Жареные головы лосося | ENG SUB.

Hello everyone, welcome to my channel today I’m cooking grilled salmon heads the heads can be any salmon fish how do they differ from other species of fish differ in that in the head of the salmon are mainly cartilage this recipe was shared with me on a fishing trip in Magadan the local Ranger […]


Today we’re making catfish In a tandoor To start with remove the gills And take out the insides The neighbor’s cat has come to visit us That’s for you too Don’t take offence at the neighbor Well let’s make a marinade for our catfish We’ll need some salt There’s never too much salt for fish […]

Бабушкин (Сибирский) рыбный пирог. Секретный семейный рецепт :)

The secret recipe of my grandma Siberian fish pie. All ingredients in the description below. Okay, off we go… I’ll put all things in two these baking dishes. I’ll show you a bit later. Alex is cutting the fish out for… There is the size of a fish. This is enough for the two fish […]