Hello everyone, today’s recipe is a fish curry with coconut milk. Here I have got 400 grams of fish cut into small pieces. We need two large onions, which needs to be finely chopped, 3 tomatoes (if they are really sour, 2 will be enough), 6 pods of garlic and a piece of ginger. I […]

30 Essential Ideas you should know about ADHD, 9C Avoid Treatments that we Know Do Not Work!

Okay the next things I want to parents to understand is to avoid treatments that we know don’t work or that have a very low probability of succeeding by the way if these don’t correspond to your manual exactly a change to fewer than yesterday okay I try to keep my size as up to […]

Bommidala Fish Pulusu | Eels Fish Curry recipe by Telugu Taste Buds

Welcome to Telugu Taste Buds Today we will prepare Eels Fish Curry in simple steps Take a bowl and add 2 spoon oil Add some fenugreek seeds Add 1/2 tsp cumin seeds Add some curry leaves Add 1 cup chopped onion Add 1 spoon salt Add 5 or 6 green chilli and fry for 2 […]

Saraswat Fish Amti Recipe | Yummy Fish Curry

My name’s Sanjay Vartikar. We’re Goud Saraswat Brahmins By religion, we’re allowed to have fish as the only non vegetarian part in our food Today we’re showing you how to make Saraswat style Bangda Amti The special flavouring used in this dish is a spice called Triphal We grind coconut, haldi & red chilly together […]

Fish Karahi Recipe-Fish Recipes In Urdu Hindi 2019

today we are cooking fish karahi. very few ingredients and very tasty it will be. Assalam-o-Aliakum, welcome to love 2 cook, you can do it! the best place for easy cooking. put oil in the skillete, add fenugreek seeds. those who are watching my video first time, i am farah and loves cooking different dishes. […]

Fish Egg Recipe | Fish Egg Fry | Bengali Macher Dimer Bora | Macher Dimer pakora recipe

Hi! I am Totana Welcome to “Bangalir Ranna Banna” Today I will prepare Fish Egg Fry or Pakora Mix all the things Take a bowl and take fish egg Add chopped Tomato Add Chopped Capsicum Add Chopped Coriander leaves Add Chopped Ginger and Garlic Add Chopped Green Chili Add Chopped Onion Add Black cumin Add […]

Famous Kokan Seafood Dish| मालवणी फीश करी | Fish Curry recipe in Hindi

Add Triphala Add Ginger and Garlic pieces Add Coriander Seeds Grind all ingredients red chilliest masala into fine paste Add littlie water Grind again till you get fine paste Take out the paste in Bowl Add chopped onion and grated coconut in mixer jar Grind paste Add water Grind till you get fine paste Take […]

The Danger of Being Impatient

Hi, this is Dr. Nemechek of The Nemechek Protocol™, in Buckeye Arizona. I want to talk to you today about the dangers of being impatient. There is a increasing number of reports, both what I see in my practice and from a variety of administrators in different support groups out there, that we communicate with, […]

How to Help ADHD Naturally : Natural help for ADD – VitaLife Show Episode 275

Welcome to the vitalife show I’m Doctor Janine Bowring and in this episode we’re talking about natural treatments for a ADD or attention deficit disorder. Now I have to start off by saying I don’t like labels especially when we’re talking about you know talking about children and giving them a label or a condition […]

Healthy Tasty Spicy n Easy Indian Food Recipe -Fish with mustard #Reshmikitchenfoodnfun

Bengal famous film actress Late Supriya Devi’s recipe – Spicy Katla fish with mustard / Katla Ma6er Jhaal 6 pieces of Katla fish (golden fried with salt & turmeric powder) 1 medium potato pieces (golden fried) 2 tbsp mustard paste ½ tsp turmeric powder ½ tsp kashmiri red chili powder ½ tsp sugar 1 tsp […]