Бабушкин (Сибирский) рыбный пирог. Секретный семейный рецепт :)

The secret recipe of my grandma Siberian fish pie. All ingredients in the description below. Okay, off we go… I’ll put all things in two these baking dishes. I’ll show you a bit later. Alex is cutting the fish out for… There is the size of a fish. This is enough for the two fish […]

Рыбный рынок на Бали – Джимбаран || Где поесть морепродукты на Бали?

This is Jimbaran beach, Bali (Indonesia) Today we are here to investigate the local fish industry Now I am at the pier There are many boats around me Fishermen are also here This is the place, which is the source of all the fish distribution of Bali island As we enquired, not all the fish […]

БАЛИ ᛫ Новый год на Бали ᛫ НИЕПИ 2018 ᛫ Парад монстров ОГО-ОГО! ᛫ Невероятный рыбный рынок

We got into Nyepi, we got into the Ogoh Ogoh parade and it is something unreal. We’re going to the local Balinese festival, it’s called Ogoh Ogoh, which literally means “to shake” in Balinese. They make these interesting monsters. We got into the Silent Day when the entire island stops, and there isn’t a single […]