[ADAview] Cradle of Life 生命のゆりかご – W120cm Aquarium Layout-

I created this aquascape after being inspired by a composition material, driftwood. I imagined how Rasbora kalochroma swim when looking at the cool image of the old and decayed driftwood and decided on the composition by connecting images of Southeast Asia to Lagenandra. ――Fallen trees and driftwood decay over time and eventually become earth. The […]

[ADAview] The vitality of Ryumon Sugi 龍門杉の生命力 -120cm Aquarium Layout-

Staff: Do we put moss entirely? No… Some on the tips, and around the water surface would be fine. Staff: How about the base of the driftwood? The base… Because it will be blended with Lilaeopsis novae-zalandiae at the very base, I really want to put some moss for the front…. Staff: How about the […]

【アクアリウム】小型水槽立ち上げ!理想の水質目指します【Aquascape】Launch a small aquarium!【20cm #01】

I’m ha55ii. Today we have a new tank. Soil is procured from a tank dedicated to breeding water. Bacteria are limited to self-culture. Lay out used soil. Thickness of 5mm is enough, too much water quality will be affected. Put an appropriate amount of “Initial Sticks”. Some people have recently wondered if an “Initial Sticks” […]

【粘土】ポケモン水槽 作ってみた – Pokemon Aquarium

Water-type Pokemon Aquarium Having Made Hello, I’m NendoZaiker It’s the middle of summer I wanted to go to aquarium, but There is not pokemon swimming in the aquarium nearby So, I decided to make one I’m gonna make a pokemon aquarium this time A selection of pokemon in the aquarium is solely based on my […]

Wild Fish Self Collected Fish Room Tour – Aquarium Co-Op

All right, we’re finally here down in the basement. Lawrence Kent and his fish room of amazing wonders. I know there’ll be fish that I see here today that I’ve never seen before. He showed me some pictures and stuff, so I’ve seen some stuff, but I know it’s going to blow your mind, so […]