Street Food Amritsar – Street Food India – Mutton Chaap,Keema Kaleji, Makhaan Fish – Food Vlog

Subscribe to our channel “Food Fatafat” and press the bell icon to get the latest video notification Hello friends how are you all? I hope you guys are totally fine. Friends its morning now and we are left for the Amritsar, like I told you in my previous video. Prashant is with me and we are starting our day with Orange Juice, and Amritsar is still 60-70km away from here , so lets finish this juice and go to Amritsar. So friends now we have reached at Amritsar’s very famous Mutton Chap Walla, Shinda Meat Corner. Here you will find Amritsar’s very famous Mutton Chap. Lets see how it is and talk to the owner how they makes it and what is the unique things in his Mutton Chap? So, you make your own spices or use readymade spices? No we make our own spices. We bring Mutton from Market then clean it properly and then make it. Which type of Mutton chap you have? One is dry and other one is with gravy. So let’s go friends and try and taste his mutton chap and see how it is! Friends as Jaspal Ji told us they make two types of Mutton chaap one is Dry and other one is with gravy, so you can see here how they are making dry chaap and now he is making chaap with gravy. So friends here is our mutton chaap and as you can see it made in pure clarified butter ( Desi Ghee) Let’s see how it tastes, smell is very nice and it is server hot. Come closer I’ll show you, you can see all the clarified butter. see how they have use green chilly and all the spices, let’s taste this. Hmm Very crispy, crunchy and taste is full of mutton and clarified flavors. Very good take it with some chutney Chutney and Onions Hmm Awesome Friends in Amritsar this mutton chaap is made with very special techniques

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