Hello, I am AeJeong. Today’s menu is Grilled Eel & Spicy kimchi. Thank you for the meal♥ It is seasoned with eel and roasted directly. Because the eel did not freeze, it did not smell and was delicious. It has a good texture. The oil was moderate, so it was really good. This is an […]

VLOG MUKBANG SEAFOOD 15만원치 여수 하모유비끼 먹방 eel shabu-shabu Social EATING Mukbang Show ハモゆびき

Today I came near the sea! This restaurant has a Japanese name menu. Hamo Ubiqui I wonder this! Price $ 140!   I will order heat only 10 seconds? ok that is enough. Is it delicious to eat like this? wow..

[TV Meow] (ENG/SPA/IND)Ginger Has Best Chewiness! Doo Joon’s Tips for Eating Eel – Mukbang #Let’sEat

[TV Meow] Oh? What’s this! Is it grilled with salt? I like it marinated… Wait? What did you say? Marinated? You need to have eel salted and grilled! Not only does the sauce burn before the eel cooks if you marinate it The taste and smell of the eel get lost in the sauce taste […]

욕망의 장어 먹방 (19금 걸렸습니다 ㅋㅋㅋ)

Today i will be all vertical this video will make ur phone (and manliness) hard and stiff Desire and Eel first of all salt-roast very basic I like it Whered it go? eel / unagi Helps to increase stamina, good for energy recovery and has a lot of vitamin A this makes me go crazy […]

고양이의 거대장어 먹방

catch an old eel and froze A few weeks later about 80 cm very thick Cut this out to put in a pot Yattong boil The cats smelled eels cool down It’s cold Start mukbang They have not had breakfast very long The cat makes a strange noise The kittens are full They are full […]

[티비냥] (ENG/SPA) Jin Hee’s Tips on Eating Eel | #Let’sEat3 | 180730 #01

[TV Meow] Like this? In one go Taste it – Good? – Good The other way Whenever it comes to eating, Ji Woo knows the best Take the sesame leaf like this? You can eat the sesame leaf the normal way The sesame leaf has a strong flavor on the back so eating it normally […]

Yuna Lee, How to make Eel rice bowl [jang-eodeopbab장어덮밥]

Hey guys! It’s Yuna Today we’re going to be making Eel rice bowl The ingredients you will need are shredded garlic soy sauce water sugar rice onion green onion egg and eel I bought one that is already seasoned So let’s get started The first thing I’m going to do is fry my egg Now […]

[ASMR] The Most Crazy Flopping Catfish🐟 펄떡펄떡 메기 튀김 + 메기매운탕 먹방 Eatingsound Realsound Mukbang

Hello, I’m Sso-young. I’m going to eat a live catfish today. If you’re uncomfortable with being alive, press the Skip button or the Back button! I’ve never seen catfish in real life. Three… I’m so scared. Please… Ladies and gentlemen, this is catfish. He have a beard like this. English name is Cat fish. It’s […]

[Mukbang ASMR] 춤추는 산오징어🦑(Dancing Live Squid) Raw Squid + Braised Squid | Eatingshow EatingSound

Take a piss… There’s a burst of ink. Hello, I’m Sso Young. We’re having a squid party today. There’s one in the tank. Let go of this! Let go of this! I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m going to try the squid. Guys, I’m sorry. What? Are you angry? I’m sorry. Take a piss… I’ll season […]

(ENG)내 인생 첫 장어탕 먹방 Eel soup(Jangeo tang) mukbang eating show

Ha-ha~ Eel soup Hello, I’m Kang Sung Hoon. Nokdong is located in Goheung area, and there is Nokdong Port in it. Actually, I was going to go to another restaurant today. It was closed today. So I came to eat eel soup today. I came to a restaurant right in front of Nokdong Port. It […]