Susan Gill – Towergate Care Award Sponsored by Markel Finalist 2019

Susan Gill  – Towergate Care Award Sponsored by Markel Finalist 2019

She’s just amazing, she’s so caring and
passionate and giving, and she’s described by our service users as an angel. She’s
just done so much in the community for the homeless people. I’ve been working
since 2007 Neighbourhood Watch and we used to go out giving crime prevention
items out, and I’m seeing more and more people on the streets. I just felt the
need that I had to feed them and I had to help them. She established the cafe
through funding that she received. She’s established a team of volunteers to help
with cooking and serving. It’s a homeless cafe and we welcome homeless people in
the community, also benefit-sanctioned people and anyone that’s fallen on hard
times. It’s a warm… it’s their safe haven that’s what this place is. The impact is
we’ve involved a lot of council homeless offices, police and stuff like
that, and we’ve managed to get, you know, prescriptions sorted out for methadone. They say it’s a lifeline for them. I’ve also saved a life: we have the naloxone
for any drug overdoses and I had to, within ten days of training for it I
had to use it. If you heard the stories why, you would cry. Really. They’re
on the streets for a reason, they all have a sad story. And I lost five homeless
within eight weeks and that was devastating to me, you know, because you do get to know them
as a person and you still expect them to come through that door and it
just devastated. We do a lot for them, absolutely, and you know to see their
happiness, you just have to help them all you can.

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