Stinky Fish Challenge – Surstromming – Joe McCloskey Jr – Colorado Springs

Stinky Fish Challenge – Surstromming – Joe McCloskey Jr – Colorado Springs

– Hi guys, we’re gonna do
the stinky fish challenge. And it is right here! – Yep. – And my dad is gonna eat
it, and we have prizes, so if we run around we
don’t get the prize. My prize is a bike. – And my prize is the Flipzee Girl. – Yep, this is the stinkiest
food in the whole wide world. It’s the fish the Viking used to store on their ship voyages, and I’m gonna take a bite of it. And if Aisley and Demery don’t run away when I open up this can,
Aisley gets a new bike, and what do you get, Demery? – A Flipzee Girl. – And what do you get, baby? – Diamonds. – Diamonds. – Many of them. – All right, all right everyone. We’re gonna open up this can here. This is the stinkiest food… (girls laugh) in the whole wide world. (girls and dad laugh) (gagging noise) Do you guys smell that? (gagging noise) (girls cough) (family laughs) (gagging sound) (family laughs) How am I gonna eat this? – Here you go, here you go. (gagging sound) (family laughs) – Oh, God, that’s– (family laughs) Hold on, baby! I gotta open up this can, and eat it! (gagging sound) (family laughs) – It smells like a toot! (family laughs) – It smells like a toot! – Oh my God. Oh my God. Hold on baby! (girl laughs) (gagging sound) – You can taste it! – Taste it? – I Gotta open this. Where you going, demi? – I am not going anywhere! – Oh, hold on, daddy’s gotta take a bite. Woof. I’m just trying to open it. – Is it open? (gagging sound) – Hurry, don’t like this! – Oh, it’s spraying on me! (family laughs) Daddy’s just gotta take a bite, baby! (dad laughs) – Mommy, don’t! (gagging sound) – Oh my God. (gagging sound) That’s so stinky. (family laughs) Oh, hold on. – Is it open? – Hold on, it’s open now. Oh, hold on baby. Aisley, Demery, you gotta
look at the camera, sweetie. – Ahh! – Oh my gosh. – If you get used to it, guys, it doesn’t smell like it– – Oh, Aisley! – Oh, oh… – I’m gonna throw up. – It’s a ba- ohh! (gagging sound) – Okay, one bite. Baby, you gotta look at the camera, man. Are you even in frame right now? – I don’t know, but I just threw up. – Just get a little closer. – It doesn’t smell like anything! – Come on! – Oh, Demery just threw up! – Demi just threw up. – All right, hold on. I’m gonna take one bite. (retching) – [Demeray] I wanna
get out of this camera! – Oh, I did it. – Can we stop this camera? (retching) – Come on, let’s go. (girl laughs) – Do I get my bike? – Yep. – I got my bike? – Yeah. Here, we have to get rid of this. Gross! – Demery throwed up! – She did. – Look at that! – Can I get out now? (dad laughs) Are you okay, did you barf? Oh, momma barfed! (retching) Throw up Sounds Throw up Sounds again More throw up sounds Multiple throw up sounds Daddy, throw this away! (water running) Throw up sounds over and over again (dog’s claws clicking on wood floor) (retching) (water running) Oh my God.

100 thoughts on “Stinky Fish Challenge – Surstromming – Joe McCloskey Jr – Colorado Springs

  1. You guys, this is one of the most naturally funny things I've ever seen. Good on you for sticking in there, surströmming is a funk not to be believed.
    Must have taken weeks to get that stink completely out of your house.

  2. Mammy you are great I have never laughed so much tears are coming down my face watching her

  3. Oh man that was hilarious and ye that last comment “do I get my bike” hahahahahahaha ..your wife and other daughter had me laughing so hard but I felt so guilty 😂🤦‍♂️😖

  4. what a wonderful family lol having this sort of "fun" together. And the oldest girl is great! I laughed so hard I had the tears hanging on the end of my nose LOL

  5. The oldest just started to crack up when her dad open the can. And the mom was gagging so bad. That's was funny I'm sorry I was laughing the whole video😂☺❤

  6. OMG at 1:02 my heart just melted hearing those little girls laugh! Lol they sound like babies when they first learn to laugh, lol

  7. My stomach hurts from laughing so hard! That family rocks! Who would want to eat fermented smelly fish in a can anyway? 🤢

  8. The dry heaving in these videos with this fish is the funniest thing I have ever seen, and you and your family so far have been the most entertaining of all!!

  9. You should buy that little girl a pony for that show of 💪 strength, she hung in there till everyone bounced gagging and choking. She was inspiring! I'm pretty sure your supposed to open this stuff outside lol

  10. This is how bad is was in Sweeden thats why you moved to the USA 😃 Pizza and burgers are great thanks!

  11. These people actually ate this INSIDE their home? I hate to even open canned sardines inside because of the fish oil. I would NEVER eat this, even if it was the last food on Earth and starvation meant death. How is this even a dish, from ANY country?

  12. Just at the open…the adults are gagging like crazy, meanwhile the kids just laugh. The younger girl seems like she is just imitating mom.

  13. OmG this is hilarious.It's the funniest video I've seen in the last years.What a cute family you are.God bless you all 👏🏼👏🏼

  14. Wow, your older daughter really has a strong stomach. The kids handled it way better than your wife though, too funny! Great video, thanks for sharing, they all deserve their prizes.

  15. This was absolutely in 1 percent funniest videos I have ever seen!! Period!! Everybody's gag reflex going into overdrive! I'm definitely sharing!! Bravo!

  16. Wow the older daughter is hardcore! Didn’t seem phased at all, she really wanted a new bike lol
    You lucked out Joe, you didn’t have to buy any diamonds lmao!

  17. And this is why Russia for hundreds of years never dared to invade Sweden, they fear our not so secret weapon.

  18. LOVELY family!!! 🙂 What a memory to share when they are grown-up. "Do you remember when dad…?" 🙂 hilarious

  19. Kay. I had just finished watching a playthrough of "That Dragon, Cancer" when my mother called me upstairs, wheezing with laughter to show me this video. I snapped from mourning, and sobbing my eyes out, to wheezing with laughter alongside my mother. And let me tell you, I appreciate you guys for it. You are hilarious, and really made my day a whole lot less sad.

  20. That's Sweden's most potent weapon when Putin's armies attack us. We just open a few of those tin cans and the Russians will run like little girls.

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