Street Food in Iran!! UNSEEN IRANIAN FOOD + Market Tour in Rasht, Iran!

Street Food in Iran!! UNSEEN IRANIAN FOOD + Market Tour in Rasht, Iran!

– Hey everyone, I hope
you’re having an amazing day. It’s Mark Wiens, I’m in Rasht, which is a city on the
Caspian Sea in Iran. And this is a city that’s known and an area that’s known for its food. It’s one of the top food cities in Iran. And so today we’re gonna
go on a food tour of Rasht. We’re gonna eat something called a hookah. We’re gonna go to the bazaar,
we’re gonna eat street food, they have a big street food culture and this video I’m gonna share
all of the food with you. (pumped upbeat music) Like 9:45 a.m., we are setting off. We’re on our ways from Tehran to Rasht. Good morning everyone. – Good morning!
– Good morning to you! – How long is the drive?
– Two hours and a half. (pumped upbeat music) – We are going to have some lavender tea. It is a very well loved
herbal tea in Iran. I like to try the herbal teas, and also black tea that is
produced in the North of Iran. – Thank you. Had a little doze off in the van, waking up for some lavender tea, and that just smells so good. (sniffs) Oh, it smells… Lavender is like the relaxing, I think it’s relaxing and
kinda makes you sleepy again. (Mark slurps)
(car engine rumbling) Ah! Yeah, that’s great. It’s just light, very light, very soothing, it’s
soothing, that’s what it is. And we made it out of Tehran. We’ve been driving for
about an hour and a half now and continuing on our way to Rasht. (Mark slurps) (funky upbeat music) – So, it’s Mr. Taster and Mark Wiens. – And Micah.
– And Micah! Micah, and it says it here.
– It’s evolved board of– (Mr. Taster laughs)
– Micah! (funky upbeat music) – Okay, and so welcome to Rasht, and that was an amazing drive from Tehran because we passed through so many different landscapes along the way, through the mountain pass.
(exchanging greetings) And then, I’m so surprised
how lush, how green and how wet it is here in Rasht. What’s the name of the restaurant? – His name is Mohammad, but
they call him Mohammad Sibil which means mustache.
– Awesome! (laughs) – Yeah.
– So, Sibil means mustache? – Yeah, and can you guess?
– And so that’s what this place is known for?
– Let’s find Mohammad Sibil. – Okay, let’s go find him.
– You can find him based on his mustache.
(Mark laughing) – Let’s just walk inside
and see if we can– – Yeah, let’s go.
– Mr. Mohammad Sibil. Salaam haji, salaam haji.
– So, which one? Which one, which one Mohammad Sibil? – Mohammad Sibil.
(everyone laughing loudly) Mohammad Sibil.
– Good! – Just step into the
restaurant and immediately you smell it has this like
distinct herbal aroma in here. And the whole table is
already spread, full dripping. Wow, look at all these
vegetables and all those greens. Ichiban.
– Ichiban. – Okay, we get a slice.
– This is the egg fish, yeah. (speaking foreign language) – A fish from the Caspian.
– Yeah. – Salted fish roll. Mm!
(Mr. Taster laughs) Oh yeah!
– It’s nice, isn’t it? – Yeah! But very salty, yeah. You need to eat it with
bread or something. – Exactly! – It is sour.
– Sour! (speaking foreign language) – [Mr. Taster] This is
the up-side-down rice. – Oh! – This tahdig, we call it tahdig. (slow funky music) – What is happening?
– They have… We’re coming back into the kitchen now and they have just prepared this unbelievable spread of
different stews and dishes and hookah, we’ve got the hookah which has been made into a walnut stew, which just smells unbelievable. The different breads, they call it. There’s also a duck.
– Yeah. – Gonna be fish, the ghormeh
sabzi and then fresh rice. – Baghali ghatogh.
– Baghali ghatogh. – [Mr. Taster] Which
is another stew, yeah, with broad beans.
– Oh man, broad beans! – [Mr. Taster] It’s very
famous in Gilan and Mazandaran. – [Mark] And is that one, is that the one that’s cooked with dill? You can really smell the dill.
– Yes. – Okay. Because all of the
flavors, all of the spices, all of the ingredients
have to mingle together into like a gravy stew. They’re all like, slow cooking process and just herbs and the
different ingredients used, specifically in this region,
Caspian Sea, Rasht region. (frying oil sizzling in pan) It’s a type of white fish, specifically from the Caspian Sea, one of the most famous
fish from the Caspian Sea, so she’s frying that as well for lunch. (frying oil sizzling) (speaking foreign language) Huge anchovies.
– Yeah. – And then in the other frying pan, she’s frying anchovies, Caspian anchovies. I’ve never seen anchovies that size. Normally anchovies are like this size. These are like the size
of little mackerel. Those are huge! (frying oil sizzling) – The oil of the pan now.
– Yes. – And so then to prepare the
hookah stew, that walnut stew, what she does, you see,
take some into a small pan. And then she adds in
a bunch of walnut oil, and then boils that again,
to reheat it to serve it and that just smells incredible. You can smell that walnut
out which is coming out. The nuttiness of that! Oh, and then fried fish
going at the same time. (frying oil sizzling) (speaking foreign language) Such an amazing family, how they’ve just opened up their kitchen and
their home to all of us. There’s like 12 of us in the kitchen. And uncle and auntie they’re
just so cool, so welcoming. It just smells incredible. The fish are ready, the
rice and the tahdig is… (humming stops)
Oh! – Better?
– Oh, nice! (laughing) Oh, wow! – [Mohammad] Look at this
tahdig, look at that. – [Mark] Look at that. – [Mr. Taster] You want
me to call in (mumbles)? – Okay.
– Okay. (speaking foreign language) – That is a trophy sized
tahdig, crunchy rice. – This is the hookah vavishka
with (foreign word), onions (speaking foreign language)
and a pomegranate paste. – Oh, okay, okay.
– It’s different from the walnut stew.
– So, which one… Okay, but the walnut stew
is also with hookah also? – Yeah, that the stew with hookah. This one is hookah vavishka, so two. – hookah vavishka, this one is– – This is the fesenjan.
– Oh, that’s the one! – Yeah, that’s the one. This is the fesenjan with vavishka. – [Mark] Oh, and then
immediately you can smell that walnut.
– Yeah. – So, hookah vavishka, right?
– Yeah. – Mm!
(Mr. Taster laughs) Oh, wow!
– It’s so good! (laughs) It’s my first time. (laughs)
– Wow, that meat, that hookah is so lean.
– Yeah. – But so succulent! Oh, wow!
– You can taste the pomegranate-ness.
– The sourness. – The sourness, yeah, exactly. – Tartness of the pomegranate. Just like pure home cooking. It’s just like, bone-licking good. And that soured tartness
of the pomegranate is what makes it. (upbeat funky music) So this one is called the hookah fesenjan. – Yeah.
– And that’s also, that’s the dish name, right?
– Yeah. – hookah is the bird,
fesenjan is the fish. – [Mr. Taster] Normally, fesenjan coming with either chicken or duck. – [Mark] And then mainly, that whole paste is made from walnuts?
– Yeah. – Okay.
– Okay? – All right, cheers! Mm!
– Mm! – Oh, wow!
– It’s good! (laughs) – Okay, so because this is
my first time to ever try it. – Yeah. – [Mark] Would this be
more of sour version, or? – A sour.
– Okay, because it is sour. – I mean, in this area,
they normally cook it sour. (upbeat funky music) We have some more here.
– Ooh! – Look at that!
– Whoa! It’s pickled garlic.
– Yeah, pickled garlic. – Oh, wow! Take the skin off the pickled garlic. – Now it’s the time for the rice. – For the rice?
– Yeah. – With the garlic. Fish goes on to the rice.
– Yeah. – All right.
– And now– – [Mark] Fish it is, but it’s from the… It’s a white fish from Caspian Sea, right? – It’s only in Caspian Sea.
– Only in Caspian Sea. – Yeah.
– And eat that together with a whole clove of garlic.
– Yeah. – [Mark] And some of the fish, and rice. – [Mr. Taster] (laughs) Ready?
– Yes. Mm! The garlic!
– So good! – Oh, (laughs) wow!
– So good! – The complexity of flavor.
– Mm! – Oh, it’s unbelievable.
(Mr. Taster laughs) The fish is fried perfectly, it’s crunchy and then that rice is kinda smoky too. – Yeah. And with the pickles.
– Garlic, yeah. – The garlic.
– The garlic is what just elevate it to, to new and exciting levels. (upbeat rhythmic music) These are the fried massive anchovies. All right, perfect. – [Mr. Taster] Look at
the garlic, it’s so juicy. – [Mark] Again, we pick
up some of the fish with that whole clove
of the pickled garlic. – Oh, I forgot it.
– Oh! – [Mr. Taster] (laughs) I forgot it. – And this is the sour orange?
– Yeah. Now, it’s right, oh! – Put on sardines?
– I’m ready, yeah. – No, sorry, the anchovies.
– Anchovies, yeah. – With the garlic, with a
squeeze of sour orange juice. Oh, wow!
– Yeah. (laughs) – Even, I feel like the orange is, it’s sour but sweet at the same time. The anchovies are amazing,
you can just eat out the whole bone structure, because it’s been fried and marinated. It’s garlicy, mm! (crunches) Oh, that’s just a giant fish chip. (Mr. Taster laughing) Along with the fish and rice, you can eat some of the turnip, the white turnip with some
of the leaves as well. It’s just like crispy and juicy. – Yeah. (laughs) – I think what the real
benefit is, is that because you’re eating deep
fried fish, so you have the oil, this just like immediately cuts
the grease, like completely. You can just feel like the oil
just going down your throat. What a meal, and we
haven’t even tried the– – Tahdig.
– Tahdig. – Yeah.
– The crunchy rice. It’s so crunchy, with the stew. – [Mr. Taster] Yeah. Take some of the oil, look at that. – And that’s even walnut oil too, right? – Yeah.
– Walnut oil. – Exactly.
– With that pomegranate paste. – Yeah.
– And with the onions, just disintegrated. (speaking foreign language) (Mr. Taster laughing) It’s just… The flavor of that stew,
the nuttiness of it, just pureed walnuts with
pomegranate soured tartness, and the crunchy tahdig rice
just makes a perfect vessel. You can just spoon that into
your mouth, it’s so good. So, as opposed to the other stew, this one is served with the entire, the entire bird, wow! You can see how lean it
is, it’s so lean of a bird. Mm! Wow! Again, just puree, it’s
so unbelievably puree. That’s insane! (Mark laughing)
– It’s so good. (upbeat rhythmic music) – [Mark] Yeah, the different
combinations are amazing. So, take some of the
rice and you kinda get it into your palm. Then you take a little bit of the, the fish roll and set that into the rice. I’ll go for a big walnut on top. – [Mr. Taster] And then the broad beans. – [Mark] And then a broad bean on top. And then you can just kinda
like squeeze it into a… – Ready?
– Yeah. Mm!
– It’s good! – Yeah! And not only the flavor,
but the different textures. – Yeah. – I just wanna have some
other sweetened rice even though we tasted it
already in the kitchen. – hookah vavishka.
– hookah vavishka. – Yeah.
– And what– – hookah is the name of the bird and vavishka is the name of the stew. – Wow! I’m gonna try mixing with the rice. And yet, you can see that
like vivid green color. When we ordered it, when we got it, they simmered it down with
a bunch more walnut oil. – Yeah.
– So it’s walnut oil, it’s onions, it’s pomegranate paste. Oh, wow!
– Mm! – Okay. I think this one is my absolute favorite. The walnut oil, you can just… And the tenderness of that,
like the oily nuttiness. Insane! (rhythmic music) (crunching) And if you eat the stalks of
the leaves of that turnip, they actually have a spice, like they got a horseradish spice to them. Mm! It’s so good! (playful jazzy music) Leaning back in my chair,
I’m so satisfied, so happy. The final thing that I’m having is Ayran and also mixed in with a
little bit of that mint paste. And so this is like a yogurt beverage. – It’s called doogh.
– It’s a type of ayran. – [Mr. Taster] But in
Parsi, this is doogh. – That is incredible. I thought, I was expecting
it to be more salty but it’s not salty at all. It’s like natural and it’s naturally like carbonated, fizzy almost. You taste the living-ness
of it, it’s alive for sure. It’s like sizzling on your tongue, you feel that combination, with that mint in it. Mm, that’s like a yogurt soda almost. – Stay Mark.
(laughing) (foreign language). He’s been watching everybody. – An amazing meal, an honor to be here. It is a restaurant, but this
is exactly home cooking. The flavors are unlike
anything I’ve ever had before in my life, anywhere. And the pomegranate paste, it’s just that compounds the layers,
the complexity of flavors from the local ingredients, is just unique and extraordinary. (speaking foreign language) Oh, step outside. Oh, yeah, it’s raining out here. (slow rhythmic music) Look at that hospitality. (restaurant hosts shouting)
Amazing, amazing people. Even waving to us from the patio. – In the rain.
– Yes, in the rain too. Well, just incredible,
gracious, beautiful people. (upbeat rhythmic music) Okay, so we drove over
to the center of Rasht. This is the bazaar central shopping area. We’re gonna go to the bazaar, we’re gonna try,
especially a sweet dessert and then we’re gonna
continue on this food tour. Awesome, just entering
into the bazaar now. This is where the food market starts. There’s meat just everywhere sprawling. You can see dates, you can see, well, even things like coconuts
and different vegetables. Oh, yeah, olives and walnuts,
essential in this region. But something that like,
I’m also, I love… Hello, hello!
– Hello! (speaking foreign language) – There’s dates, there’s
different cheeses, there are so many things in this market. We just kinda like jumped out of the van and immediately to this market. So, all of a sudden, we’re just like in the midst of everything. I love the action, I love the energy. So many amazing products too. We got to get to the start of this place where they make the special dessert and we’re gonna quickly
watch them as they make it. – Yeah, look at that.
(sizzling) – Salaam!
– Salaam! (speaking foreign language) – Okay, so the whole base of
it is a rice floured butter. And actually Rasht, this
whole area is a wetland, it’s known throughout Iran for producing the best rice, and so
this is a rice butter. He’s now kinda like working that butter. But look at that, there it goes. To get that perfect texture. (sizzling) That is such an incredible
art, because he just… Like it’s essential that the butter is the perfect consistency,
the perfect liquidity. Because he has to like play with it and make sure it funnels through that sift so evenly, so perfectly. And then he has so much skill, and my favorite part
is when he wraps it up. – Be careful.
– Tosses it, yes. (laughing) That toss! That is skill. (laughs) Oh! (Mark laughs hysterically) I kinda want one of those
to land on my head though. (upbeat rhythmic music) Okay, so it’s really three
complete different stations, three different parts of this snack. First is the butter and when he makes that amazing net pancake and
then folds it with his hand, and my favorite part
where he gives it a toss to the other table. Station number two is where
he fills it with walnut, ground walnut and sugar. And then station number
three goes to a hot grill with a little bit of oil on it, and then kind of, that gives it the final caramelized, like cooking edge to it. Maybe not oil, maybe it’s syrup. (speaking foreign language) At first I only thought
there were three steps, but there’s actually a fourth step. – Yeah.
– The fourth step is after it’s finished frying,
then he opens up like a bowl, a tin of rose water and sugar. And then just like dunks it in there. – Yeah.
– Hydrates it in there. That gives it the sweetness,
that gives it the… You can smell that rose too.
– Yeah. – And then sprinkles on cinnamon. So we got fresh plates of it now. (speaking foreign language) (Mark and Mr. Taster laughing) That’s amazing!
– It really is. – [Mark] And so, yes, okay. You can feel how it’s still crispy? – It is crispy, yeah.
– Like… – Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, mm! – Wow! – I love it! – Okay.
– That nod. – Thank you very much.
– Yeah, very good. – Mm!
– Oh man! You really taste that rose fragrance. – Mm, and it has these walnuts. – Mm!
– Mm! – It just kinda like melts.
– Yeah. – The walnut sugar in the
center is just like melting. Oh, yeah, the cinnamon,
and the crunchy rice. – [Mr. Taster] Exactly. – It’s amazing to eat,
but it’s so cool also to watch the whole
process of it being made. Mm! It’s like a walnut cake, like
a freshly made walnut cake. Mm! (upbeat rhythmic music) Here we are. That is like oily and floral
and fragrant and syrupy and… It really is good. And I do especially like
it because of the nuts, because of the walnuts in
there, but it is very sweet. Thank you!
– You’re welcome. (upbeat funky music) – Okay, we’re just walking
down the market, but we’re… I think somebody invited us to
a cafe down this dark alley. Very cool tea shop, like a hang out spot at the back of the market down an alley. He has the whole tea station here. There’s tables around us.
– They’re sitting around talking to each other sipping.
– Such a cool place. – Having tea.
– Having tea. There’s a couple of tables
outside as well, and then– – I can show you how to
drink the tea as well. – Ah, awesome!
– Yes, indeed. – Okay, we’re gonna have
tea and then uncle also invited to make us a quick
omelet just to taste. So he’s gonna make us an omelet, awesome! – [Mr. Taster] Persian tea. – We’re having quick Persian tea. (laughing) (stirring) Iranian omelet, he added some tomato paste and then put that in with
some oil, sate that down and then he must have cracked in half a dozen eggs in it already, now he’s just kind of stirring it up. So it’s more like scrambled egg. (speaking foreign language) Wow, this is like a
breakfast you know, right? – It is breakfast.
– So it could be any time of the day.
– Yeah, you can have it any time of the day.
– Awesome! – This is Siah Mazgi cheese. – Black Mazgi.
– Black Mazgi, yeah. – Black Mazgi. Cow cheese, or sheep cheese, or? – In Siah.
– Mostly cows. – Mostly cows, okay.
– Cows. – Okay, look at the
airiness of that cheese. Mm!
– It’s good. (laughs) – It’s like a juicy cheese.
– Yeah. – It’s a juicy cheese. Wow! Yeah, it’s really good.
– Mm. So we take…
– Take, bread. – [Mr. Taster] Bread, the
spoon, or have it like this. – Oh, deep is good.
– Deep is good. – Yeah.
– So, ready? – All right.
(Mr. Taster laughs) Mm! Mm-hmm! It’s just like comfort food.
– Yeah. – Right, comfort food. I like it’s just not oily at all. You taste the tartness of the tomato paste and just the scrambled egg.
– Yeah. All wrapped up, it’s good. Oh, wow! Awesome.
– Mix them. – [Mr. Taster] So this is the beans and then mix it together. – So very different–
– Yeah. – Bite styles. Oh, do the whole pan. (speaking foreign language) Oh, yeah, put olive on there. – Oh yeah.
– Okay. Another variation, another
bite combination with beans. – Ready?
– Yes, ready. Mm, the olive oil.
– I love the olive oil. – That oil comes through.
– It’s so strong, isn’t it? – Yeah, the olive oil is–
– So it’s (murmurs). – Vibrant, vibrant! All good combinations. Now it’s time to wash
it all down with tea. – Tip it like this and then… (slurps) Aah, its good. You should try it. – So, poor the tea into the… Oh!
(Mark and Mr. Taster laughing) Fist try was, I spilled half the– – You failed!
– Half the– For trying, I failed, yes.
(laughing) – And take one.
– So this is sugar? – Yeah.
– Sugar cubes. – Sugar cubes, yes.
– Dip the sugar into the tea. Eat the whole cube?
– Yeah, and then… (both slurping) Listen.
– Wow! (slurping) Oh, we slurp it too, okay slurping is– – And I say, aah. – (slurping) Aah! – Yeah, that’s the one. (laughing) – That’s a totally different
tea drinking experience because you get that sugar crunch. If you’re to eat a sweet along with tea. – Yeah.
– It’s that’s ame sort of– – I think it’s like, yeah.
– Crunching on the sugar. I’m gonna try one more time.
– Yes, let’s go. (slurping tea) – Aah!
– Aah! Yeah, good one! (laughing) Hi five! (slurping) – Aah! – Thank you. – He just completely, just invited us in, just without notice, without anything. He wanted to serve us that food. We didn’t even ask, but
just out of the graciousness of his heart, he invited us, he served us. And that speaks for so many people for the hospitality and incredible people of Iran and of Rasht. Okay, now back to the market. (upbeat rhythmic music) White turnip and black turnip,
which I hadn’t known before, is one of the most essential
crops of this region in the diet, and often eaten for digestion like we had at the meal. And then, I love how they
also eat the whole stalks and the leaves of the turnip as well. (speaking foreign language) As you walk through the bazaar also you’ll notice tons and tons of pickles, so we’re just gonna chow
on these pickles here. – We call it Khiar Shoor.
– Khiar Shoor. – Khiar Shoor. Khiar Shoor means, cucumber
and Shoor means salty. Yeah. – It definitely is a salty cucumber. – You like it?
– I love pickles, yeah. Just unbelievable, the vibrancy, all of the lushness of
the land coming together in a single place. Oh, hello, sheep fat too. Wow! That’s a pile of fat.
(laughing) So mainly this is white fish and then they also have some duck fish which are from the Caspian Sea. The white fish, I’m not
sure exactly if it’s… I’m not totally sure
what type of fish it is, but they call it a white
fish from the Caspian. (bright acoustic music) (torch flares) Just blow torching a skewer of fat. Just blow torching a skewer,
these are sheep intestines and they’re just dripping of juices. Oh wow! (laughs) It’s like unbelievably spongy and juicy. – Look, take this one. Look at that, bubbly, bubbly. (laughing) – You just shake it and
droplets of fat come out. – Yeah, go for it.
– Open my mouth. – Aah! Oh my God. – Wow! It’s a little blobbery but so flavorable. A blow torched fresh sheep
intestines at the market. (duck quacking) To follow those juicy sheep intestines with a healthy pomegranate and– – This is more whole, yeah.
– I’ve never had this before. And you just bite the skin.
– Bite and suck, yeah. – Mm! – You got it, yeah.
– Oh, wow! More, more!
– That’s amazing. Just, you can feel, it’s just like there’s just juice inside of it it, it’s just like squishy
like an orange almost. I’ve never had a pomegranate like that. And so, when I bit it, it just erupted with pure pomegranate juice. More and more juice just
keeps on coming out of it. (bike engine rumbling) Thank you.
– Try it. There is some on, the seeds.
– Okay. I don’t know what this is, a
fruit I’ve never tried before but it’s really squishy, it
feels like jam inside of a skin. Mm! It is like jam inside of a skin. Wow! It taste kind of like
plum, but like really soft, really like jam. That’s really good! – Azgil, azgil.
– Azgil. (speaking foreign language) In English it’s possibly azil, but we’re not totally sure yet. Now, we just emerged to the main road and we met another man who’s
gonna find us a watermelon. (funky jazz music) (speaking foreign language) – It’s like medicine. – Mm! Oh, wow! It’s so sweet and juicy. That’s some seriously good watermelon. It’s not that red of a
color, it’s kind of like a whitish red, but it’s so incredibly juicy and fresh and sweet. Medicinal watermelon. – This is food for summer, not for winter. – Oh, yeah. It would be really good
if it was hot outside. Hot and dry, instead it’s cold and raining but it still tastes good. (funky jazz music) Conveniently right across
the street from the market, we immediately just
walked across the street, you can smell the smoky
aroma, the meat grilling. Next up, kebabs. (meat sizzling) (speaking foreign language) – These are the chenjeh kebab. – The meat cabinet, filled
with all the different skewers, the different kebabs,
the fats, the livers. There’s sour kebabs, which is something I haven’t tried before,
which I think is sour from the pomegranate paste. There’s chicken, there’s beef. And then the grill,
you choose your skewers and then the grill is right… Oh, he’s sliding some fresh ones off. Oh, it’s so juicy and sizzling. Oh, that’s so, so good. (rain dripping) And so you choose your skewers, they go right on to the
charcoal, on to the fire. He fans the flame and the move
that I have never seen before that is the highlight
move of this kebab stall, is that he…
– It’s ready. – Oh, these are ready. Typically then, when he’s
in the process of cooking it he then dips it into… There’s a whole pan of just lumpy pieces of melted fat and tomatoes. He re-hydrates them in the melted fat then back on to the grill. And that why they just
sizzle, they just flame. It just smells of meaty deliciousness. Unbelievable!
– This is the sour. Sour kebab.
– This one is sour kebab. – Yes.
– Okay. – So, this is for you.
– Thank you. Sour beef?
– Yeah. – So, this one is the sour kebab. – Yeah. Mm! Oh, wow! Oh! The pomegranate paste, right. – Yeah, exactly.
– That’s what makes it sour? The tender juiciness of it, the smoky fieriness of
that and the fatty juicy… Wow! That is great. Chenjeh!
– Yes, sir. – My favorite. This is for you.
– Thank you. Cow breast.
– Yeah. – Oh!
– Mm! – Oh, wow!
– The best of the best, isn’t it?
– It’s so spongy. It’s so unbelievably spongy and smoky. That’s just like juicy umami. (speaking foreign language) Chicken wings, the one bite chicken wing. – Yeah.
– I don’t know, if it will work or not, but… (Mr. taster laughs)
– Good one. – Not that clean this
time, but that will… Mm!
– Mm! – Oh wow, it’s so juicy. It’s so juicy and oily. (meat sizzling) (speaking foreign language) – This is liver, heart and kidney. – Nice.
– Go for it. – Now we’ve got all the different organs. We got liver, kidney and heart. – It’s heart.
– Oh yeah, that’s heart. Oh, yeah. Because it’s not quite as
like creamy as liver usually. That’s great. Such a red meaty taste to it. This one.
– This is the liver. – Liver is good, but heart is better. They’re all just wonderfully
fresh and delicious though. Thank you. Okay, the mushroom kebab. Mm! Oh wow! It’s so juicy. Oh, I love mushroom. The chicken mince kebab with bread. Mm! Wow! It’s so flavorable. Oh, he’s re-heating the fat pan. (speaking foreign language) – Taste that hot with tomatoes. – Oh wow, that’s the
most insane kebab move I’ve ever seen in my life. He grills the kebab, then… I didn’t realize why he
was heating up the fat pan, but he melted it down. He pops the kebab right into the fat pan, stir fries that around, just
lets it absorb the sheep fat then puts it in the bread. It’s just, you can
squeeze it like a sponge. – Yeah, I love it. (laughing) – It’s just dripping allover the place. – Oh my God! – It’s so juicy!
– Deserves a cheers. (Mark laughing) – It’s so good, it’s so juicy.
– Oh, wow! I immediately can feel
like, fat on my lips. – Wow! – Oh, that’s insane. (foreign language) Oh man. That is the most unbelievable
melted sheep’s bite maybe I’ve ever had. That could be the coolest kebab move I’ve ever seen in my life too. – [Mr. Taster] It’s my
second time having it here. It’s so good. – [Mark] That is maybe one of the world’s greatest kebab moves.
– I think so, yeah. That’s why all the rush, these people coming here to have the kebab. – Everyone comes for the fat pan. And I think that’s my final bite. That was just insane. I’ve never seen the kebab fat
hand move like that before. (upbeat rhythmic music) Thank you so much. Yeah, it’s just, my
camera is totally wet now after being outside and just
raining the entire time. But that was just world-class
next level kebab experience, an experience I’ve never had. Unlike anything I’ve ever had before and now we’re just taking a walk around to the main square here. (relaxing piano music) Final cup of tea tonight
just to aid in the digestion, just to wash down all of
those meat juices and oils. (slurps)
Ah! And so that is gonna wrap
up this day in Rasht. I just wanna say a massive
thank you to Hamid, to Mr. Taster and I’ll have his
link in the description box. Go check him out, go follow him. And also to Alijan and the entire team. Without them it wouldn’t been
possible to even be here, to even make this trip
happen, so thank you so much. And also to Gassa Setere, for arranging, for setting everything up. And I wanna say a big thank you to you for watching this video. Please remember to give it a
thumbs up if you enjoyed it. Leave a comment below,
I’d love to hear from you. And if you haven’t already
watched this entire series I’ll have a link in the description box, you can check out the whole
playlist of this amazing… Iran is so unbelievably amazing with the people and the food, and so, you can watch all the videos. And be sure to watch all the videos.. Thanks again for watching. Goodbye from Rasht and I will
see you on the next video.

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    The man in the white shirt reminds me of Danny DeVito. And I live for it. Much love.
    The man in the white shirt reminds me of Danny DeVito. And I live for it. Much love.

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