobody’s using that now. I have two betta spawns down
here, this is a darkbodied red halfmoon spawn. I have a lot of babies in there and they’re
growing fast. This is the spawn I mention between a gree, or I guess he could be called
turquoise, turquoise male with not-so-perfect form but I bred him to a gold female who is
pretty nice. And there’s only about eleven babies in there, which is good I thought there
were a lot less. Moving up to the next shelf, I mentioned these guys there;s a whole lot
of babies this is the black butterfly spawn. I can’t wait to see how these babies turn
out. And then over here I have the what do you call it reverse butterfly maybe lightbodied
cambodian type. That was this guy right here, those are his babies. He was a good daddy.
Hey man. And then this male right here, the butterfly, another butterfly type but he doesn’t
have that reverse pattern. These are his babies. Oh, thanks Bubbles. Thank you. This spawn
down here.That’s his. Ok, top shelf of the toilet nook. That’s where I keep my vinegar
eels and my microworms, some live foods.And this is my black soldier fly rearing area.
Like I said I have a video on it if anyone is interested and a lot of the flies are reaching
the end of their life cycle but I getting a ton of eggs. Which is great.It’s going fantastic,
I have a light up there yeah it rocks.I don’t know where I’d be in life without step stools.
This currently is a big bare wall that I can play with at a later date. Um same with that.
Nothing on it. So yeah this is my little fish room, tiny but I’m trying to keep it as efficient
like space efficient as possible/ It’s still pretty new I haven’t had this for very long
at all so it’s in development like I have a lot of cords everywhere I don’t have tanks
where I want them to be. Future plans are to drill some holes in the back of my shelves
that I can put my extension cords through and my air lines through so they’re not dangling
out here in front I don’t like that. Also future plans I want to put my spawning tanks
up on this shelf facing the long way because this shelf stays the water would stay at a
pretty steady 82 degrees I wouldn’t even need the heaters. And then I’ll get some more stuff
down here. Raise these babies up, choose the best ones for myself and for anybody or other
hobbyists who want to breed them and also supply my local fish store with some really
nice ones. That was my tiny tiny fish room tour and I still have a lot that I want to
do in here like I said it’s still a pretty new room for me. It’s not quite where I want
it yet it’s not as jam packed as I want it yet but it’s coming along pretty nicely I
love it. This is like my favorite place in the whole world at least in my whole house.
For size reference, this is me and this is everything! Very cramped in here you have
to be very tiny. Bubbles is a good dog. Thank you Bubbles you were a good host. Making this
video reminded me that I have like an unboxing video to two that I haven’t posted or done
anything with so maybe I’ll post those they were pretty neat. That’s it, thanks for watching!

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    That said, I am not condemning the activist people… They mean well, and their opinions mean that they care. It is just that they are, IMO, misguided.

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    Living in Taiwan we don't have a whole lot of space I would say the largest tank that a person could probably get would be a 3.5 gallon that's acrylic because most people live in old buildings that don't have elevators.

    I can't be lugging heavy stuff up the stairs also you may live in a small room and you don't have space for a 5 gallon tank but what I've discovered and I could be completely wrong but I'm finding that because these bettas are living in drinking cups when you buy them they really do become overwhelmed by large tanks no joke.
    I started keeping fish first I was told bettas didn't need a filter but they do because if you don't use a filter you'll be changing the water once a week and doing a 30% water change as well which I'm fine I don't mind doing a once-a-week change.

    I prefer they have clean water but they did tell me they needed heaters so all my tanks of course have them.

    I have a good amount of gravel, one or two plants depending on the side of the tank, betta caves that look like water jars and are made out of terracotta pot they're smooth and finally they have betta food. we only have one kind of betta food.

    I asked my sitter sister if she could send me omega one products from America since I'm American and I also ask her to send me dried almond leaves because we don't have that either.

    I went through eight bettas, seven Guppies and 10 Tetris cuz I was told that can live with a betta know they can't which was ironic because I showed them the size of my tank and they said no problem okay so fast forward all the fish are gone.

    so I cleaned out all my tanks which consists of 0.5 gallon this is used for baby bettas. I have one at the moment she's a female veiltail she's pink blue and purple. I attempted to put her into a 1 gallon tank and she quickly declined I had to put her back into her half gallon of course after acclimating her for 20 minutes and she's doing fantastic of course her little tank is set up with a live plant a good amount of gravel and heater she gets her 30% water change and once-a-week water change her name is Robin like Batman and Robin…

    My two twin reddish orangish male crowntail are named Hercules and tangerine they were both living in a 3.5 gallon aquarium with a good amount of gravel colored gravel life plants a heater.

    I found that they weren't swimming they would just sort of hang out in the corner and they weren't very active.

    I knew they weren't sick because I had finished all of their treatments for bacterial and fungal infections just in case they were sick so they're dead they're disease-free.

    but as soon as I switched Tangerine into the 2 gallon tank and Hercules into the one gallon tank they just started doing great. They're very active now they eat well and not hiding in the corner with their fins clamped they really like their tanks yeah.

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    In the meantime I have these 3.5 gallon tanks with nothing in them. well one of them has a light in a filter and thinking about what to do with these tanks.

    now in a sense my tanks are kind of homemade when it comes to the lids because the two glass aquariums they don't have lids a lot of glass aquariums don't come with a lid they don't even come with the light they come with a filter but no heater so it's looks kind of homemade but it looks kind of well-made and I just feel pretty confused about the whole tank size issue I just feel like it really depends on the betta…….

    I wish I could show you what I'm talking about but I don't know if I can post pictures on YouTube but seems like there's no function but if you're willing to come and contact me through Facebook I'd be more than happy to take pictures of the things that I've put together and you know it to be honest I was able to buy everything for a pretty good price because my two glass aquariums came with a nice Sponge Filter and I got everything on sale to the best of my ability I did find another store or some things are cheaper than other places I went to different stores to create these three tanks but if you'd be willing to find me on Facebook I'd be happy to post..

    I'm thinking about turning my 3.5 gallon into a guppy tank and then the other one I think I'd like to give to a family because they do have Turtles and maybe they could use this or they could create a fish tank out of it I'm going to talk to my friend's mom and see if they could use it because I just don't know what to do with it

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