Catfish Fishing on Crankbait and Topwater Belly Lure/ Wels Angeln auf Wobbler/ Улов на сом

– I’ve to go down there. – The whole lure is in his mouth! – Good job, Katya! – Is he a good one? – Yes. – Let’s see! – Very good! – Nice! – Katya’s catfish. – I had to pull him out myself! – She caught him but I had to come down […]

Attacks and Catches: Pike, Catfish, Asp/ Angeln auf Hecht, Wels, Rapfen/ Риболовни приключения

– I have to call Kalin (a fishing mate). – He will come running here. – Wow! – Do you have it (recorded)? – Think so. – Got caught, got caught! – Slowly, Katya, it’s a walleye. – Slowly, reel in slower! – Slowly! – I will take him out by myself. – Cast there […]

Hristoz’ FIRST CATFISH on Crankbait – 12 kg/ ПЪРВИ СОМ на воблер/ ERSTER WELS auf Wobbler

20th of January! Fish! I’m coming. Did you hook it? Catfish. Is it catfish? A nice one? It has to be here. Tighten the brake! I will film from a distance. Nice! Goshe, come help here! I’m filming. Look what time it bites! Schnaps time! Well done! Stop it! Don’t let it go there! Nice! […]

River Monster CATFISH/ Речно Чудовище СОМ/ Fluss Monster WELS/ Monstruo del río SILURO

Born this morning. Hold it! Don’t go to the river! What are you doing, nice goat! Nice goat! Look how she cares about them. So nice! Now we can go fishing. They left. Kate! We will change the spot, right? It is not here, now we will try there. Kate, fish on! Is it big? […]

Spinning Fishing for Asp and Catfish/ Риболов на Распер и Сом/ Spinnfischen auf Rapfen und Wels

There are fish here. Here is an asp. Yes. Got it! It’s asp. There was something striking. Is it a good one? Looks not very big. Small one? Yes, it isn’t big. Bit on handmade, wooden Realwobbler Retro Silver crankbait. Shower. Well done! Fish on! There’s another one, do you see it? Hope that we […]

Large Lure gets Stuck into Catfish’s Mouth/ Waller Angeln Live Biss/ Pesca de siluro/ Риболов на сом

– Go there! – Go! – Don’t go far away! – He may get caught and I will have to go down there. – Sure, I stay here, Tsetse! – Keep calm! – Let’s see how much time left. – 20 more minutes at the most. – Another one of 20-30 kg/ 35-65 lbs can […]

Catching 11 kg Wels Catfish & More on a Topwater Belly Lure/ Wallerangeln mit Topwater/ Pesca Siluro

– There he is! – On a Belly lure. – Great! – Here’s where he got caught. – A nice one again! – Yes. – This is the Belly with the teeth marks, right? – Yes. – What is his weight? – 10-11 kg/ 22-24 lbs. – Maybe 12 kg/ 26 lbs. – My arm […]

Lure Fishing for Wels Catfish/ Waller Angeln mit Wobbler/ Pesca Siluro con Señuelo

– Is he a good one? – Should be about 2 kg/ 4.5 lbs. – There is another one at the opposite bank. – Nice! – 2 kg/ 4.4 lbs. – Great!