The Best Food in the World | BEST Seafood FEAST in Thailand! Try Native Thai Cooking

(upbeat music) – Okay, check it out, in downtown Bangkok, Victory Monument. This area is a hub for delicious food and Thai food is some of my favorite in the world. So let’s go food raging and see what we can find. (upbeat music) Oh yeah! Okay, check this out. We’ve got some Kai Bo […]

Shad Fish

fwoosh soowf dee daa doo daaaa boo ba da doo ba ba do ba de deeee eee ahh woo waaa Ok, now for some better captions… Here Here come Here come the Here come the fish Up, Up, Up, Down a he-ha Top Bottom Lerft Wright These fish can-a fly surprisingly well. Ow! Ow! That […]