[Eng Sub]Pyeongchang Trout Dumplings 原来欧巴们爱吃这样的饺子,煎着吃更香!*4K【曼食慢语】

Hello everyone. I received a gift recently. A friend of mine in South Korea sent it to me. She said that the 2018 Winter Olympics will be held at Pyeongchang and this is their mascot Have you ever been to Pyeongchang? There are trout fishing activities in the winter. It is pretty interesting. We will […]

厨师长教你:“大蒜烧鲶鱼”的家常做法,口感细腻味道非常鲜美 Garlic wild catfish, the taste is incredible

Hello everyone this is Wang Gang In this video I’ll show you the recipe of a home dish Dasuan Shao Nianyu (Garlic Braised Catfish) First have one river catfish (about 1250g) Knock the fish out and then chop once at the the tail This is to remove excess blood from the fish Once the blood […]