Premiere Sea trout West Coast Sweden – Fiske Havsöringpremiär Västkusten/Bohuslän 2016

Congratulation Jocke! – It could be a little bit bigger! Yes! – But it’s more difficult to land a bigger fish from a jetty. – Seem like they want shiny bait! – Yes… – Bait with a green pearl in the ass! Yep! From the behind. – In the ass? Exactly! – Your line touching […]

Catfish and the Bottlemen – What’s In My Bag?

Hello, my name is Van from Catfish & the Bottlemen Hello, I’m Bondy from Catfish & the Bottlemen We’re at Amoeba record store in Hollywood and this is What’s in My Bag. So Bondy got me into Father John Misty, this dude. ’cause you’d just be playing them on repeat in the dressing rooms all […]

Daniels Dam Eel Ladder – Maryland Department of Natural Resources

[sound of water rushing over dam] Hi, my name is William Harold, I work with Maryland DNR. I’m here today at the Eel Ladder at Daniel’ s Dam on the Patapsco River. This is a project that DNR built using funding from the Maryland Port Administration. The purpose of this project is to improve passage […]

Trout fishing Kola peninsula 2016

it´s huge life is good welcome to Kola Are we drawing straws over who´s goes first? Oh! Right there Meet Kai Finbråten, who goes by the name of KolaKai 38 weeks on the Peninsula, a true Kola veteran It´s hanging But first of all Kai really enjoys icefishing for small carpfish wintertime And every christmas […]

Chinese Street Food Tour in Guangzhou, China | Exotic Seafood, BBQ Pork, and Street Food in China

Alright so check it out It’s Trevor James I just got into Guangzhou, China The land of dim sum and barbecue pork I came here to eat And today we are going for a full day of Foodrangin’ feast in Let’s go check it out If you love dim sum And the elegance of finely […]