Solana & Elijah Reveal | Catfish: The TV Show

Solana & Elijah Reveal | Catfish: The TV Show

– Yeah, we want to meet Elijah – Well, come right in.
– So okay. – Okay – And, I’ll go get
him for you guys. – Alright. – [Nev] What the hell? (banging)
– What’s happening down there? – [Nev] I don’t even
know what’s going on. That was weird. – Is he just gonna come back up?
– I don’t know. – I’m scared (suspenseful music) (hushing sounds) – We’re all gonna die. – What’s that guys name? – Joshua.
– Joshua? Is it his brother? (suspenseful music) – [Max] I don’t know.
– Is he coming? – Josh? (suspenseful music) – What is happening? (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) – Don’t touch anything (suspenseful music) – [Nev] Wow. Oh my god. – Dang, you look gorgeous.
– Hi. – [Nev] Hi
– Hi. How are you?
– I’m awesome. – You didn’t come
up, I was scared. – Psych (laughs).
– This is crazy, oh my Gosh. I can’t believe I’m
meeting you right now. – This is insane. How’s it feel to
be here, actually? (laughs) Right, you weren’t expecting
the beard were you? – We weren’t expecting you. – How are you? – I’m awesome. I’m nervous now.
– You’re real. – Yeah
– I’m real, they’re real. – Is the hair real? – Yeah, my hair’s real. – [Nev] Wow.
(laughs) – [Max] I think we’re all
in a little bit of shock. – That was Joshua? – Yeah, my older brother, and
he was tending to my hair. I gotta make the mop look good. – I’m Nev. – Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you. – Hey Elijah, I’m Max.
– How’s it going? – Nice to meet you. – Your name is Elijah? – Yeah. – The whole time,
it’s been you talking? – I’m the one, you know. – And this is your
family’s house? – Yeah.
– And how old are you? – I’m 20. – Why couldn’t you audio
chat or video chat? – I have Skyped with
people for a while, but then that computer broke, so I don’t really have a
webcam for that anymore. – Well, we just saw
the YouTube videos. – I didn’t use a webcam
or anything for that. I bought a really nice camera
after I got a job, you know. – [Nev] But, you still have
your video camera right? I mean–
– No, I sold that to help pay for rent. Sucks, but… – And what about
not having a phone? – Have a phone, yeah, I just
use my I Pod right now, while I don’t have money, really.
– Really? Let me see that.
– I know, yeah. It’s like generation two. – [Max] This is what you have? – Yeah, a texting
app, yep, Text Plus. – Whoa, and there is no camera. – No.
– [Nev] So far, everything we thought
you were, you are. – I don’t know, I’m just
kinda overwhelmed right now. (Elijah laughs) – From your point of
view, what happened? – It just started
when I got on Myspace, and you know, just kind
of like a suggested person you would know, and
she had my style. So, I was like you’re cute,
you know, I’ll talk to you. Overtime, she was
someone that made me feel you know, being myself, you
would just (beep), you know? And, it’s nice to feel that way. – [Max] When she texted
you the other day, well what was that about? – I was nervous, I was like,
what if she taller than me? You know that type of thing,
because a lot of people are like “Your videos,
you look taller.” (clicks tongue)
I’m not that tall.

19 thoughts on “Solana & Elijah Reveal | Catfish: The TV Show

  1. 100% certain "Elijah" was just the dude who answered the door and he put a party city wig on right quick downstairs 🤣

  2. That is a very interesting show. A bit awful that people put themselves into these situations where they basically rely on their imagination and this "imaginary" person… Glad that this first episode (and probably last – no offense I jsut dont want to put it any more time here… wasnt seeking for entertainment, but genuine intrigue) wasn't filled with awful lies. I have been talking with a guy that introduced himself as a woman when I was younger and he was much older and a guy. I could tell some very small minute details were off even though he depicted most of what a young woman does… I made him admit and we kept talking irregularly and eventually met him. He admitted he thought I would beat him up. I had no angle or personal goal… I had already proven what I had perceived and that was enough. We eventually stopped talking, but the thing remains… I helped him psychologically. It sucks that the internet has so many tools to allow such relationships to grow, but doesn't have any reference to avoid all the mistakes you DONT DO in a relationship. Its like all psychologists would rather push the BULLSHIT they were taught rather than learn the truth. Its crazy… and its accessible to everyone. I wouldn't mind sharing the full story… we can still talk, but I dont really care for most relationships with where I'm headed. Nor glory or money…

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