Switching from Beef to Chicken & Fish May Not Lower Cholesterol

18 thoughts on “Switching from Beef to Chicken & Fish May Not Lower Cholesterol

  1. Why is lowering your cholesterol an objective? It's not because cholesterol causes heart attacks and strokes. That is just wrong… AMA fear mongering again .As I see it, the reason for limiting meat intake is to reduce the amount of methionine and iron. We often suffer from an overload of these chemicals. If one's cholesterol is high, it is an indication that the metabolism is too slow, for whatever reason.One must remember that plant cells are composed of cellulose, and no matter how much hype is projected towards the advantage of a plant based  diet, humans are not ruminants. We simply do not have the digestive system to break down cellulose sufficiently in order to garner the protein and nutrients to meet our needs. And so many of the plants are goitrogenic..
    I bought into the vegan diet. Anyone can be brainwashed, even me. The first seven months were OK, I thought. But as a result of poor quality nutrients, my immune system became so depressed that I contracted a severe case of double pneumonia, and nearly died. But, I was brainwashed enough to continue a vegan diet, until I broke a leg, developed hypothyroidism, looked like I was anorexic and felt like I was going to die. So I quit! My physician believes that T4 is the active form of thyroid, and T3 is the inactive form, and prescribed Levothyroxine. I wanted to know what medical school he attended. I refused the Levothyroxine and began taking Pregnanalone…no prescription needed. Eggs, milk, cheese, fully cooked spinach and kale, and ice cream and an occasional piece of beef are now my diet. Now I feel like a human again. Plants are stationary. They cannot run away and hide. So, in order to ensure their survival, plants have developed chemical toxins, nature's way of ensuring survival of the species. Ruminants can consume a variety of plants because the ruminant stomach pre-digests the cellulose, and bacteria destroy the toxins. The plant material is then brought to the surface to be thoroughly chewed and swallowed without harm to the animal. We simply cannot do that!

  2. OMG!  Every Paleo dummy that screams, "Animal fat and protein aren't the problem!" in the comments beneath vegan YT postings needs to be automatically redirected to this video to see the summaries of these plant-based diet plus beef tallow studies!   Thanks so much for posting, Doc : )

  3. My LDL dropped some 90 pts and my Triglycerides dropped three fold and right into normal levels the first two months  after adopting a vegan diet ,back in 2011.The problem was that, in the following year ,I developed  grain intolerance and severe autoimmune reactions to any grains ,even rice and my Tris went through the roof ,so i had no choice but to give up veganism.

  4. Awesome video…maybe people would believe me when I say plant-based vegan is the best way to live if they watched this video!

  5. @ 2:50 OMG!!! A dog food company was making veggie burgers??? Yuck 🙁 He's right about the drop in LDL Cholesterol, I went from 122 mg/dL down to 88… I never had to take the meds that my Dr. tried prescribing; changing to a plant based diet made the difference for me.

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  7. So they're comparing the leanest cuts of beef with one of the fattiest parts of the chicken and come to a surprised conclusion ? Makes sense. Why not compare the leanest cut of beef with the leanest part of chicken and see if saturated fat content is the same.

  8. So what was the cause of white meat not dropping the cholesterol, since chicken have lower saturated fats to beef ?

  9. That's a lie. Sorry Dr. Greger, I used to be a fan but I can see right through you. You act like you're unbiased and only care about the facts, as a facade to push Vegan propaganda. I used to be a Vegan and followed your book to the letter, ate enough calories, got enough vitamins and B12; yet I still was always hungry and felt like crap. I think Nutrition has more to do with your genetics than what you eat or don't eat. Some people's DNA tolerate a Vegan Diet well, others are better on Low Carb, others on excluding red meat, and others on a mixture of both. Not everyone can tolerate a Vegan Diet. I went back to eating White Meat and Slow Carbs but cut out Red Meat and Pork and feel 100x better than when I was a Vegan or eating Red Meat. One size DOES NOT FIT ALL!

    Google/You Tube: Ivor Cummings, The Fat Emperor!
    You need 2 teaspoons a day!
    Put a pinch in your coffee to replace the sodium!

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