Spruce Smoked Trout & Moving Day 16 of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies

100 thoughts on “Spruce Smoked Trout & Moving Day 16 of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies

  1. Hi Zack and Greg. I've been trying to follow this fiasco going on in Washington for my own reasons, and we will leave that there. What I wanted to say is it is so nice to after all that mind twisting to just come here and to Greg;s channel and forget all the BS. To know what your adversaries are and overcome them. I know you guys were plagued with bad weather but hopefully like Greg said it will get warmer and dryer before your journey was completed. Can't wait for your next episode.

  2. Hi Zach, watching you cook the fish makes us want to try it too. We are planning to cook some ever lasting soup with the spice you are using to try how it tastes. So we placed our first order today together with a present for our mum from your website (the stone necklace for sharpening knifes). We have lots of stuff on our wish list… tarp, slingshots, knifes, your shovel..would be our first and must get.. so we are watching every episodes and hoping to win the gear. What is the last day to place an order to get it before Christmas? (to Ireland) .. even if it arrives late, we ate still excited 🙂

  3. Was anyone else laughing out loud during the weather broadcast. I know it had to be miserable with all that rain. You guys are troopers.

  4. Sure do miss your twig snapping music, so soothing. But now you are drowning it out with a recording- 🙁 Anyway, I'm watching every episode as soon as they come out

  5. Having a great time sharing in the adventure while watching every episode. Love to see you in "building" mode. Thanks for bringing us along.

  6. I watch every episode! I can’t wait for more videos to come out! Would love to see you and Greg at the Charleston, Wv hunting and fishing show. January 2020. Thousands of people come through the civic center to talk to guides, outfitters, and other outdoor adventures!

  7. I'm watching the whole series! So, you say spruce but a whole lot of that looks like some kind of high country true fir. Like subalpine fir, maybe?

  8. Watching every episode. I have some catching up to do tonight.
    (Edit:) Part of me wants to give up on the contest so I can binge watch this the way I did the 30 Day in Texas buuuut- winning something from Fowler would be something I'd brag about 😅

  9. The best part of my day is when i get to leave the hospital and watch your videos in my Jeep while I eat lunch. I'm living vicariously through you guys! and "I'm watching every episode" :]

  10. Still here watching my boy Fowler! Keep up the amazing videos, really helps getting through the day. God bless

  11. Hi guys Iv been noticing some trees with odd looking bark are they spruce trees , the bark looks looks kind of lumpy for lack of a better discription

  12. Keep up the excellent videos guys be safe & God Bless 🙂 Just a note that I'm watching all your videos, not just this one…

  13. Watching I am. Just got my Wazoo cache belt and Adventure kit. Didn't pack as nicely as I thought. Glad I got the larger belt. My first shaker of Woodobo is getting low. Does the Woodobo come in bags?, maybe in larger quantities and easier to recycle.

  14. Zack if you’ve ever seen the crazy hot matrix on YouTube . You know about unicorns. My dad always told me wish in one hand and crap in the other then see witch one gets full faster… 🤣🤣🤣

  15. day 16 sanity is fading cooking trout in crazy ways expecting putting branches on a open fre to not catch fire.. brb have to go save the fish..<trolling>

  16. hey you going to make a water holder check out this idea "
    Primitive Technology: Pot Made of Wood Ash – New Clay Alternative

  17. A tree shelter is the best, I really hope you never have to eat the same gopher stew for a week (I’m watching every episode)

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