Steamed fish in chopped chili sauce (duojiao) authentic Hunan recipe #4 湖南剁椒鱼头

Steamed fish in chopped chili sauce (duojiao) authentic Hunan recipe #4 湖南剁椒鱼头

Hi guys! Today I will make a world famous Hunan dish which is called “duo jiao yu tou” use “Duo Jiao Jiang” which is this chili sauce I made eariler Usually people in China use fish head I know it sounds disgusting, but it tastes great but I can’t get fish head in Germany, I just bought fresh fish with the head obviously & the meat so we are going to steam this before we are going that I actually cleaned this fish removed all the dirt & the shell I actually opened it up, in the middle here if you could see that’s how we can flatten it into a plate which we’re going to use to steam it later & on the bottom of the plate, I just prepared some gingers & spring onions which we’re going to lay them on the bottom of the plate it’s helping the steam coming underneath of the fish so it’s working from both sides & cook it faster now you can have a close look of my fish I totally flattened it now we can put our gingers, so ginger first then spring onion see I’m using the green parts of the spring onion now we can put it down again Here I made some marinate sauce earlier Here is 1 tbsp of light soy sauce or if you have those special soy sauce just for steaming fish Here I’m just using regular soy sauce 1 tbsp of oyster sauce & 1 tbsp of Chinese cooking wine / cooking liquor & we are just using this sauce to marinate our fish first Just putting it both sides so I guess the bottom as well I cut my fish to half, because my pot is kind small & it doesn’t fit if you have a bigger pot, you can just steam the whole fish Once we have all the marinate sauce around our fish We are going to leave it for about 10 mins, until it’s totally marinated while our fish is marinating, we can make a topping for our steamed fish we will use our most important ingredient which is chopped chili sauce We are going to put about 3-4 tbsp of this chili sauce I think 3 tbsp is about enough then I just chopped from garlics earlier Here is about 8 cloves of garlics we just put our garlics in some spring onions just to stir it now we need 1 tbsp of light soy sauce 1 tbsp of Chinese cooking wine or cooking liquor 0.5 tbsp of white vinegar I just use sushi vinegar here a pinch of sugar if you like your fish a bit saltier, you can also add in a bit of salt now our fish is marinated Here is the chili topping we made earlier all we need to do it to spread our chili topping on top of the fish try to cover the whole fish just spread it evenly so it’s a really spicy topping now we’re going to steam our fish for about 15-20 mins on high heat then we will check it out later now you can see our fish is perfectly steamed, so much steam turn our stove to medium low heat add in 2 tbsp of vegetable oil or sunflower oil then put in 1 star anise & some sichuan chili peppercorns now we’re just cooking this take our fish head We are going to put a layer of chopped spring onion on top make it really colourful then we pour our hot oil on top of our fish without the peppercorns so it’s cooking the spring onions on top while cooking the fish so it’s really sizzling the last but not the least we can drizzle a bit of sesame oil I can’t wait to try my chopped chili steamed fish head so let’s give it a try I will try a small piece on top very close to the head, I think it’s the best part of the whole fish it’s spicy & salty It’s perfectly steamed & the fish is really tender I think all fish should be steamed it’s the best way to cook a fish hope you like this video if you like this video, please give me a thumb up, & leave your comments below if you want to see more videos like this one please sub to my YouTube channel Thanks for watching! See you next time

4 thoughts on “Steamed fish in chopped chili sauce (duojiao) authentic Hunan recipe #4 湖南剁椒鱼头

  1. Wonderful recipe!!! Thank you!,when i visit my friends family in Singapore,i eat fish head singapore curry olso very tasty good.

  2. Hey Yi. Sorry I'm behind a bit. Looks amazing. I H sent been home in ages. Not eating that well or taking care of myself..if I ever return home I'll definately make this. I love the chile sauce you taught me. Take care and put your mom in a cooking vid, please

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