Striper Bait Tank – Warm Water Setup for Herring

Striper Bait Tank –  Warm Water Setup for Herring

all right guys it’s August first last
couple of days surface waters about 90 degrees probably clued that a little bit
we had storms coming in left there too a lot of rain so I’m going to show you
different way the bait tank setup I showed you one where I’ve got a deep
well not oxygen water to learn Matt now I’ve got this house that I’ve run on the
lake and they’ve got a pump but it’s pumping out of the lake so I’m getting
warm water in okay so it’s not the same service temp is coming through down
little difference if you think it’s already oxygenated what I did before I
went to the bait store miss I got my tank I put about two thirds of water in
it and what I’ve been doing is I got several jobs like this that we’re all
ice we’ve been sitting the freezer all night just to cool the water down for me
keep the scrap we’re gonna put ice in here and about two-thirds full I’ve got
my area running and so what I’m gonna do now is I went to the base store I
basically got a I don’t know how many ports it is a big cooler up here but I
got three dozen herring I’m gonna come down here put them in and then I’m gonna
use the water that they came from a bait shop and add to finish the water off
with that I did that two days ago am i hearing the all night I didn’t have
a single dead herring in here in fact we renovate to the night so we’re gonna try
it again and see what’s up tonight you guys just constantly think about how
cold the water is for the herring make sure you get your salt in there you
don’t think about those kind of things okay so the boats down there kind of
hilly and this is full of about this far deep in water I’ll let you looking at
the bait in here just came from the bait shop got all my herring in there so I’m
just gonna scoop some of this water out and make a little lighter and add this
to the buck or two of these just got water in here
make this little out of nothing take those thing so I took some of those containers out
just keep going scooping the fade out of here hey ready sir we talk about the Fugger yes you gotta be kidding me and head and thunder all day long spent
all day and now just started all the herring in the tank with the water hi may take school I saw the ocean of
already out of salt in water if I haven’t done that yet but his squad
already had some salt in it such a good thing nyah-nyah – salt all right so none of the herring are
swimming to the top when they swim near the top of your bait site that means
they don’t have enough oxygen typically but I have got one hearty oxygenated
we’re all down that’s where they want to be if there were you the top make sure
you got plenty oxygen coming to the tank so again we started with warm water put
a bunch of ice in there bunch ice packs is there anything you get like the
freezer of an item add something back in Dallas get the water cooler yet and they
just do a lot better in the colder water stuff to keep your day a lot longer so
all right got three dozen here now we’re trying to wait out to have you

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