Шуба (SHUBA) DRESSED HERRING LAYER SALAD ロシア料理 おしゃれ本格シュバサラダの作り方 How to Make Russian food【etw recipe】

how to make (shuba) Russian dressed herring Mr traveler will be hiding somewhere in the video. Don’t forget to subscribe Beetroot 1 piece Carrots 1 piece egg 2 pieces Mayonnaise to taste Onion 1/4 pieces Potato 1 piece Herring 200 g caviar (optional) Dill (optional) wash the vegetables cook each vegetable until it gets soft […]

Strike Pro TV – TARGET AMUR (Amur Pike Fishing in Eastern Russia)

we only take it in a small River connected to a moon 7,000 kilometres from home and the target is a moon pie long dreams will come true today oh I have fish yeah fish go ahead yeah good Oh big one we’re struggling big-time some crazy European fly all the way up to the […]