Swedish Smörgâsbord: Surviving Fermented Herring (Part 1)

82 thoughts on “Swedish Smörgâsbord: Surviving Fermented Herring (Part 1)

  1. I think they planted those oysters… Don't oysters grow in colonies, like in huge beds? Thats how it works in the Chesapeake at least. Those oysters were just lying all by themselves, unattached, on the seafloor. Seems fishy… pun intended

  2. I have been to Sweden couple times and I love it and I love the people are awesome! I tried smoked salmon which was one of the best smoked salmon I ever had! next time I go i will def visit this city and explore the seafood market!

  3. They're dead after being split in half, its just a reaction with the salt that makes the muscles thitch. 😉

  4. He is trayin to speak like a stupid American " hah " " men " dont sound attractive at all .keep it simple stupid men .

  5. weird color roe? you must of never seen sturgeon caviar one of the most expensive in the world. what a moron……

  6. you would have to be off your rocker to eat anything connected to the Baltic sea, one of the most polluted contaminated in the world. Google it.

  7. The first chef is so intimidating, I like him anyway though. I think he is making Ivan a little nervous too :')

  8. Ive never seen people more determined to eat gross food than the people in that part of the world.

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