Welcome to the beautiful world of aquascaping! Today, we’re gonna scape this 60 liter, or 16 US gallon aquarium. Which is right here behind me. Stay with us! ♪ See me now, see me now ♪ ♪ Why don’t you hear me out ♪ ♪ Can’t you see what we’re about ♪ Before we jump into scaping it, let me tell you what kind of gear we use with this aquarium. As I told you, this is the 60 liter aquarium, which is a 60x30x36 cm – 24 x 12 x 14 in size. I really like this size, because you don’t need to have such a strong light above it. We have an ADA AquaSky Moon 601 above it, which is obviously a stronger “CO2 enabled” light. I would say “CO2 enabled”… That’s a stupid thing to say. But… [ laughter ] That would mean that if you have CO2 injection, you can afford to have a stronger light. This is a stronger light, so don’t try to use this, if you don’t have CO2 injection. That’s it! We have an Oase BioMaster 600 external filter below the aquarium. ♪ So goodbye, my love ♪ ♪ Already found someone that I’m thinking of ♪ ♪ And I loose myself ♪ We also have pressurized CO2. A 2 kg bottle below the tank, in the cabinet. And we obviously have a pressure reducer and a solenoid valve. This is a rimless OptiWhite tank. What does that mean? OptiWhite, or clear glass means that there’s no iron… Actually iron was taken out of the glass, during the manufacturing process. This would result in a very transparent look. So you don’t have any tint. You can just look at the edge of the glass and if it’s like bluish, then it’s probably clear type glass. If it’s like… a little bit greenish, then it’s the flow type glass. ♪ Baby we got issues ♪ Before we move on, I wanna show you how a 60P aquarium looks like. And what’s the difference between the 60P and the 60H. This is an aquarium that we did in the “Aquagirls Rock” episode, Vicky and Edit did that. You can check that video as well. We made it like two weeks ago. This is the 36 cm (14 in) height. And then let’s move on to the 60H aquarium! ♪ So goodbye, my love ♪ ♪ Already found someone that I’m thinking of ♪ [ clapping ] Playing the dinosaur… Dinosaur-style here. ♪ Cause baby we got issues ♪ So they just asked me, how does it feel to be squeezed in-between these aquariums, and I just replied: “That’s the story of my life.” [ laughter ] Right… Being squeezed in-between stuff. All the time… I think you know the feeling, right?! So 60H, 46 cm (18 in) height. 60P, 36 cm (14 in) height. People, when we ask them how big this one is, they actually say it’s 100 liters (24 gal). But it’s only 80 liters (21). This looks much bigger, than it actually is. And I touched the glass… Let’s not break the glasses, while I’m squeezed in here, right? We actually have a video about this one. It has above 40k views already. Check that out as well! There are a lot of links in the description already! I’m just referencing videos and videos and videos… You guys can watch aquascaping videos for the next two days continuously. Good that the channel grows, right? Oh, thanks for your support! It was because of you! Eww, let me get out! Out of focus… The creative process, as always, starts in the Green Aqua fish-room, where we have a hardscape dojo. And we have some Manzanita wood, which comes from the US, from our good friend, Tom Barr. We also have some Manten stones. We wanted to have a nice little cave on the left side of the aquarium. We’re gonna have some nice wood. I’m gonna take one out and just show it to you. And we’re gonna have some nice wood, which was stretched from this whole structure in the background, towards the right side of the aquarium. In order to start it and in order to fit, We need to cut the wood in certain pieces. So we have marked the wood in certain places, so it wouldn’t stick out… Stick out! Yeah, right? I’m not, not funny… So it wouldn’t stick out from the aquarium and the whole wood would fit into the glass. Actually we have a big piece of wood in the background, which would just get out of the aquarium. We have two more pieces on the left side. They’re gonna be glued here, in order to cover the glass and not have any reflection on the glass. It is generally a good idea to start washing the wood, before you put it in the aquarium, to get rid of all the dust and everything. We also have some terrestrial mosses on it. We need to get rid of that, because they won’t survive below the water and they would start rotting, producing a lot of Ammonia. You need to clean the rocks as well. Alright, so let’s start working! I’m not gonna put in the general plant substrate and the base layer fertilizing substrate just yet, because I wanna see, how the wood and the rocks go in place. So let’s start with the main wood, that I washed before and for that, I need to put away the light first, so that I can fit it in. I’m gonna put in the rocks now. Then I have another one, which I’m gonna also use as a background in the cave, on the left side of the aquarium. This one is too close to the front glass. I will need to make another cut. I will need a marker for that. 007! Aquascaping at Green Aqua! Yes! Alright, so the left part is ready, I think I will have to put something else around here. Putting hardscape together is not easy! That is the most difficult part. Alright, you can see that we made a nice little cave here. There’s only one thing left now, we need to cover the backwall of this cave with some geotextile. Something to prevent the general plant substrate from falling into the cave itself. Before we do that, we need to actually glue the rocks. We’re using simple superglue and cigarette filters. Actually you can see that as the superglue is drying out, it’s steaming. You don’t want to inhale that. I’m gonna build the layer on the right side of the aquarium. You can see, the soil is gonna be here, on this level, this height and then it’s gonna gradually go down, towards the right side of the aquarium. Let’s just use the soil first and see, whether this dam that I built will stop the soil, from getting into the foreground. So we can actually start introducing the ADA Powersand Special S. This already has bacteria in it. You have equally a big number of bacteria living in the substrare. You want them to help your filter in cleaning the water from Ammonia. You can see that I’m distancing the base layer fertilizing substrate from the side glass, because I don’t want that to be visible, when you’re looking at the aquarium from the right side. I’m using Amazonia powder on top. Okay so actually what we need to do here is to put another stone, to close this line here, because the soil will be too steep, when you wanna make terraces in your aquarium. You just put a rock there and that will stop everything and then you can make terraces.. Okay, everything is ready! The only problem is that I can still see the fabric here. I need to cover it, but I wanted to use some wood, overhanging this left side of the aquarium. This round thing will be the same shape, like the round thing down there. So we glued in the third wood down there. It’s being held in this location. Maybe I’ll just use sand in there, in that cave. Actually what we did is that is that we made this wood disapper in here. I will use some small foreground plants in here. We made a terrace on the left side. The soil will go gradually down, the soil is being stopped by some fabric, that I put behind the rocks and behind the wood and we have a foreground, a flatter foreground on the right side of the tank and we also have a little rock added to the foreground here. As the last step, I will add the cosmetic sand. We had a workshop with Filipe and he told me, he taught me actually, I didn’t know that before… It’s a really good idea not to use the sand when you’re planting. Because the particles will all go there. It’s gonna be much more tidy, when you introduce the cosmetic sand at the end of the whole procedure. Okay, as you can see, the pad on this side is really nice, and I’m gonna just put in some more. Oh, I need to wet the surface! Next step is: Cryptocoryne Pygmea. It’s a Green Aqua lab plant. Usually what you have to calculate with, is that one part is enough, for at least one palm area. Okay, this is two parts. Right here, so this is one palm. Actually, you could spread one pot over that area, but I decided that I’m gonna plant densely. I’m using bigger chunks, which makes the planting quicker. ♪ I was on a soul train, leaving for a heart-break ♪ ♪ You came along ♪ Then we’re gonna use some Aquaflora Eriocaulon plants, at the bottom of these rocks. I’m gonna plant Staurogyne Repens at the bottom of these rocks now. It’s not gonna be easy, because I need to fit in with the tweezers and there’s not much space there. Just gonna put that Staurogyne there by hand. There’s one more last thing to do, We gotta use some moss. This is where we cut it, in order to be able to stay clean of the front glass, so I need to cover that with some moss. Okay, so we’re introducing Dennerle foreground. ♪ You’re walking through the door now ♪ ♪ You came along ♪ Yes! We are ready! We’re gonna fill it up with water now. You guys are gonna see how it looks like. We spent about 4 hours on making this tank. The most time was spent on putting the hardscape together. The planting itself took maybe half an hour. Not more, than that. ♪ I will let you do the things you do ♪ So, let us know what you think! Comment below, subscribe to the Green Aqua YouTube channel if you didn’t do so yet, hit the bell button, to get notified of our future uploads, or hit the like button! Actually I’m really happy, because the last video, we had 500 likes and not one dislike. You guys are wonderful, we love you! Okay, until next week! Bye! ♪ I don’t mind, just take your time ♪ ♪ I’ll let you do the things you do ♪ ♪ So exciting, I can’t hide it ♪ ♪ So exciting, I can’t hide it, you’re the one ♪


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