SNAPPER HOOKED…Turtle Rescue Mission!

SNAPPER HOOKED…Turtle Rescue Mission!

– [Child] Did you get him? – Quite a bit bigger than
the one we caught earlier. – [Man] Aw, he’s got a
fishing hook in his mouth. – [Coyote] We’re gonna
have to remove that. Are you holdin’ the place? (dramatic music) – [Coyote Voiceover]
By now we all know that snapping turtles
are voracious predators, eating any unsuspecting
aquatic creatures that come across their paths. Sometimes this
even includes worms that unfortunately
for the turtle, are attached to a fishing hook. – There is a snapping
turtle right down here. He’s just hunting. I think this is Noseless. He’s a turtle that I’ve
caught here several times. Yep, that is him. He’s gonna start to go. See him? He’s gonna be very grumpy. Everybody just stay back. – [Child] What’s his name? – Noseless. (gentle music) – [Child] Did you get him? (kid cheering) – He’s gotten bigger (grunts). Oh and he stinks. That is Noseless, one
of the most famous snapping turtles
that lives here. You see how he
doesn’t have a nose, but he’s quite a bit bigger
than the one we caught earlier. – [Man] Aw, he’s got a
fishing hook in his mouth. – Oh he does. – [Man] Yeah he does. Can we help him out? – We’re gonna have
to remove that. Gonna be a little risky.
– [Kid] Hey there, Coyote. – He does, he’s got a little
fishing hook in his mouth. – [Man] Do you have your Sog? – I do. – [Man] All right, well, – It’ll be really tough to do. Okay, we’re gonna try to
remove that fishing hook. – [Man] Let’s go to
the shade over here. – Let’s come back to
the shade some more. Everybody stay back. Okay. Where’s Madeline has my pack? Ow I’m gettin’ sliced up. – [Man] Here it is. Here you go. Coyote got it. Uh here, I’ll get it. – Okay, can somebody
get me a stick? – Here’s a stick. – Watch it, watch it. That’s good. Put that down on the
ground, there you go. That’s good. He’s super super
aggressive right now so everyone needed to
stay way back, okay? Now, this is super dangerous. Don’t ever do what
I’m about to do. I am gonna try to
remove that fishing hook from the side of his mouth. You’re not supposed to
ever be fishing here at the Holden Arboretum. I didn’t say something
to those people earlier, but this is what happens. Snapping turtles
occasionally get hooked. Now, he’s gonna be fine
even if I can’t remove that but, I do wanna
remove it if possible. So, what I’m gonna do
is actually have him bit onto a stick and
keep his focus there and then try to go in
and get that hook out. So, Mar, you hold him in place. Ooh, nice. (crowd cheering) Okay, now Noseless does not
have a hook in his mouth and he can continue
hunting and being healthy although he does
seem super healthy and there’s a little
blood pouring. He sliced me open
with his back claw. So, guys what you just
saw me do right there was to help this turtle, right? If you ever catch
a snapping turtle and you see a hook in its
mouth, just let it be. It’s probably
gonna be just fine. Unless I’m there. That’s a really
dangerous maneuver that I would never recommend
anybody try to perform, but because we care so
much about these turtles, we wanna make sure that
they are in good health. Now, that did not
hurt him at all. They have virtually no
feeling in their beaks and their jaws, they are
so incredibly strong. That beak is solid bone
and kind of like cuticle, like your fingernail is. So, that beak is
constantly generating throughout the course
of the turtle’s life and now Noseless is going
to be a very happy turtle to not have this nasty
fishing hook in his mouth. – [Man] Dude, you did it. Good job. – Got a turtle hook out of
a snapping turtle’s mouth or a fishing hook out of
a snapping turtle’s mouth. All right guys, as you can see, Noseless is very
aggressive right now. So, I need everybody
to step back. He’s very happy to have
that hook out of his mouth. You okay buddy? Yeah, he’s doing good now. All right, so I’m
gonna let him go back down into the water so I need
everybody to make a clear path so that I can get through. All right, come on buddy. Watch your fingers. Everybody watch your fingers. Gonna let him go right here. Can everybody see? Say, bye Noseless. – [Crowd] Bye Noseless. – Bye buddy. – [Man] There you go. – And he’s off. Okay. – [Man] Fising hook out
of a turtle’s mouth. – Yep. Virtually no
injuries on that one. (kids chattering) – [Coyote Voiceover] In
the event that you ever catch a snapping turtle on
the end of your fishing line, never attempt to remove
the hook yourself. The best plan of action is to
alert a local wildlife center, With any luck, they will
send a representative to safely and properly
remove the hook. – [Man] Ooh, nice. – [Coyote Voiceover] If you
want to take an epic adventure from the comforts
of your family room, make sure to go back and
watch our mega episode where I let the
golden ticket winners on an expedition into the
wilds of the Holden Arboretum and don’t forget, subscribe so
you can join me and the crew on this season of Dragon Tales. – [Child] Did you get him? – [Coyote] I got him. (cheering) Huge snake, huge snake. – [Man] Back up guys, back up. Everybody back, everybody back. – [Coyote] He’s gonna
be super aggressive. Everybody be very careful. Looks like the size
of a water moccasin. – [Child] What the what. – He is a giant. Don’t wanna get bit by this
snake if I don’t have to. (coyote howling)

100 thoughts on “SNAPPER HOOKED…Turtle Rescue Mission!

  1. Big snappers are dangerous! 😖 Years ago while fishing in a pond, a teeny-tiny (qtr to half dollar sized) baby turtle latched onto my worm (but not the hook). I reeled him in and he just kept hanging on to the worm as if to say, "You're not getting my dinner!". LOL! Cutest thing ever! 🐢

  2. My brother accidentally caught a turtle with the hook by the foot before and he is able to safely get the hook out and he’s OK

  3. I'm just sitting at home watching brave wilderness and suddenly I see a lot of young children and it makes me wonder, am I the only person watching that's above 10?

  4. Coyote: hello my name is Coyote Peterson and today I will be entering the water zone by drowning.

    coyote is in the water for an hour

    mark goes underwater

    Mark: you ok?

    [DISCLAIMER] I do NOT mean any hate to this channel I absolutely adore him and everyone around him, I was just saying something that a lot of people put in the comments and something that was funny.

  5. If he didn’t remove the hook then in a couple of weeks the hook would have rusted away and the turtle would be fine don’t attempt to remove the hook just cut the line.

    Btw the only thing worse then hooking a turtle is to hook a bird if you hook a bird then your screwed

  6. ive unhooked a snapping turtle that i in fact hooked myself. Believe me i did try to find a number for a professional but I wasnt successful in that so i tried to do it as carefully as possible. Little guy was in pain for sure as it was inside the top of his mouth and he kept trying to hide his head. Hopefully i did it right but at the end of the day, no hook in his mouth and he swam away without any signs that he was done for.

  7. you should go to camp galailee upci district   in the city's MN in cottage grove . we have a snaping turtle  named jaws . hes rlly big but there are lots and lots of turtles in our pond !!! you should go in july during family camp …..all be there !!!!

  8. To Coyote Peterson, I really like how kind of you helping Noseless by removing the fishing hook off its beak. That is one of many reasons why I love watching your amazing and educational adventures!! When you said it's okay to leave turtle with hooks alone, does that mean the fishing hook will eventually rust, dissolve and fall off the turtle's mouth while causing absolutely no pain at all to the turtle itself. Keep up the awesome works!! 🙂

  9. I’ve removed too many fishing hooks from all kinds of turtles to count. I’ve been bitten once but he’s right don’t try to remove fishing hooks from snapping turtles their bites hurt

  10. I wouldn't leave a snapping turtle with a hook in its flesh behind. There should be training, or a service which you could call.

  11. That was nice i an working at my school to save the snapping turtles and help them. I always am oit looking for snapping turtles. I love snapping turtles and have a pet one. Murray he is a Alligator snapping turtle i have seen a minimal 100 pound snapping turtle in my pond i am trying to catch him and photograph him

  12. I'm sure Noseless would have been fine, but it was still very sweet to see a bunch of people caring for him like that, and very nice and brave to remove that hook for him. And done so quickly and smoothly, very impressive. 🙂

  13. I do it all the time I have a lake in my back slash swamp in my yard are you the only one who can remove a hook from a turtle I’m thirteen and I got bit by a snapping turtle stop treating them like babies

  14. I just went fishing and caught a lil turtle and had no way to get the hook out, so now in sad😭😭😭😭

  15. coyote, can u make an episode thats about getting bitten on the pinky finger by a long-toad salamander? (it doesn't hurt u i've been bitten by one)

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