Moqueca – Brazilian Fish Stew Recipe

(upbeat music) – Hey guys, today we’re going to be making a delicious Brazilian fish stew called moqueca. (light musical note) In this dish, we’re going to be using one large onion sliced, about two bell peppers, about three cloves of garlic, some chilies. We’re going to be using one can of coconut milk, about […]

“Live” Penis Fish (=Spoon Worm) Sashimi ユムシ刺身 개불

*WARNING* This video is about cutting & eating “LIVE” spoon worm. Please get out of this video, if you don’t like.

✔ කට්ට කරවල රසට තෙල් දාන හැටි Dried Katta fish stir fry by Apé Amma

goraka helps burn our body fat. now fry for about 5 mins since dry fish has lot of salt eating salty food for a long time will damage the kidney high salty food also can give you high blood pressure so it’s better to use more onion when frying dry fish. onions help in protecting […]