Steamed Fish Recipe | Simple & Easy 20 min.

Steamed Fish Recipe | Simple & Easy 20 min.

Whole steamed fish is traditionally served during Chinese New Year dinners because it represents a good year from start to finish. Or, in this case, from head to tail. The fish also represents prosperity, because, in Chinese, the pronunciation of fish is “Yú” which kinda sounds like the word surplus or abundance. So in today’s video, I’ve partnered with Pearl River Bridge sauces to show you how to make a traditional yet simple steamed fish recipe that you guys can cook in 20 minutes or less. So, with that, let’s get started. For the ingredients, we’ll need one whole fish, and I recommend using a white fish like tilapia or snapper. Today I’m using a Red Tai Snapper. When shopping for fish, try and buy them fresh versus previously frozen. Fresh fish will have a much better texture when cooked. I always find that the frozen ones turn out a bit mushy. We will also need the three staple Asian garnishes–ginger, green onions, and cilantro. Now for the ginger and green onions, go ahead and prep them by cutting half into larger pieces and the remaining half into matchstick slivers. When you’re done, you should have a full garnish plate that looks like this. Once you have the garnish plate ready, now it’s time to clean and prep your fish. I find that the easiest thing to do is to ask your seafood department to clean and gut the fish, making sure to leave the head, tail, and fins on but also removing the scales. Then, when you’re ready to cook, just give the fish one more rinse under cold water and prepare a plate for steaming. Take a few pieces of the larger ginger and green onions, and arrange them on a plate before placing the fish on top. I like to do this because it lifts the fish off the steaming plate and it makes it easier to transfer to a serving platter. Next, add some more larger pieces of ginger and green onion into the inside belly of the fish. And be generous, because the ginger will help neutralize any fishy flavors. We’re ready to steam. Now if you don’t have a steamer, you can always use a large pot or a wok. And if you don’t have a steaming insert, just take some aluminum foil, scrunch it up, and shape it into a circle. This will help lift the plate off the bottom of the pan. Then, go ahead, cover with a lid and steam for 15 to 18 minutes. Now while you’re waiting for the fish to cook, and when it’s almost done, you can go ahead and prepare the sauce. I’m using three tablespoons of canola oil, a quarter cup of Pearl River Bridge brand of seasoned soy sauce for seafood, and a teaspoon of cane sugar. Now if you’re wondering what seasoned soy sauce for seafood is, it’s basically a little less salty and a little bit sweeter than normal soy sauce. And, you can use this for any type of seafood stirfry and it’s not just limited to fish. Add all those ingredients to a pan, along with some ginger, green onions, and cilantro. Stir and infuse the flavors for one to two minutes on a medium-low heat. Now going back to the fish, remove and transfer to a large serving platter, topping it with the remaining fresh garnish. Then, making sure your sauce is very hot and simmering, pour the mixture directly over the garnish. The hot mixture will help release some of the extra flavor in the fresh garnish. We’re done! Now if you’re making this for Chinese New Year, make sure the fish makes it to the dinner table whole. Then, once everybody’s had a chance to gather and view the beautiful presentation, you can always remove the fish bones later. And if you have guests who may be a little bit squeamish looking at a whole fish, you could always take a little bit of garnish and strategically place it on top of the fish head. I’m Angel, I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel Angel Wong’s Kitchen for more authentic Asian recipes made simple and fun. Until then, I’ll see you guys soon. Bye!

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  1. don't waste the 'fish juice' on steaming plate after steaming! I pour it over the fish to moist the fish flesh before adding the extra garnish and sauce mix.

  2. My grandma always make the sauce with soy sauce, oyster sauce, a little sesame oil and white pepper, have this at least 2 times a week in my house 🙂

  3. #snapchatfishy
    recently discovered your channel through entertaining with beth btw. Loving your recipes, some of them even bring back childhood memories 🙂

  4. hi Angel. I love your recipes. where can I find the particular Pearl River Bridge seasoned soy sauce for seafood? it looks like Amazon doesn't sell it.

  5. Great recipe looks delicious! Would adding a crushed clove of garlic to the sauce overpower the dish, have you ever made it this way? Awesome dress by the way, very glamorous and super cute! I bet the sauce would be good over a deep fried fish also.

  6. that looks so good! I'm going to try it out, unfortunately I live on a military base abd don't have access to fresh fish so I will be using the bag fillets but I think it'll still come out well.

  7. I'll have to make this – added to my faves. I love to cook, but would you believe I've never made a fish dish….other than battered and fried that is. This will be a nice change. Your dress is really pretty!!! Thanks for the instructions!!!

  8. Thanks for the aluminum foil tip to keep the plate up. Also thanks for the tip adding the ginger under the fish, and stuffing it inside the fish! I normally cut the green onions thinner. The meat under the cheek is so awesome. Thank you for the videos!

  9. Hi Angel Wong! 😀 I found you through your collaboration with KawaiiSweetWorld with Rachel. 🙂 I find your videos really amazing! I don't know if you have already made them or not, I can't find the video but if possible I would really like to see how to make Siu Mai (sorry I don't know the correct spelling) the little yellow wrapper steamed Dim Sum with pork inside and sometimes has a tiny red dot on the top. Thanks for making these fantastic cooking videos! 🙂

  10. great recipe! tried it, was very delicious, and now has a permanent spot in our family recipe vault. tysm for sharing.

  11. Hi Angel: Thank you for all the wonderful recipes. A suggestion: you may like to heat up some sesame oil and pour over the fish after the sauce. extra extra yummy smell.

  12. Looks amazing! Thanks for the great tips to steam, can't wait to try it! Also, cute dress! You need to start a fashion blog too 🙂

  13. I followed this recipe for Christmas and my family loved it! If you don't have an asian market near you, try Costco. I got two whole stripped bass (not frozen, cleaned, de-gutted, descaled) there. I ended up steaming the fish for 13 to 15 minutes. Thank you for posting these videos – I've made so many of your recipes!

  14. 把鋁箔包圍成一圈當底座這招超好用,話說,珠江橋牌的廣告也打太兇了吧XD,感謝教學,新年快樂^^

  15. Today I used your recipe and tilapia . Honestly I was amazed and my guests were happy. This came out really juicy, tasty, and heavenly,
    Thank you.

  16. Grew up with this dish. So glad I can now make it for my husband and & I. Thanks for the recipe!! Yum 😊

  17. How difficult is it to debone the fish after it's been steamed? And is it more difficult with certain fish compared with others? I'd like to try this with a freshwater fish like trout or bass. Thank you in advance.

  18. I don't know anything about fish. Can you tell me what kind of fish to buy to make this recipe? Not sure what a white fish is.

  19. If my guest get squeamish over a fish head, they can get out! XD Why be afraid of the head, when the cheek on the fish head is literally the best part! ^^

  20. Perfect. I cooked this using pearl perch today, caught by me also. Gonna try using a little cider vinegar in the sauce.

  21. Mom and I do braise ours in garlic, onion, ginger, and vinegar. Garlic, Onion, and Ginger is in most Filipino dishes. I'm used to whole fish as I used to watch my mother scale and gut them. I do that now when I get fresh fish. I save the bones and head to make fish bone broth. Lee and Dad fish but our local fish are trout. I miss the variety available in the Philippines. Hope I can visit my relatives there again soon. Next time it's my brother's turn though. Mom only likes to take one of us at a time. I wonder what he's going to eat though because although of my siblings he was the only one born there he doesn't like the food. Sis and I love the food.

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