This Giant Fish Attacked My Hand! | Catfish Noodling

Hey you’ve been fishing but have you ever caught a 50 pound fish with your hand? We’re in Oklahoma baby and we’re noodling. (upbeat country music) This month we are in Lake Eufaula, Oklahoma takin’ Vince Howell on the most epic, crazy, wild adventure we’ve done yet. Hey, I’m Vince Howell. – [Peter] Vince is […]

NFN Icehole Adventure #7 Ice Fishing Christmas Gills (Underwater Footage) Schooling Bluegill

No fish Nick here, it is December 25th Christmas Day, so merry Christmas to everyone watching this hopefully everyone had a great day. I did and was with the family yesterday and the whole weekend so from Saturday Sunday, and and now today it’s Christmas Day. I’m out and have some time available. A couple […]

Great White Sharks 360 Video 4K!! – Close encounter on Amazing Virtual Dive

Great White Shark 360 VR Sampler>See that school of fish?…follow it its good news! Sharks are coming oh fantastic! a Great White I’d say, i’d say around five metres he he ha! That was pretty close! Sharks have amazing senses She’s picking up the tiny vibrations of those Amber Jacks Lets take a closer look […]


(dramatic instrumental music) – The ocean, a vast wilderness where life began millions upon millions of years ago and to this day remains one of the most unexplored environments on our planet. Within its depths live an abundance of mysterious creatures, many that often surpass even our wildest imaginations, and some of them have even […]


– The sun is setting at Tiger Beach, and we just started shark diving yesterday. Never been night diving before. But somebody thought it was a good idea we go diving with sharks at night. Was that you? – Definitely was not me. – No, no, it was this guy. – It’s gonna be fine, […]

Hitching a Ride on a SHARK!?

(dramatic music) (upbeat music) (dramatic music) – [Mark] Hi, everybody, I’m Mark Vins. And welcome to a special edition of Blue Wilderness. So far on this series, we’ve encountered some pretty incredible marine animals. But nothing has sparked our imaginations like sharks. And, man, have we seen sharks. Near the Bahamas, we swam next to […]

Ep.9 Wild Jumping Sharks, Hand-lining 30kg Spanish Mackerel & Grouper – FISHING THE WILD NT

The Northern Territory’s coastline is one of the healthiest marine environments on earth. The biological diversity and the numbers of marine creatures is almost unmatched worldwide. One of the signs of a healthy marine ecosystem is the amount of sharks present, and there is one particular spot in the Northern Territory that has more sharks […]

Holbox Whale Shark Tours 2018 – Now Available

My name’s Andres Betancourt Avila. I’d like to tell you about our whale shark tour… In order to get to the Whale shark Sanctuary … It takes about an hour or an hour and a half to get to the Whale shark Sanctuary And if we get lucky along the way it is very likely […]

Gila Monster BITE!

– I’m Coyote Peterson and today we’re going to talk about the worst animal bite of my life, and it happened yesterday. Oh he bit me. Yeah he got me good, he got my thumb. – [Offscreen crew member] Do you want me to keep going? (adventure music) – [Coyote] Since beginning this journey of […]

Catching a SHARK by HAND!

– [Mark] Oh my gosh, a shark. – Oh my gosh, a shark. – [Mark] Get Mario. (dramatic music) – The southern coastline of Africa is an intertidal ecosystem flush with bizarre looking ocean creatures. From buggy eyed toad fish, to slippery octopus, these were animal oddities that I really had to work hard to […]