[Korean Food] Noryangjin fish market 노량진 킹크랩 [English sub]

No matter where you depart from, get off at Noryanjin Station and find exit no. 7, where you can find the fish market. Follow me. Yes we have arrived at Noryangjin Fish Market. How about we settle at 150,000 won and you give us some extra seafoods for free? like shrimp? You can ask for […]


hello , this is Xiaodou . my father just called me that his fish vessel is going to enter the port . I am going to check it it’s here the vessel is nearing the land he is repairing the machine caught a big hairtail it looks huge be careful the fish is big don’t […]

【OH! Seafood HK】 30斤野生花錦鱔花錦皇|Giant Eel |巨大うなぎ 大きな魚|Street Food|漁民海鮮|西環魚王

嘩,西利! Wa Marvelous! 花錦鱔呀! Giant mottled eel! 小心呀! Be Careful! 花錦鱔呀喂! 正呀! Giant mottled eel! Good Ah! 西利呀西利呀! Good Ah Good Ah! 我要呢舊幫我切兩舊 I want this piece help me cut it in to half 等陣先等陣先 Hold on Hold on 呢舊? Here? 花錦膳呀野生大花錦膳! Giant mottled eel, wild Giant mottled eel! 好難捉呀 Hard to catch it up

超狂海鮮拍賣場!!!! 一大盤的魚只要一千元就好!!!看了讓人超心動!!!Amazing seafood acution Yong-an Fish Harbor

Today’s specials!!!! Southern Australia’s salted fish Three boxes of treats today Buy first, win first, have enough food Southern Australia’s water is the clearest Buy it back, don’t finish eating the freezer. Just buy one copy. Pregnant women can buy one more Southern Australian fish, really fragrant The chairman eats such fish One hundred yuan […]

海鮮土司麵包披薩/Seafood Pizza Toast |MASAの料理ABC

Hi, everyone! I’m Masa! This time I’ll show you all a super easy to make, super tasty pizza! It’s (Japanese), which is seafood pizza toast. The recipe this time, you don’t need to make your pizza dough, using a piece of toast, add your favorite ingredients on top, then bake, your pizza is done! You […]

【VLOG 005】吃了一隻兩斤的大龍蝦 | Best Seafood Supermarket In Edinburgh

Today I would like to have some lobster I found a decent seafood market when I was exploring this area yesterday It’s fresh and cheap, £21/kg (2.2 pounds) Look, there it is Eddie’s Seafood Market The market is ran by a family from Hongkong I like the design of the menu The prices are clearly […]

| 🇦🇺 SYD VLOG | 終於去到FISH MARKET 啦!🐟 在悉尼週末的一天☀️

Where are we going now? Fish market What time is it? 3:30 What time does Fish Market close? 4 We are almost there. Here we go Thanks We’ve just arrived. They should be cleaning up We have to hurry up before they close Oyster & Urchin Please follow me Home sweet home See ya

Tsukiji Fish Market | Tokyo Japan Vlog

Hello this is Seraph! And beside me, is my lovely cousin, and talented dancer, and a yoga expert! And- R: Namaste. Yea! And now, we are going to wherever she wants to go, and her first stop, is, where is it? R: Tsukiji Market. Yes. R: Did I say that wrongly? No. R: Ok great. […]