Son Of Abish feat. Jassie Gill & Prajakta Koli

Son Of Abish feat. Jassie Gill & Prajakta Koli

Dear audience,  Smoking is prohibited in this hall Unless, you’re a smoking hot host please give it up  for Abish Mathew Yes,  Hey, Hey, I’m looking at you, I’m seeing you, where is my applause? it makes me feel good, no it’s too fake, we rehearsed this we rehearsed this but it’s ok, alright wow welcome to Son of Abish, the show which has  great celebrities  and is still fuck all and now it’s time for us to meet our amazing guest by that I mean two amazing people who have agreed to be on this show because my friends who are comedians are too big now and nobody wants to come our first guest is India’s leading YouTubers with 3.1 million subscribers she’s funny, she’s charming, she’s the hardest worker in the room I’m surprised she hasn’t gone completely insane. And our second guest fills me with envy because he’s extremely popular, he’s a terrific singer, he’s a great actor and most importantly, he can gel his hair up, like no other Ladies and Gentlemen  make some noise for  Prajakta Koli and Jassie Gill Hey, what’s up?  here you go yeah buddy  how you doing? good Come on man awesome what? have I arrived? have you arrived? I’m on Son Of Abish! okay I feel.. I’m sorry this is umm you don’t know  It’s a big deal for me I don’t know what you guys are thinking, no  No, It’s the same for us too much I’m feeling good coming here,  me too No, I never did think that I’d be here neither did I  Thanks to Abish Thanks Abish That’s ok don’t worry about it Yes, Obama I’ll call you in a minute By the way nice outfit, both of you are like I mean I want everybody to  take a look at this frame chroma the shit out of it oh my God! It’s a green screen, you can apply whatever you feel like I expect good images out on reddit but hey thank you so much for coming and  Jassie we tried getting you on this show from the past three seasons but we couldn’t get your dates, you turned too successful. no, but I wanted to be here,  and had a great opportunity this time received messages before this,  but couldn’t get your dates Zakir also mentioned the same thing that definitely we can find dates for Jassie, I mentioned he has four million followers on Instagram, 4.7 now Oh look who’s stalking  4.7 million on Instagram  Okay Make sure to follow Jassie paji  it’s @abishmathew  the numbers are a bit less right now because there is a bug need to get it to 4.7 million okay first question Jassie with an ‘e’ or Jassie without an “e’ everyone is asking about this and what is it? so the thing in Punjab is that, how it all started is that an individual with the name Jaspreet, Jasdeep, Jaswinder the one’s having a “Jas’ before their name,  their name would be Jassi every house, village there would  be fifty ‘Jassi’ and it was the same with my name J-A-S-S-I So I couldn’t change ‘Jassi’ when I used to search on google there used be plenty with the name ‘Jassi’ and many singers too from Punjab So I changed it a bit I placed an ‘e’ behind the ‘i’ so anyone searching for this Jassie would only get me and touch wood that I’m the only one found when people search for it yeah, this is the reason. Now even if you write J-A-S-S-I or J-Z-Z-I or write J and the first thing would be Jassi Gill songs, Jassi Gill 95 million songs Jassi Gill 175 million songs so remember on Instagram  it’s @abish… so make sure you follow it through and Prajakta I remember meeting Prajakta for the first time.. no not the first time,  I met you outside a Google Allo introduction yes, google there was a Google Allo meeting, and it finished  and then I met you and that time, and I  remember Prajakta was Hi, oh my God  and I was like Oh hi.. oh my God Abish, act cool act cool, act cool and I was like how are you doing? and she was also like.. you were so sweet,  and within 2016, 17, 18 you are now at 3.1 million, first female Youtuber in India to hit a million subscribers that is fantastic.  yay no but I remember that day,  I know that when you got off the stage and you were hanging out with everyone I was with Sudeep And I asked Sudeep, should I go and say hi I was like I’m really nervous right now and as usual once the party was done I went to the buffet,  I was like what else is there and I’m filling my plate and I’m like and then I look at you and I’m like such a fan moment for me because I was like I have seen  so much of your content  and that’s why I’m saying  I’m very happy to be here Thank You very very happy to be here Thank You also subscribe to her YouTube channel it’s… now before you started your YouTube channel you had a stint on the radio and that too late night radio Yea at the age of 21 or something 21, that’s correct was that always something you wanted to do? or was something that was natural? no. that was the plan from the beginning, when you’re a kid you come to know  a few things, things that can be done and things that cannot so,  that’s when I realised I know to talk and I like it So I thought what job needs to have all of this my parents used to listen to a lot of radio, lot of music So I wanted to become a Radio Jockey, and then I actually became one and I was like  what just happened,  wasn’t good? it was very different  from what I expected and I don’t think that the job wasn’t good, I feel  I wasn’t good enough for it so on a late night show,  if I’d take my good morning Mumbai energy,  aren’t late night shows all about love? Yes This was a bit different from love after you are done with love,  this show was something after all of that You were supposed to do links very.. Yes, my links were something like Hello, you’re listening to ‘mera Prajakta show’ and my boss was like you can’t  talk like this, are you mad? everyone’s relaxed at night so I asked how do I talk? so my show used to… I’m a 21 year old girl and I have never spoken to  anyone like this and my show was something like this How are you guys? I hope you will you meet me  on the other side of this break? Oh my God and my show wasn’t even live so at noon after eating  mutton and rice I used to sit in the studio and I was like how are you guys? which is so off If you don’t know what that sounds like Prajakta has an opening before every video ‘listen when you subscribe,  press the bell, so that when I’m online your phone would also ring’ oh my God! I love the the expression she was committed to it I was such a good training  I take content from everywhere now that’s a very odd job you had the oddest job Jassie you had was in Australia So you travelled to Australia to study? to meet the family ? or just for a holiday? just like that, to travel  not only to travel, but got a visa and decided to go That time I remember I was in First Year in college, and my sister was pregnant at that time and they applied for my mother and just like that they applied for me just to see if I end up getting one so even I got one and I left for Australia  For a week I sat free over there So I realised this is hard I kept thinking everyone moves around in big cars all time,  that wasn’t there because I went there and for a day or two, I traveled  with my brother in law,  and then he had to go to work and it’s difficult now I kept thinking, spending  3 months like this would be very difficult  So I casually mentioned  that If there was some work that your friend could provide  do let me know,  he said you can take whatever you want from me instead whatever you want,  $50-$60 for a week I’ll give it to you, don’t work,  the family will claim,  you’ve called your brother in law to work,  so I said I wouldn’t let anyone know so he gave me a job at a car wash his own car wash? no, his friend’s car wash not his own car wash so for three months, I washed cars so I worked for three months  and I had a fixed income of $60 per day  even if there are 60 cars or 100 cars or even 3 cars so in three months I got  back 3 lakhs from there and invested it into my album that’s how you started your first album? yes, the first one So I guess the same amount of money is being circulated in the industry the same is circulated and I get  the same in return when you start getting money,  you tend to get more motivated so by doing this,  I worked for three months and did not do anything else my brother in law used to say let’s head out with the family and I was never ready to  go out I want to head to the car wash and I never did take a leave you worked everyday? more than music, you’ve washed cars what type of spray do they have in Australia  they call it a gun water gun. are your parents like your YouTube videos? or is it bit hyped? Listen, it’s a bit exaggerated someone’s laughing there I always mess up this word what is the word? exaggerate well done I will trick you into  this word by the end of this episode thank you so much I always exaggerate  is your dad the funny one? or your mom the funny one? my mom is very smart funny that means also a little dark that means she’s mean she’s little bit mean so she’s an Indian mother but she is funny mean her jokes are very smart sometimes I turn and go,  was this what you said? is your mother’s name Biswa Kalyan Rath? It’s very.. like.. and my father is the flag bearer  of dad jokes oh my God give me an example what is his go to Catchphrases, so this happens to me at least 7 to 8 times in a day in a day? ok I get a call, what is this? do you have a father or not? you’re not at home since morning and  you haven’t called  and I’m like dad I’m working. shut up and then he will hang up  shut up  shut up hand then he will hand up not S-H-U-T but  S-H-A-A-A… T-A-A-P Shut up  Shut up and then after that he will  call again after some time hello, have you had food Yes I’ve had what did you eat? I ate chicken tandoori you keep eating outside food shut up so everything ends with shut up and I’m like fine dad just wants to call you and you’re like  my dad’s calling, wait a minute Hello, shut up! but dad is hilarious he thinks his jokes are very funny so even if nobody enjoys it he enjoys his jokes the most dad I can relate I understand what that feeling is what is your mother’s biggest pet peeve with you what does she keep saying to you? my mother never did scold me since I was a kid and me and mother are pals we gossip, talk bad  all of that happens and somehow she manages to bring every conversation  down to hmm, but you’ve left your room the same way which means you’ve not  cleaned your room,  before you left the house somehow she manages to bring that in every conversation and I’m like we were best friends two seconds ago suddenly room hmm, but you’ve left your room the same way Jassie when you were growing up, you were not in Chandigarh,  Yes you were in the farms with your parents,  I was in the village and your dad did not support you?  or was there complete support from both ends? because three sisters and there is a lot of pressure since they are toppers I kept fighting with my sisters about this one thing that why do you study so much? they studied and was used to  get asked in school,  your sisters study so much,  but you don’t and I was very naughty if someone would ask me to leave school, I would leave school and at that time neither did my father nor I knew what I wanted to do I always thought if nothing works then I would go out In Punjab and now everywhere else If nothing happens I will head out drive a truck somewhere No sir, that’s still only in Punjab the one’s from Kerala just head to Dubai and return back  so we have 1 exit and you have London, Canada, Australia, Australia is ahead of everyone Even Canada is at the top  Yes there is Canada,  but Australia is easier to go to you went directly music after that when did you get the opportunity for acting? because of your music video or were you auditioned separately like my name is Jassi Gill these are my profiles did something like this happen? or was it directly music videos because of music videos but also I like one thing in Punjabi music which I’ve not heard in any other music industry we’ve also discussed about this Punjabi vibrato I don’t know what’s the technical term but you know what it is like give me any word in Punjabi any word like “Kudi” “Kudi” right? it will also be Kudiiiiiiiiiiii…… you know what I mean that Punjabi vibrato that’s so robust is that actually a thing in Punjabi music? or is it separate for everyone no everyone has their own some folk some things are like it’s called hake in Punjabi I guess hake hake its like taking an alaap but I think the one that you’re talking about its when you leave the last part of any song you kind of make it smooth and leave it the one that you’re talking about yeaa…. that one…. listen I love this song so this one, each person would have his own you just cannot leave it in the middle so you’ll have to do it this way so this is how it is so sweet I’ll ask you couple of more questions like these you keep singing and say what else I’m writing notes Please tell me sorry! I was slightly nervous sorry and say what’s more your word is Taaliya okay sa re ga ma pa dha ni sa sing from sa I can only song once no listen this song I really like which is why I’m keen please sing some for us this one this one is allowed right? which one? this one you can sing it Later I’ll talk during the edit yes sir this song just……… 25 lakh oh… edit it out remove it could you could you if you don’t mind this is the part that I like it’s so nice I have no idea what you sang I just understood “Baapuji” here One thing i’ve seen in punjabi music videos the songs are great, but there are also stories I feel this has started from the past 4 to 5 years did not happen before this the song was was different than the video I would like to name  Arvinder Khera who is the number 1 director in today’s time that time you guys started together? yes we started together and those days videos were different and when he arrived, the generation  had changed before that there were old singers the new singers arrived new music producers had come new directors arrived so this change is since the  past 5 to 6 years Today when a song is composed,  a story is also being composed accordingly If this video and song is herd  outside Punjab,  so they should be able to understand what they are trying to say  through this song. It started since that time and due to that, there have been  so many movies from Punjab, They’ve come to bollywood to work, Like I did, Diljit paji,  and the bollywood film that I was offered, that too was because of my song,  so all of this is because of that It seems it’s all accidental, now he’s just showing off. I’m so natural kind of,  these things keep happening I don’t even know how I do these things They asked me to go to a carnival  to sing, and I just sang and everyone just applauded and now I’m Jassie Gill Yeah, Jassi Gill J-A-S-S-I-E J-A-S-S-I-E not J-A-S-S-I okay? even though you Google it they will all be the same thing, You will pop up even if you write J Jassie you haven’t come first in your entire family, I didn’t mean it in a wrong way I mean when you were a kid. You never did come first when you were a kid. When you competed in music competitions did you come first? or second? third? No, I was always second I was never first, I feel that it’s a good thing that I wasn’t first why? That is one reason I’m pushing myself to be first  If I’d be first, somewhere I’d just stop So I never did listen to  Punjabi music initially, because I’m a Malayali I can speak one line in Malayalam, Don’t keep it in the show. ‘I hit you on your ass’ that is not offensive at all, it isn’t? then keep it. I hit you on your ass I will teach you something way better I learned this during school  and this was scandalous this was scandalous in school? how about 3.1 million youtubers so I will teach you I will tell you what it means also and then you can decide first tell me what it means, I’ll first tell you what it sounds like, Okay I’m going to start normal let’s start small i’m going to start with like ‘patti’ ‘poda patti’ I know okay ‘Nayinde Mone’ ‘Nayinde Mone’ Oh my God that’s great what does it mean? Son of a bitch almost like the name  of my show Nayinde..? Nayinde Mone Nayinde Mone that’s not bad you say it ‘Nainde Mone’ now the next one is ‘pha puliyade mone’ ‘pha puliyade mone’ oh my God are you a malayali what does it mean? the sentiments are same ‘pha’ sounds like an abusive word from the expressions I’m not going to say I love you or something The one last Malayalam abuse  that I can think of One where I’ve mentioned it in my special as well a bit tough to say there’s a .. it is ‘kazuveride mone’ ‘kazuveride mone’ something like this? yes did you teach him? what? Punjabi? sure why not? everyone knows Punjabi now I know a bit what do you know? I know the most meaningful thing to say in Punjabi ‘greeting, my new video is live swipe up, like, share and comment’ business business business I know this are there any abusive words in Punjabi that we wouldn’t know about? the normal ones ‘ma****’ ‘bhe****’ we know punctuations punjabi punctuations punctuations punctuations meaning….. I don’t say a lot of abusive words, there are one or two that are my favourite and I keep to it that way the catchphrase abuses the normal ones, everyone gives out the main ones, they call it helping verbs in punjabi ‘saala’ everyone says saala our audience doesn’t say saala specially the first row yes the first row is very rich saala you mean brother in law I don’t know what you’re trying to say that is so LS what is LS? Low Society bit** I feel like that’s gotta be LSB but that’s ok no that was.. oh that’s the other one your very good friend Sudeep is also your manager he’s been with you from the very beginning Sudeep travels with you for all your travel vlogs and everything that’s really sweet so we were having a conversation with Sudeep and asked him if there was something where Prajakta was weird and awkward and Sudeep was like  unfortunately there is and why don’t you take a look my heart is beating your heart is beating? hi Prajakta, I know we’re friends and supposed  to like hide these things from the world but uh these few gems this amazing content can’t just stay on my phone I’m really sorry I had to give this out Um, but they’re awesome bye Oh my God! This was not travelling this was the music concert what is this? listen Jetlag but where is this? you are sleeping? this was at a music festival you were sleeping at the music festival? you weren’t performing anyone would be performing no no 1 second 1 second first of all can we take that off? ohh! we’ll just second of all this was on a Sunday and wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday we were travelling and working mad yea and when it’s Sunday a person can yawn at least once in a music festival no it’s not just one yawn have you observed? when Prajakta sleeps she’s still smiling that there’s a camera rolling every time she’s sleeping you’re like Prajakta wake up Please subscribe! 3 videos a week coming out! yes. I’m coming to eat I’ll clean my room mom Papa stop saying SHADAAAP okay ahh but oh my God! Thank you so much both of you for coming this is been super fantastic but before we go on to the game segment we have few things to give you there’s presents? yes! there are presents First, I’m going to start with Prajakta Prajakta this is for you so I would want you to open this up and show everybody what this is what could it be? I don’t know Take a guess One guess? lipstick I think it’s a lipstick Imaginations I’ve studied a secret book you wish and I get to know visualize visualize soft air It could be a phone what? yea this basically we’ve got 2 tshirts for your parents and not for you we got a tshirt for your mum that says you’ve left the room the same way and this is SHADAAAP! for your parents yaaay! the real amazing heros Please give them this tshirt so that I will because give me the ribbon. That’s mine then next time I open I’ll be like Hmmm! What could it be? and for Jassi don’t go by this size It’s something very special there are 2 things inside there is a certificate oh… okay! which says First Jassi Certificate Certificate to congratulation Jasdeep Singh Gill on being the first Jassi on Son of Abish At least you’re first on something What is this? What is this? If someone asks you’ve not come first Sir you’ve come first now First Jassi on Son of Abish It cannot get better There is no other Jassi who’s come on this show there’s more? and there’s one tshirt for you we’re actually starting this campaign called #Jassienotjassi He’s changed his name for search engine optimization his success came in the way so guys it’s Jassie not Jassi okay? It is spelt A B I S H M A T H E W Ladies and Gentlemen! Prajakta Koli & Jassi Gill We’ll see you for the games And now for no reason at all Abish pours Tea Alright! It’s time for us to play DARE PONG Now before we actually play dare pong this is a 4 people game so I would like to introduce on stage someone very special he is a youtuber with a channel called TAKE 900 and also writer on our show Ladies and Gentlemen! Make some noise for Nikhil Kini wassup guys! I also have a youtube channel just like Prajakta like and subscribe yes Like and subscribe We are about to play a game called Dare Pong Nikhil Kini is a writer on our show so good job man! Nikhil does not know how to speak in Hindi at all and he was on the call with Jassi alright! the name of the game is Dare Pong How dare pong is played is like beer pong but with dares mine my hair my hair you wrote this the teleprompter has shut down so its like beer pong except there’s no beer we’re going to be taking turns forming 2 different teams throwing a ping pong ball into each others cups if we sync it the other team has to decide who takes a dare out of this beautiful array of dares we have here okay so at this point we’re going to divide the team and I feel like it will be interesting to see Kini and Jassi in the same team I was about to say this oh man! and Prajakta and I in the same team what do you guys say up top Abish yea Lets go! alright Kini you’ll still have to come here yea I knew that Okay you guys ready to play Dare Pong? woooh! ohhhh that’s our’s you want to read it? fill your mouth 5 star and say upper roller lower roller 5 times say what? upper roller lower roller upper roller lower roller tongue twister how much of 5 star? full or half full full full full it’s written here full okay. I’m going to take the entire one are you ready? and what do I have to say upper roller lower roller I’m sure there will be some abusive words coming out of the mouth It’s written for that only right? okay got it ready I feel this is very inappropriate Abish I can’t unsee this if I break it, it will be painful because you’ve visualized it I’m going to put this 5star in my mouth this is my audience okay here we go! one more don’t die! upper upper roller lower roller upper ro… upper roller lower roller upper roller lower roller You have to say it clean upppaaaaa… lowaaaaaa…. upper roller lower roller upper roller lower roller upper roller lower roller I think we get the point Abish, you decide! good job okay okay you read one player beat boxes and the other sings a song about their first crush I’m going to beat box oh fuck you man I just ate the 5star okay cool Prajakta you come here you’ll beat box right? okay first crush no? first crush yes, first crush like first ever crush Do you have to make a song? it’s a song sing any song can I improve with this? please go for it my first krish ne…. my first crush name was Zufisha I gave her my heart then my friend Zubin came along he said he liked her so I told him to keep her he told me she rejected him I said, “Oh! Fuck” now lets both become best friends because Zufisha was too great for both of us she was too great for both of us she was too great for both of us Zufisha you’re married with 2 kids Genuine story Assisi convent school My friend and I Zubin in LKG there was this girl whose name was Zufisha she was very sweet like an angel and Zubin and I were like Dude Zufisha! LKG after that I told him I really like Zufisha! and Zubin was like me too! So I was like Okay brother can at least someone address that I beat boxed oh yea yea very nice it’s very good thanks guys Oh my god! Stop! Thanks Thanks Stop! Stop! Really! what did you say for beat boxing? ohhhhh Did you guys hear the wickey wickey wickey wickey yea very nice I told you I’m going to throw in a wickey here and there What did you say? How does it happen? say bouncing cats bouncing cats yes but add this sound on bouncing cats bouncing cats can you guys try it? 5, 6, 7 go! bouncing cats bouncing cats wickey wickey wickey I’m helping you guys out yea Julian Assange will be proud whose turn is it? your’s It’s my revenge turn Prajakta fuckin I’m doing everything listen! I wickey wickey go for it! Abish! ayee just do it Oh sorry! what sorry good night sorry I’m sorry go to your room oh fuck that wasn’t intended okay there you call this the flamingo good job I’m eliminating no fuck off give it here no no no you can’t eliminate your own cup wow! that sucked much harder than any black hole I’ve ever encountered oh that flamingo was yea I call it the flamingo alright Prajakta you’re turn ohhhhhh got it that was insane yeaa we’re going to get a point now we’re going to get a point lets go! sorry very competitive I got a little love do an impression of Abish hosting Son of Abish this one I’ve got to watch okay Jassi I think Jassi should do this Impression of me hosting my show great sir this is your table you’re son of Abish so you’ll have to reduce your height first something like this but I cannot speak in English like you so just this one is fine just do this you’ll know from here itself this is how you do it I think that’s good accurate point! point! just because here I improvised a song I did this I don’t do this you have reduced me down to tapping I need to get my game up man okay you get one we’re still at 2 Prajakta yea we’re still at 2 we have couple of rounds to go who’s next? Jassi you’re next come on! this ball is light ball tampering ball tampering it really it really swings this is quite lighter than rest of the ping pong balls it’s not bouncing haah.. its not bouncing it’s balls problem You want to bet where it would go what is your problem? Abish! let this be let this be bro Flamingo let’s go! let’s go sorry I don’t know what the fuck is here Can we switch teams please? too late I’m not going to think I’m just going to do it ohhhhhhh! so please don’t think yea. just don’t think Oh shit! what is it? dandiya with the dumbell’s oh! what the fu…. dumbell’s okay Let’s mix and match take one red one blue dandiya I don’t know how to do dandiya this I can nail this I can nail where do we dance? okay I’ll sing also see it is take this It’s like salsa but with hands okay or legs give that hand okay do it nicely energy Abish rookie okay 1, 2, 3 go! listen this counts right? yes oh yes! Yes! you guys are best! alright! 2 more rounds lets do…. Oh ya… you’re turn my turn come on! sync it well left okay Jassi paaji your’s come on! come on! dude this this ball keeps turning this ball keeps turning I swear! oh! it’s the pitch problem now? now it’s table…… edit edit count count you guys are mean I had informed you earlier it turns this is cheatin…… guys we are just giving you points for this don’t worry about it we’re also performing ya embarrassing wear your left shoe on your right foot and vice versa and do the Macarena What is a Macarena? how many dances do you know Prajakta? Dandiya, Macarena.. where is this from? what? Macarena sorry but where is this from? Macarena it’s a.. oh do we do that? exchange shoes? we have to exchange shoes? not exchange shoes but where the right  one on the left.. exchange feet, shoes on feet Jassie I will show you the Macarena  It’s very simple It’s the hip movement and the hands are also involved everyone come here it’s very simple we’ve to teach him too not just do it I will watch it from the front okay, 5..6..7..8 go 1..2..3..4. ..5..6..7..8 you need to move that too oh like this this will be going on? it’s like that so 1..2.. so remember mumbai local give it, give it, don’t hit here, don’t hit here why are you hitting on my head why are you hitting  on my head that’s the step right? that’s the step? who’s getting the  fuc**g points for this game let’s count let’s count yes let’s count that’s how you win 1..2..3…4 ..5.6 so you have more that means  we win yay no no no we win we won? he’s saying the right thing you’ve spoilt this glass did you count this? you can put this too put this, increase it put everything one last I’m going to put alright, and we get to decide  who gets to  do it I’m going to call it  a tie right now we’re winning no? why are you lying  to me, man? I thought we were losing why am I believing you you don’t use abusive words and you just say saala I thought you’re  a nice guy so we’re winning? yes no no no wait more glasses on  table, you’re winning okay Prajakta, according to my rules now buddy I think you’re better at this.. one last.. one last you can put  it anywhere there are two  already here I had put them don’t cheat, there’s a lot  of respect I like making the rules of this game while wearing headphones which are playing a hard metal/cringe type of song  so descriptive  the guest needs to sing a lullaby lalla..lalla..lori this is the most difficult thing, the most difficult  thing, something else would  be playing in my ears how can one sing? you need to sing a lullaby Alright? Volume? Yes What kind of a Lullaby lori is this? You’ve made it easier for me why? it blends so well with the song  I know this much but the composition was good, because it sounds  exactly like a lori okay for this I will  give you one point now Ladies and Gentlemen if you want to find out  who the winner of this game is go on and hit the subscribe button but for me  the winner of the game is me Yes thank you so much  for watching  Ladies and Gentlemen make some noise  for Prajakta Koli and Jassie Gill give it up for Nikhil Kini everyone and  now for no reason at all ways to dispose off  your gum Tonight on son of Abish picks we bring you an unmistakably popular voice she’s known for some amazing bollywood tracks such as Raabta, Ullu Ka Pattha and Aao Kabhi Haveli Pe from the movie “Stree” She’s going to be performing her original Humshakal Please put your hands together for the amazing Nikki G – Nikhita Gandhi

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