Jelly Fishing IRL Challenge | SpongeBob SmartyPants Ep. 2

For the love of King Neptune, this is the greatest show under the sea. This is SpongeBob Smarty Pants! I’m your host, Roy, a.k.a. Guava Juice, and I’m joined by my wonderful contestants, Amanda and Ray, hello! All right, we’re just going to swim right over to our first round with the Jellyfish Jam Challenge. […]

If I Can’t Have Christmas Music Video 😤 | Big City Greens | Disney Channel

( music playing )♪ All year, I was kind ♪ ♪ All year, I was good ♪ ♪ Like a nice kid ♪ ♪ I did what I should ♪ ♪ But now it’s all ruined ♪ ♪ And Christmas is busted ♪ ♪ All because of the brother I trusted ♪ Aww, don’t worry […]

Graduate Stories: Lauren Gill

[Music] I’m Lauren Gill, I’m from Bradford and i’ve just graduated in Film Studies. It’s definitely all thanks to the dedication and support of all of my lecturers throughout the 3 years. My course was absolutely incredible, I’ll always be thankful to the University for giving so much more than a degree. The highlight of […]

Brook Trout Bank Fishing on Crown Land in Ontario

“…50 times and then on the last run BOOM FISH ON!” welcome back to Conjuring Rock where we enjoy all season camping and fishing today I am with fishing with Andre. Luke from Limestone City Angling – angler “angler” angler. Today we are going for brook trout and we are on Crown land and that’s […]

Saltwater aquarium setup – A simple, easy guide in 5 minute steps.

– Hey I’m Ryan. This is episode zero or a launching point of a brand new series called “The five minute guide to salt water aquariums”. If you’re new to the hobby or looking for a clear, simplified, direct path to setting up a brand new reef tank, you found it. The guide is an […]

Hunting And Cooking with Mike Robinson: Fishing for Trout

Always the dodgiest part of getting in a canoe. Now this, is my secret little lake. It’s fed from a gorgeous little stream, just up there, comes all the way down through the woods and I very kindly got permission to put a few trout in this lake, ages and ages and ages ago. There […]

[龍虎門] 買榜 – 熊仔×Julia Wu 吳卓源×RGRY

忙著上電視 沒空看電視 打開KKBOX 我的名字 又是關鍵字 不好意思一直洗版 出現在各播放清單 shout out to all my fans 一遍又一遍 不斷讓我在你耳邊循環 上一張都還沒下榜 下一張又準備上榜 不需要多大的排場 一樣把大廠牌海放 boy im just having fun 爬得太高 高處不勝寒 早知道我就帶件外套 寶座坐得太久 椎間盤都有點歪掉 there i am again i just win and win and win this goes out to all my ex’es how u like me now 一直入圍金音獎 好像是我有拜票 但小人沒被提名 […]

Catfish — Movie Review #JPMN

Before I begin, I should mention that Catfish is a film perhaps best explored without absolutely zero knowledge about its plot. But, if you’ve already heard something about it, or had the ending spoiled for you – it doesn’t diminish from its impact or effectiveness anyway. Either way, I will do my best to avoid […]

Eel, carp, chicken feet juice for summertime energy

We’re having ‘jeup’ today, which means extracted juice in Korean. In the summer, actually, in any season when we’re feeling under the weather or tired, we try to re-energize by eating some jeup. So these are all ‘jeup.’ We can make various kinds of ingredients to extract juices. It’s my first time to have these […]