Wels Catfish Fishing: Catching a River Monster from the Bank/ Riesiger Wels vom Ufer

– The water level is high! – There’s a nice edge here. – A catfish should be lying under the tree and he can go out this way. – It is at least 2.5 – 3 m/ 8 – 10′. – There is a shallow spot and it is getting deeper. – I’m casting the […]


Why did it break off? It happens sometimes. No! Have to catch it again! Stop! It’s a big one! Should I hold the reel? Pull! You caught a very big fish. Hey guys! How are you doing? Welcome to the second episode of our “Battle with a Monster Catfish” series. Before we get started, guys, […]

Big Catfish on Small Topwater Belly Lure and Line 0.14 mm/ Wels 20 kg auf Topwater

– Seems hard. – A big one! – I’m using the thin line. – He must get exhausted first. – Sure. – This was another one! – Really?! – Seems like another catfish there. – Maybe it’s him. – And returning. – Is he going on the opposite side? – I’m puling him to us […]

Spinning Fishing for Wels Catfish Live Attack/ Waller Angeln Live Biss/ Pesca de Siluro/ Улов на сом

– Katya, come on! – A smaller one this time. – As good as it gets. – He’s pulling a lot. – The current is strong. – The cat is not very big. – The current is swift. – He has to breathe some air! – He’s surely 4 – 5 kg/ 9 – 10 […]

Catfish Fishing on Lure from the Bank/ Angeln auf Wels mit Wobbler/ Улов на сом на Марица

– Good job! – Realwobbler! – Number one! Tsvetomir: – Where do I catch these fish, you asked before! – Tsetso! – Nice! Ivan’s opinion about fishing with the Realwobbler lures and two of his other catches on them.