Сельдь домашнего соления

Hello, dear visitor ! English subscription isn’t available (though it will be soon) but there is an author’s site http://www.povarvideo.ru with Google translator (special button with a lang list) for any languages. Each recipe on a site contains clear description for You in style like HOWTO. Thanks for watching and reading us ! With best […]

Канапе с сельдью и свеклой / Canapés with herring.

Hello. Today you will learn how to make canapés with herring. For this boil a small beet and 3 eggs. Grate beets on a coarse grater. Pre-marinade the onions. Marinade: chop finely the onion, add a teaspoon of sugar, salt, vinegar, half a cup of boiled water and leave for a few minutes. Then the […]

Форшмак из селедки. Еврейская кухня. ENG SUB.

Hello everyone, welcome to my channel today I decided to cook a Jewish dish forshmak this dish was prepared by my grandmother, in wartime she lived next to a good Jewish family and so they taught her how to cook this dish for cook we need: salted herring, green apples preferably sour, onions, boiled eggs, […]

Шуба (SHUBA) DRESSED HERRING LAYER SALAD ロシア料理 おしゃれ本格シュバサラダの作り方 How to Make Russian food【etw recipe】

how to make (shuba) Russian dressed herring Mr traveler will be hiding somewhere in the video. Don’t forget to subscribe Beetroot 1 piece Carrots 1 piece egg 2 pieces Mayonnaise to taste Onion 1/4 pieces Potato 1 piece Herring 200 g caviar (optional) Dill (optional) wash the vegetables cook each vegetable until it gets soft […]

Салат из Селедки с Горчичной Заправкой Просто Объедение!!! / Новогодний Салат / Herring Salad

Как Засолить Селедку в Домашних Условиях (Быстро, Просто, Очень Вкусно) / Salted Herring

Салат Селёдка под шубой видео рецепт

hi, Katya is with you, and the channel is as it is, today I want to cook a traditional New Year’s salad, which our well cannot do without Russian New Year, this is of course a herring under a fur coat for this we need herring, I already cut it, you can take a whole […]

Сельдь под шубой с яйцом. Готовим простые рецепты от wowfood.club

Как Приготовить Селедку за 3 Часа, Будет Вкусно!!! | Homemade Salted Herring in Three Hours