SUB) 우리 엄마는 100만 유튜버 My mom is a YouTuber with 1M subscribers.

SUB) 우리 엄마는 100만 유튜버 My mom is a YouTuber with 1M subscribers.

I asked a fisherman who had caught small fish all his life. “Do you want your son to be a fisherman too?” “That doesn’t matter.” “Whatever one does, one should be the owner of it.” Which time of day do you look forward the most? One hour a day a short break with delicious coffee After Little Captain came to this world, I had a hard time between my career and parenting I started home cafe during that time around. I tried to use that time only for myself Right now, I’m writing down whatever’s in my head on a piece of paper with a pencil Or I write about what I want to film. Mothers can’t have the time all to herself. Just an hour when my child naps, that short moment was really precious to me I started collecting those moments on my SNS. When my child woke up, he came crying, looking for me 😭 Since Little Captain started going to the day care center, I was given much more time. I was busy and tired, but I wanted to keep that time of the day apart from anything else After a child grows up, it is said that there are times when you miss your child’s baby talk. When that time comes suddenly, I’m going to watch this video. 🧑🏻 “Why did YouTube give mom a prize?” 👦🏻 “Because you made it well” 🧑🏻 “I made it well?” 👦🏻 “Yes” 👦🏻 “The prize isn’t that big” 👦🏻 “It’s too small” Doing YouTube is not always easy, but your comments are my biggest encouragement. I got interested in cooking as I got married, but I’m not good at cooking. But since I’ve been married for 8 years, there are many dishes I can cook without looking at the recipe ‘I still make mistakes’ 😙 I didn’t know anything about camera I like pencils and erasers. Smartphones and cameras are still too difficult for me As everything is, courage and motivation was not the answer for everything. I needed to learn how to do things systematically. My husband, who prefers computer over pencil, started studying about cameras. I learned this while doing YouTube: Food is more delicious when it is on a beautiful plate It looks prettier when your family is together. Many people mistake Si-yun for a girl 👦🏻 The word from a poor fisherman confused a little boy. For a while, he said he couldn’t take his eyes off the television. That man always tries to find the best solution. There are many times when there is no right answer, but he always look a good answer. “Raise the iris a little bit” Then he teaches me. One day my husband bought a drone 😳😳😳 I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. but it motivated me. I wanted to do better. The power to venture onto a new road or to make someone to run. comes from motivation. On a cold winter night, the fisherman’s words still guide my husband. YouTube was too hard for me at first To get what you want, you need consistency, rather than setting a big challenge or an venturing out. If you keep it up, you will get there someday. The result is always proportional to the time taken. The longer you spend sitting at your desk, the prettier the scene gets. When the day comes for Little Captain to understand this space, I hope he feels proud of his mom. But I hope that day comes slowly Thank you for watching.

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  1. I made a facebook page!!!!
    ( ❌There is a fake facebook page so be careful!)
    Even though I can't reply each and every single comments, I'm always very thankful for your comments 😭🙏

  2. 짝짝! 축하합니다! 해그린달님 영상으로 직장에서 매번 힐링받고 있는데, 벌써 이렇게 골드버튼까지! 앞으로도 예쁜 영상 많이 만들어주세요~ 꾸준함만이 결국은 익숙해진다는 메세지 마음에 새기고 갑니다~

  3. Señora Mamá♡!! Usted es Genial♥^^ Gracias por sus Videos. Enhorabuena! Siga adelante, bendiciones y mantengase saludable. ^^

  4. Me siento muy feliz por ti te lo mereces …. Amo tus videos hermosos e inspiradores… Un beso grande grande….Olga s.s.

  5. Another great video! Thank you! You show that people do not need many and expensive things to be happy. Congrats for the reward – you deserve it!



  8. I loved this one. I like to watch your videos because they are so peaceful. They make me feel calm & composed. Your food looks delicious, though some of the ingrediants don't live up to all the healthy eating rules in western countries. But I love to watch you enjoy your food and I love the beautiful, artistic angles and shots. I was surprised to learn your husband's role in your youtube career. I was always curious how he responded to having your family meals filmed – so it is good to finally have an answer to this question 🙂 . All the best to you. Please keep creating all these beautiful, creative, peaceful movies.

  9. I really love your channel. Your videos somehow give me peace and comfort. I always watch you whenever i feel stressed. Thank you for making such good videos. I hope you continue to upload new things.

  10. Congratulations from Spain (my city is León). You make awesome films, yes, films!!!! Thank you for make my day better

  11. 해그린달님 채널, 제가 유튜브에서 처음으로 구독을 한 채널이죠 🙂 매주 해그린달님 영상 기더렸다사 올라오면 바로 보았답니다. 저도 4세 아이 육아하는 워킹맘인데 영상보며 힐링타임 갖곤 했어요. 장면마다 정성이 들어가 있는게 참 많이 티가 났는데.. 이렇게 보여주시니 더 잘 알겠네요 ^^ 항상 예쁜 영상 올려주셔 감사해요. 100만 구독 축하드려요♡ 우리 예쁜 시윤이 모습 많이 담아주세요~~^^

  12. ¡Muchas felicidades! Me alegra tanto, me encanta tus videos, es arte, son muy inspiradores y relajantes. Siempre te apoyaré, amo tu canal. 💜

  13. Inspiring and beautiful 💕💪 congratulations. You have a beautiful heart and family.

  14. Desde Uruguay te mando un abrazo infinito, celebro este reconocimiento y te felicito por tu hermoso trabajo t!!

  15. i think i started following you when you have 20K, but i already appreciate your efforts on making a very beautiful and relaxing content. you deserve it and i hope you'll gain more followers.

  16. This video physically warmed my heart, I'm actually so inspired to start filming like you do someday, so so much love <3

  17. ¡Congratulaciones! De verdad que su trabajo como madre, ama de casa y YouTube son excelentes e inspiradores. ¡Siga así! Y no dude que su familia estará muy, muy orgullosa de usted.

  18. Your mom should be a movie director already! Congrats on 1 milion! 😀 May it grow further and keep blessing our eyes, ears and mind with your art! <3

  19. ดูแล้วรู้สึกดี ภาพ มุมกล้อง วิว สถานที่สวยมากครับ😊🌳🍃

  20. Hola hermosa soy de Mexico y me encanta sus videos y la comida que preparas algo nuevo para mi y los pondré en práctica mejor alimentación tengo un nieto de 3 añitos y lo Amo me encanta ver a tu bebe tan bello, y casa es hermosa y le agradezco que nos traduzca para entender mejor a y así poder preparar esos suculentas resetas le mando un cordial saludo 😍

  21. wow, I have known about your chanel recently and it is amazing. you make me be better then I am. thank you a lot

  22. i really thought you all had a professional photographer at home but.. you all do it alone… I'm sooo impressed and as a mom too.. you deserve more than a million subscribers! Congratulations~

  23. Congratulations on your 1 million… You are doing a great job love to see your videos motivates me to do everything what you do… Keep making more video and inspire us 😘😘😘😘

  24. First of all, Congratulations on 1M 🎉you truly deserve it❤ this was so beautiful and wise and soothing ❤ you inspire me to make my own channel someday and make a content that's as wonderful as yours ! 😊 i'm pretty sure little Si-yun will be so proud of you just like we are right now and i wish you more happiness & success in your calm yet super interesting life ❤ ( i was wondering if your real name is Sangmi ? I've been watching you for 8 months now and i love you so much you're one of my fav youtubers ❤ so i want to call you by your real name not the channel name )

  25. Поздравляю с миллионом, вы молодец. Хочу сказать большое спасибо, ведь ваши видео помогают мне справиться с иногда накатывающими страхом и тревогой. Удачи во всех начинаниях ❤️❤️❤️

  26. Estoy muy orgullosa de ti y de todo el esfuerzo que has puesto para lograr algo tan bello como lo es este canal ❤️🎉🎊 felicidades y gracias por todo lo que nos has compartido… Siempre nos dejas lecciones de vida y en lo personal me das muchos ánimos para seguir adelante y luchar por lo que quiero ❤️ que pronto seamos muchos más… Abrazos desde México 😘

  27. I love your channel. It's so peaceful and relaxing. You are great!! I wish you good luck in all your beginnings. With love to you ❤❤❤

  28. Благодарю Вас за потрясающее видео!🤗После не очень успешного дня, я увидела в вашем видео то,от чего я снова пришла в спокойное состояние. "Ошибка- это мой друг"!!!👍 Спасибо за ваш труд и любовь к своим зрителям!💐💐💐

  29. Ты пример для меня! Горжусь тобой!!! Ты многим помогаешь! Мне успокаиваешь нервы перед сном, кому-то подсказываешь новые идеи блюд.. Гармония и умиротворенность на твоем канале, все то, что нам так не хватает! Удачи! Мы с тобой!

  30. Congratulations on the YouTube sign👏🏻👏🏻you deserve it.
    I love your videos🌹❤️🇧🇷

  31. this might sound random, but i have two extremely territorial guard dogs who snarl at/try to kill everything (its a wolfdog and a russian bear). whenever i turn on one of your videos, they will just sit down and watch, or go to sleep. sometimes they even cuddle. thank you for making such cinematic and calming videos. now i dont have to lock my dogs in my room just so they wont break the glass on the front door trying to get at the rabbits in the yard.

  32. This is your first video I'm viewing. I have become your fan from the very first video itself. You make the videos very neatly.

  33. What I like about you not only about your visual video so aesthetic but your words capturing my heart and thought. You narrated your video with beautiful and deep words. Thank you for always give your best at your channel.

  34. You showed us the camera position settings and what device and lens you used. It's awesome!!
    I'm always curious as to how you make a great video and be a good mother, a creator.
    I think your husband love photography too.
    Anyway, looking forward the vlog you made.

    Best wishes.

  35. おめでとうございます!素敵な暮らしの動画大好きです❤️日本語の字幕も凄く嬉しいです✨

  36. i knew nothing about cameras too, i started youtube with only basic knowledge and i know there's still too much to learn. i also like pencils and erasers. writing make me feel at ease, i love to write my feeling and my opinion. i choose to write more than talk. writing put me at ease! now, youtube did the same too. i love doing what i do now even though it take time ! 💗

  37. Congratulations on 1M subscribers!! I'm sure your son is already very proud of his mum: you work, cook, play with him and teach him important things like enjoying life and cooking and you take care of your family. The images you recorded with the drone reminded me of my childhood: we used to go in Karinzia for 15 days every year, it's a region in Austria that has very similar mountain landscape to the one you showed here ^___^

  38. Congratulations!
    I always waiting for your videos because they give me peaceful and courage 💛
    Thank you!

  39. Muchas felicidades!
    Me encantan tus vídeos, la calidad, el mensaje que transmites.
    Qué sigan los éxitos!

  40. 해그린달님 안녕하세요^^ 항상 좋은 영상으로 힐링시켜 주시니 너무 감사합니다^^
    혹시 드론촬영도 log 촬영하셔서 컬러그레이딩 하시는건지 궁금합니다

  41. 안녕~
    Soy una seguidora de tu canal y quiero decir que desde que ví el primer video me gustó mucho lo que transmiten. Gracias por dedicar tiempo para hacer los vídeos, tienes una hermosa familia y una pasión admirable por lo que haces, en verdad eres una inspiración para las madres que vemos tu canal. Bendiciones para todos. Saludos desde Colombia.

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