Steamed Chinese Chicken Fish and Pork Balls – Morgane Recipes

Steamed Chinese Chicken Fish and Pork Balls – Morgane Recipes

This Chinese recipe is called 青 檜 綉球, which means hydrangea flower. These meatballs have a particularity of mixing chicken pork and fish First soak in water:
The shiitake mushrooms for 4 hours, The wood ear mushrooms and the lily flowers for 1 hour Cut into chunks:
The pork, The chicken thighs And the fish Chop them separately for 3 minutes each. Cut 2 wrung shiitake mushrooms into small cubes Put them in the bowl Take a handful of rehydrated wood ear mushrooms take out their foot and chop them very briefly Then add:
1 tsp of salt A pinch of ground pepper one teaspoon of sugar One tablespoon of corn starch 1 tsp of Shaoxing cooking wine 1 tbsp of sesame oil 1 egg white Combined vigorously for 2 minutes to get a sticky meat. Put it in the fridge while preparing the other ingredients Cut into chunks the shiitake mushrooms The wood deer mushrooms Take out the lily flowers foot. Cut them in half Peel the ginger, Cut 5 thin slices. Cut half a pepper into chunks. Do the same with a spring onion Cut the cilantro into sections Put them in the separate bowl To prepare the sauce, put in a bowl 1/2 teaspoon of salt a pinch of ground pepper One teaspoon of corn starch 1 tsp of Shaoxing cooking wine one tablespoon of vegetable oil one tablespoon of dark soy sauce 2 tablespoon of oyster sauce mix well Pour the sauce in the bowl Mix all together. Put in a baking dish Take out the meat preparation from the fridge. Put little oil on the hands to prevent the preparation from sticking Make some meatballs Put them over the vegetables Steamed for 20 minutes over high heat Halfway through the cooking time, mix the dish Sprinkle with the cilantro Bon Appetit! The meatballs offers the taste of the fish. The vegetables and mushrooms enrich the dish. The lily flowers taste a bit little mushrooms. This healthy dish is delicious. Thank you for watching and sharing my video. See you at the next homemade dish.

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  1. Hi Morgane, really like this recipe. Yam🤤🤤It’s looks so convenience to hand mince the meat. Could you let me know the meat mincer machine you use please?

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