Spring Break Ultra Light Trout Lake Lure Fishing

Spring Break Ultra Light Trout Lake Lure Fishing

yo what’s up guys we are gonna do a
suburban trout giveaway we’re gonna give 6 spoons away right now so comment below
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this video has been released good luck guys yo what’s up guys coming at you from
Oakland California man it’s Saturday midday fishing man on a
weekend usually don’t do this but you know we’re gonna see if we can get off
to some fish guys let’s go let’s go fishing
back you gotta merge you need a turbo to merge here bro
serious anyway let’s go fishing guys let’s go four three two one yeah I bet we’re gonna I bet we get some
fish out here because no one’s even here dude
usually when I no one’s around oh I heard right here I bet we get I get a
bit we get on fish right here dude there’s no there’s no pressure over here that’s cold on this side hey all my stash
but let me see let me see that hog where is it five and a half
dang dude oh man why you catching my fish
your dad’s catching my fish how how are you bud huh
there’s someone fishing over here where are they they back over here yeah
what’s-his-name gave it to me on the throw a few right here nothing huh you’d swear you get popped
with that thing you know you’re doing it really slow you do it looks like you’re
good yeah some you know they’re fish it’s the Moran you mind if I join you
here for a couple t eight on YouTube yeah I got I got a few videos up there
you’ve seen a couple of them okay cool well thanks for watching the a he’s
eaten hit a bag of food on the trail earlier while I was birds nesting dang that camera was off look he’s
running dude look at him run oh he’s taking drag bro dang I didn’t
get that hook set though but you guys weren’t here Museum run oh look at him
oh let’s go do its marine world I got that on camera do you see that let’s go
guys oh he’s got a net hey we need a nap dude
my battery is dead on my GoPro – is a fatty dude yeah that’s a fatty the phone okay you see how my hold it they’re gone easy be yeah we’re watching you Hey Down Under yeah forever good point my family’s gone
they’re like the Z see this all the time on the spoon girl on the spoon what up
whatever that’s that’s how we do it baby that’s how we do it on the red hopefully
nice dang dude nice and let me take a couple
of shots Lotus said is that in this bit yeah that’s all I got take a couple let me take a couple
photos for them I got my camera rolling now and then I’ll send these visitors
from from our neighboring towns in trial five and a quarter woo was the only you know what’s coming for me yeah but
man my battery died I told you man I told you I told you like I totally
that line right just gonna keep doing it kind of take a photo
you might looking for dad no we shoot it all the way wide and
I’ll pop it in as necessary and yet it right on thank you man you guys straight
yard you guys enjoy that

44 thoughts on “Spring Break Ultra Light Trout Lake Lure Fishing

  1. Wow, nice trout! You're always catching the big ones there! And it's very nice of you to give your catch away.👍🙂

  2. Those Suburban trout spoons are the truth!! Great catch and footage of Shamoo jumping out the water. Keep up the great videos!

  3. Awsome videos…amazing content and catches….I'm aidan the guy from last Saturday that caught the top spool of the reel

  4. I saw you out there on the day of the plant when the school kids event was done. Man you were quick to jump on it and catch that trout. I wanted to come by and say what's up but I was volunteering and had to help with the kids. Keep it up!

  5. New rod. New reel. And fish and lure giveaway. You will never see anyone doing much like that. Seeing everyone happy is what matters, and the smiles and laughter is what bring people together. Great video. I enjoy watching them. Keep it up! Next time my nephew will be there to net the fish!

  6. Dude I'm digging the action shot haha. Have you seen any blue gills? I'm trying to bring my 5 year old nephew out and wanted to start him off on the little bluegill.

  7. What kind of gear are you using.. rod and reel? Awesome video by the way I fish at lake Temescal from time to time also.

  8. Im just getting into BFS fishing im going. To try it for the first time today at lake yosimte Merced ca tossing flash mini chatter baits 1/16oz

  9. my house is right near the lake and I've never thought to fish there. you have changed my mind and I will start to go now. I also love the videos. what bait did you use to catch that?

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