Sweet Potato Sushi Roll – Vegan Sushi Recipe

Sweet Potato Sushi Roll – Vegan Sushi Recipe

Welcome back to another cooking video. I’m Chef Devaux and today I’m going to
teach you a much requested sushi roll video, a vegan or vegetarian sushi roll. Now over the years I’ve gotten so many comments
asking me to please revisit and make another vegetarian sushi roll after the one I made
many, many years back. Anyway today’s the day, I’m going to teach
you how to make a sweet potato sushi roll that’s great for vegetarians as well, and
it is of course tasty which is the most important part. Now while I’m on the subject of comments
like I was saying before, if you do have a suggestion for something you want me to make
in the future then please do leave a comment in this video or any other one of my videos,
and even though I don’t answer to the comments I do see them all so if there’s enough suggestions
of something I’ll tend to try to make it. That’s all, let’s get straight into cooking
it, let’s do this! Take a sweet potato and Boom! It’s peeled. Now you want to slice a slice off the edge
of it to have a working surface just like that and then you slice another slice off
the other side to have another working surface. Then you cut into it 3-centimeters deep, that’s
1.1/8 inches and do this as many times as possible, I can get two out of this potato. Then you’re going to work on these slices
to make your logs. You just want to cut into it again 3-centimeters
deep, that’s 1.1/8 inches and do as many of these logs as you can. Once you’ve done that you just want to corner
off the edges, just like this, and make sure to corner off the edges off all of your logs,
just like so. Once you’ve done that you’ll end up with
these beautiful logs of sweet potato that you can bake in the oven. To do that you’re going to place these on
a baking tray just like this, and add some toasted sesame seed oil. Once you’ve done that you just rotate them
in the oil to have a nice and even cover of oil across your sweet potato logs and then
you season them with some salt, a little bit of pepper, some onion powder followed by a
little bit of garlic powder. And if you want to make this spicy you add
a little bit of cayenne pepper, just like that, and some sesame seeds. Now you just want to turn these logs over
and do the same exact thing to the other side, just like this – Boom! Now you want to place these in the oven at
180-degrees Celsius, that’s 356-degrees Fahrenheit and you’re going to want to let
them bake for about 1hr.10min to 1hr.20min. Just keep an eye on them and make sure to
turn them over. You’re going to want them to be a nice golden
crispy brown on the outside and a nice soft tender sweet potato on the inside. Once it’s done it’s going to look like
this and it’s going to be nice and crispy and tender just like that. You’re going to want to keep these on the
side until you want to use them for your sushi making. Alright, now you’re going to want to take
those excess pieces of sweet potato from your log cutting and you’re going to take a peeler
and slice ultra thin slices of sweet potato, just keep slicing until you have loads of
these, and remember they have to be ultra, ultra thin. Once you have these just place them into a
deep fryer at 170-degrees Celsius, that’s 338-degrees Fahrenheit and they need a very,
very short time to cook, about 30-45 seconds should do if they’re very thin slices, and
they should look like this a nice golden yellow orange color. Just place them on a paper towel so some of
the excess oil can drain off. Now you’re going to want to season them
with a tiny amount of salt and just leave them until you need them for later. Take half a sheet of Nori and place it on
your rolling mat, then you want to take 100-grams of cooked and seasoned sushi rice and spread
it out nice and evenly. If you want a recipe for sushi rice, check
out the link down in the description of this video to mine. Now flip it over and place your logs of sweet
potato on top, like this. Roll it closed and press, then roll it forward
and seal, and then you’re going to want to just tuck in the sides of your sushi roll,
just press it in like this and press it in on the other side like that. Now for cutting, you’re going to want to
take an extremely sharp knife and wet it slightly, then slice the roll in half, then the half
in quarters and the quarters into eighths. Apply this across the entire sushi roll, there
we go – done. Now just firm it up just in case anything
moved while cutting and you’re going to want to take these little sushi bits and just
separate them so you can start adding the decoration to it. Once you’ve done that I’m going to add
a little bit of avocado, lemon and salt mash that I made. It’s just simply avocado, lemon and salt
and then mixed together. I put this in a piping bag so I can pipe it
on top of my sushi roll bits. Now you take your crispy sweet potato crisps
and just crush the with your fingers and then place that on top of each of the individual
sushi roll bits, just like this. Just take your time with this, there’s no
need to rush. Place them on top and make sure they sit on
top. Then you’ve done that, transfer it to the
final presentation dish – done! Alright so now you know how to make a delicious
sweet potato sushi roll that’s great for vegetarians as well. If you want to check out my old vegetarian
sushi roll that I was talking about before at the start of the video then check it out
in the top left corner of your screen right now. Now I must warn you though it was from 2013
so the quality difference is pretty bad, to be honest. It’s really bad quality, like the video
and everything, but at the very least its fun to see where it all began more or less
and how much this channel has progressed since them. So that’s an interesting thing to see. I hope you enjoyed this video and if you did
slap a Like on it and subscribe if you haven’t done so already. Thank you for watching, see you in the next
one. Bye! END

82 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Sushi Roll – Vegan Sushi Recipe

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