Monster Catfish 250 lbs VS Yuri Grisendi – HD by Catfish World

Michael: Yuri Strike and is OnLine!! Michael: finally also Yuri Strike a big Fish in a bad weather condition… Michael: the catfish is stopped in the river stream….. Michael: Incredible….incredible does not move a millimeter… sure a big big fish.. Yuri: come up with the boat….we try unstick the catfish from the bottom…..ok ok…he swimming […]

Tennessee Monster Catfish – Clarksville, Outdoors

this is not bait it could be yeah it could be because some of the catfish we’re gonna catch probably take her in one gulp okay we’re with Joe Hall from the Cumberland River fishing for the big catfish Joe’s well known for this he’s graciously consented to take us forward to it now Joe’s […]

Catfish 280 pound X 2,67 mts World Record Spinning Team Sportex by Catfish World

An Italian fisherman catches a humongous catpiss but do the photos make you wonder if it’s reallypoo? Meet the guy who says he really reeled he-man. It wasn’t a fence Joy! Dino Ferrari has been fishing for penny ears and his court hung dreads of catfish beforb, big your a peeing, catfish. But at 280 […]

Mammoth Catfish tall 8,20 FEET VS little Boat – HD by Yuri Grisendi

PHILIPPE ATTACK CATFISH !! Yuri Strike a Catfish….is sure a big one the catfish take much line and swimming speed in the river current IS A BIG CATFISH !! Yuri is really a professional fisherman and experienced Yuri Grisendi is trying to win the battle from the shore, but it is really hard so we […]

Catfishing: Yuri Grisendi Fight a Monster Over 100 kg – HD by Catfish World

Catfish Monster VS small Spinning Rod – 260 pounds X 2,53 mts by Yuri Grisendi

Yuri: …we are back….first cast…STRIKE Yuri: we have start the camcorder now after 10 minutes fight because the spot is full of trees…so we had very troubled for pull the fish out of danger…. Yuri:…the catfish pull like a pig…ahhhhhhhh… Michael: the fish is really powerful Yuri: fuck…incredible… !!! Yuri: we want see the fish…. […]

Le monstre du Léman

Catfishing in the Rio Ebro – Spain Episode 2 – HD by Catfish World

Welcome to a new Episode of the Catfishing in Europe In this episode we are on the Rio Ebro in Spain Before the release the italians Fishermen take some pics and video of this big catfish The monster is really tired after a long fight in the night This fish is really lucky too because […]

Incredible Huge Catfish 8,5 feet – 250 LBS – HD by Yuri Grisendi

hore The big one! THE STRUGGLE! HELLYEAH! Really Big Catfish… a Giant Fish Giant Fish Think my rod is about to snap……

鯰(なまず)のさばき方 – How to filet Japanese Catfish -|日本さばけるプロジェクト

鯰 包丁の背で頭を叩き気絶させる 背を手前にして、両目を通すように目打ちをする 胸びれの下から包丁を入れ、腹骨を切り離し、 中骨の上を包丁で滑らせるように割く 頭と中骨を切りはなす 中骨の下に包丁を入れ、中骨をはがし、尾と一緒に切り落とす 頭を切り落とす 内臓、卵を切りとる 腹びれを真ん中に残すように切れ目を入れる 包丁で表身を抑え、切れ目から半身に分ける 腹びれを真ん中に残すように切れ目を入れる 腹から尾にかけて、下びれの骨に沿って助け包丁をする 包丁で中骨を抑え、切れ目から中骨と裏身に分ける 裏身:身と腹骨の間に包丁を入れ、腹骨をすく 表身:身と腹骨の間に包丁を入れ、腹骨をすく 鯰 今日もさばかせていただき有り難く御座候 監修:服部栄養専門学校 技術指導:福寿家 小林寿朗 協力:(株)にっぱん / にっぱん水産(株)