Jonah Herring: Student Success Spotlight

My name is Jonah Herring, I’m a junior and I’m majoring in Marketing. I really wanted to major in business because, growing up, I was always on the the labor side of businesses. I really never saw the the back side or the behind-the-scenes that really goes on but I would always ask questions and […]

Advice I Got From Vince Gill (The Best Advice I Ever Received)

hey everybody welcome back to my channel so in today’s video I’m going to be doing something a little bit different. I won’t be singing in this episode I’m just gonna be talking and sharing something really special with you… and that is advice that I got from Vince Gill when I got to meet […]

Aquascaping Lab – Otocinclus Catfish Dwarf suckers description/pesce mangiatore di alghe descrizione

Welcome on Aquascaping Lab channel in this video tutorial we are talking about Otocinclus commonly called Oto catfish, armored catfish, dwarf suckers or otos It derives from the Loricariidae family and comes from South America from areas of Brazil and Argentina, Perù, Colombia It ‘a small fish that will not grow much, is mainly nocturnal […]

Aquascaping Lab – Ancistrus, Bushynose, Bristlenose Plecos Catfish description / pesce pulitore info

Welcome on Aquascaping Lab channel in this video tutorial we are talking about Ancistrus commonly called Bushynose, Bristlenose Plecos or Catfish Ancistrus is a bony and freshwater fish, comes from the Loricariidae family comes from the Amazon Basin, the Rio Negro, from Tefe and Madeira Its body is compressed on abdomen and stretched with dark […]

Aquascaping Lab – Synodontis Petricola “dwarf” catfish description / pesce gatto scheda tecnica

Welcome on Aquascaping Lab channel in this video tutorial we are talking about Synodontis petricola “dwarf” a particular kind of Catfish is a small freshwater fish that comes from Mochokidae family originally from the area of ​​Tanzania in Africa Malawi Lake, the Sahara desert and Rift valley area This fish dont grow very much therefore […]

Brooke Plays Catfish & Shun Snatches Wigs – Check Yourself: S5 E15 | Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

You’re watching “Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood.” Check yourself. Season five. You’ll be watching us… Watch the show… For the very first time. You’ll be getting our natural… And honest reactions. We’re watching it… With you. The scene you’re about to see is two women enjoying themselves and wetting their palates, and two other women wetting […]

Aquascaping Lab – Corydoras Fish Armored Catfish description / Pesce pulitore Corazzato descrizione

Welcome on Aquascaping Lab channel in this video tutorial we are talking about Corydoras Fish commonly called armored catfish It ‘a freshwater fish and is derived from the Callichthyidae family comes from South America such as Brazil Colombia and Argentina This catfish is a small bottom fish has a stocky body, compressed at the sides […]

Can Child Obesity Be Fought with Fish Oil?

it is no secret out there that fish with its omega-3 fatty acids can boost your heart health well now there’s a new study suggesting that fish oil supplements when given to your baby may help prevent obesity and insulin resistance in your child as they grow up this was a study done in Australia […]

Tips from Dr. Daniel Amen: Looking For Your Keys? Do This NOW!

[Intro Music] Dr. Amen: After being a psychiatrist for nearly 30 years, I find myself recommending natural treatments more and more. When we first started our brain imaging work on patients who have been taking a lot of medications, you know, I actually didn’t like how they affect the medications had on their brain which […]