How to clean aquarium, change water, goldfish fish tank clean up step by step easily in Hindi

Most welcome in Ravi Aquarium channel How to clean aquarium Lets see how to clean aquarium Arrange some needful things before you start cleaning Gravel cleaner Fish net Water container Chlorine remover Beneficial live bacteria Fish bag Bucket First remove 30% water from tank by gravel cleaner 30% water removed Remove aquarium Hood or Roof […]

生菜魚肉豆腐煲 Fish Meat With Lettuce and Tofu Pot

Fish Meat With Lettuce and Tofu Pot today the dish is “Fish Meat With Lettuce and Tofu Pot” mud carp fish paste 320g roughly more than half of a catty 1 lettuce a pack of chicken broth 250ml 1 tofu 1 ginger slice (smashed) add 1 tsp of salt into the of water soak the […]

World’s Smallest Fish Curry Making | Smaller Than Rice | COSTLIEST FISH | Tastiest Food in the World

Fisherman’s boat is reaching the river bank Fisherman is bringing world’s smallest fish(Sheramenu) in a pot Its 20000rs for whole pot , each one for 200rs ok final each one for 200rs 195…190..185..180…175..170..165..160..150 145…140..135..130..125..120..115..110..105…100 total of 10000rs 99..98..97..96..94..93..92..90 89..88..87….till 1 …totals 20000rs put the fish into a tray with fingers gently dab the fish add […]

3 Liter Mason Jar Aquarium Garden DIY

In this example, I use a 3 liter Mason jar with a cover to make an aquarium garden. This jar is about 14 cm wide. Add gravel, rocks and such. I add a tilted background. Fill the jar with dechlorinated water. Let it sit overnight or longer. Add aquatic plants. Here I add Subwassertang seaweed […]

Masala Fish Curry Recipe | Homemade Machli Ka Salan | Tasty Singhara Machli ka Salan by Food Segment

In a wok, add oil and heat at a medium flame Add onion slices and fry until it turns into light brown Keep it aside to use after a while In the same oil, add garlic paste and fry to remove its raw smell When it starts to give aroma, add spices into it Mix […]

Resep Pasta Pedas Tuna Kecombrang | ARYO BISMO

Hi foodies, I’m AB Today I’m going to make spicy tuna kecombrang pasta Want to know how to make it? Let’s get cooking 20 grams of garlic, sliced half of onion 1 Kecombrang 3 Cayennes 50 grams of Simenji mushrooms 2 Champignon mushrooms 500 grams of pasta Boil it half cooked Save the water Add […]

한 입 가득한 행복, 묵은지참치김밥 #나들이메뉴 : Kimchi Tuna Gimbap [아내의 식탁]

Kimbap’s beautiful circular surface with fully filled various ingredients always makes people happy. This time, we’re going to make everyone’s favorite menu Kimbap. Julienne burdock. Add water and vinegar for getting rid of acrid taste about 1~2 hours. Julienne carrot, and cucumber. Cut crab stick into half. Drain excess liquid of canned tuna. Mix canned […]

Try Different (The Fish Song) – A Song For ADHD Brains

Hello Brains! I wrote you a song. (ukulele music starts) Alone I was a fish, trying to climb a tree. Feeling stupid and discouraged by all the monkeys looking down at me. No one said they were above me. but I could see, and it only proved how easy climbing trees should be. But, no […]

How to Cook Tuna Sisig with Mayonnaise

welcome to PanlasangPinoy! I’m Vanjo Merano. How are you? If you love Sisig, this episode is perfect for you today, we will cook Tuna Sisig from a canned tuna and these are the ingredients canned tuna red onion, minced. Chopped into tiny bits you may use yellow or white onion here’s an optional ingredient. “Dahon […]

Форшмак из селедки. Еврейская кухня. ENG SUB.

Hello everyone, welcome to my channel today I decided to cook a Jewish dish forshmak this dish was prepared by my grandmother, in wartime she lived next to a good Jewish family and so they taught her how to cook this dish for cook we need: salted herring, green apples preferably sour, onions, boiled eggs, […]