Sushi of Nianago♪ ~Conger eel Simmered in Sweetened Soy Sauce~

Sushi of Nianago♪ ~Conger eel Simmered in Sweetened Soy Sauce~

Sushi of Nianago♪ 
~Conger eel Simmered in Sweetened Soy Sauce~ I made this video in August, 2014. I would appreciate it if you could add or correct subtitles for my video! First of all, go to the fish market to buy fresh conger eel. Draining blood from a live conger eel from above the gills to keep it fresh. It’s called “Ikejime” This conger eel is from Matsushima, Miyagi Prefecture. Its weight is 340 g. I came back home. This is an indispensable item in eel preparation called Meuchi(目打ち). Measure the girth of the abdomen. φ39.4mm Very thick! Pin down slippery conger eel using Meuchi. About 600 mm in body length.! Fillet. Cut the conger eel open along the back. Remove the innards Remove the entrails from stomach and giblets. You can use head and backbone for soup stock, so don’t throw away them. Remove the head. Remove the fin. Remove the remaining innards. Rub it with extra coarse sea salt. Wash it. Scrape skin gently with the knife to remove dirt and slime. Remove the thin skin. Cut into half. Pour hot water over the skin, bone and head. Remove the remaining slime. Clean and remove bloody parts. Preparation is done. Make sauce. First of all, make soup stock. Put the backbone and head into the 1000 ml of water. Remove the scum. Skimming the scum away and cook for 15 minutes with low heat. Turn off the burner after 15 minutes. You can get 600~700 ml of soup stock. Heat a pan and put 200 ml of sake. Burn off the alcohol. Pour all of soup stock. 2 tbsp of granulated sugar. Put the conger eel skin side down. Cover with a drop lid. Simmer for 20 minutes. Sometime, open the lid and remove the form. Very tender! Transfer to a deep pot. 200 ml of soy sauce. Add 1 tbsp of granulated sugar. Put the lid on the pot and heat. Cook on low heat for about 20 minutes. After 20 minutes. It’s very tender. Take it out carefully. Stretch out the conger eel while it is hot. . Make Tare Sauce called ” Tsume”. Boil down the marinade liquid on low heat. Tsume will thicken once it cools, so take that into consideration while preparing the sauce. Be careful not to scorch. Prepare sushi. Cut the conger eel into Nigiri size. Make sushi rice. I show the recipe of sushi rice in my video “Sushi Party at Home♪” Form sushi. Nianago is very tender, so form it gently. Dish up to the plate. Garnish with homemade Gari. I show Gari recipe in “Nigiri Sushi♪” video Spread some Tsume. It’s ready to eat♪ Sushi goes well with beer! Cheers! Let’s eat! Very very tender. Delicious! Gari is nice too. Nianago has a texture that melts in my mouth. Please Subscibe soon! Time for my evening drink. Simmered liver and innards in sweetened soy sauce. Spit-roasting of fin called “Hire Kushi Yaki”. Bone crackers. Head grilled with salt. I had enjoyed all of conger eel without gallbladder. Thanks for the meal. Please Subscibe soon!

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  1. PaPa san, can you make your version of the Chinese dish "egg and tomato" (西红柿炒鸡蛋)please~~~ its a really simple dish but the taste can be sooooo different depends on who make it~~~~ I would really like to see your version of it~~ thank u~~~ 拜托了~~

  2. 本格的です♥♥


  3. パパさんのファンで、いつもニコ動も拝見しています(^^)

  4. 美味しい料理って素人が作るには山のあなたの空遠く遥か彼方の難しいものだったのですね!相変わらず見るだけで萎えるレシピありがとうございます!

  5. i just discovered your channel and will watch all of your videos. You take so much care in preparing your food and the dishes look AMAZING! Thank you for your hard work, i cant wait to cook them 😀

  6. これは………出来ないw orz




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