How to Grow Coralline Algae In Your Aquarium: The Simple Truth

(lively music) – Hello, and thanks for tuning in. Growing coralline algae is one of the most discussed topics among reef aquarist. When you look online, you’ll find dozens of secret formulas, special techniques, tricks and tips for getting coralline algae to grow in a reef tank. A lot of aquarist try one method after […]

HOW TO: $8 Aquarium sterilizer

Hi, everybody Joey here again, and welcome back so in today’s video I’m going to show you how to build an aquarium water Sterilizer for the past Few [Years] many of you have been asking me [for] my take on a do-it-yourself version of the Twin star Aquarium water Sterilizer I’ve actually been avoiding that […]

Algenplage im Aquarium bekämpfen Awesome tips and tricks Aquascaping

Hi, my name is Oliver Knott. Today we are going to talk about algae. Everybody is familiar with them, probably the no. 1 topic in the aquarium hobby Where do algae come from? Why are they here? How to remove them? This is a nice example how an aquarium should NOT look like… Very beautiful […]

Brown Algae IN Your Aquarium Fish Tank How to Remove it Organically Nerite Snails

so today we have kind of a fun topic if you’re keeping tropical fish you may have watched my fish tank video how to set up a freshwater tank and once you’ve got your tank established and the water cycles and all your filters are running great and everything else you’re probably going to get […]

3 Tips To Control Aquarium Algae

VISIT MY FISHKEEPING WEBSITE: What is algae? Algae is a photosynthetic organism that lives within our aquariums. There are many types of algae, but they share similar traits and can be generally encouraged or inhibited to grow in similar ways. Algae is a naturally occurring organism; it can and will enter every aquarium by […]

How long should Aquarium lights be on?

VISIT MY FISHKEEPING WEBSITE: Aquarium Lighting Aquarium lights are essential for seeing our fish and growing aquarium plants, handled incorrectly though, lighting can be a direct contributor to aquarium algae problems. How long should aquarium lighting be on? Having your aquarium lighting on for too long can cause an over availability of light. Algae […]

Aquarium UV Sterilizers Explained

Hey everyone, Steve Poland here, And this week I wanted to talk about a piece of equipment that can improve the clarity, cleanliness, and overall health of your aquarium: a UV sterilizer. They’re very commonly used in ponds but they can also be used in aquariums to eliminate various water-born microorganisms including free-floating algae. And […]

5 Best Freshwater Fish Algae Eaters for Aquarium or Aquascape

5 Best Freshwater Fish Algae Eaters for Aquarium or Aquascape

Is Distilled Fish Oil Toxin-Free?

“Is Distilled Fish Oil Toxin-Free?” Fact or fiction: fish oil decreases inflammation. It better— that’s the whole reason people take it. But it’s not true. “No effect of fish oil supplementation on…inflammatory markers.” This randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled intervention trial showed no effect of a whopping dose of fish oil on markers of inflammation in the […]

Why is Testa Omega 3 better than fish oil? (Algae oil with DHA and EPA fatty acids)

So you use omega-3. Very clever, as omega-3 is good for the heart, brain and eyes. Because the body does not produce omega-3 itself we get it from foods for example from fish. Fish get their omega-3 themselves by eating omega-3 rich algae, the superfood of fish. With billions of subsidies from the government ninety […]