PACCARB 11th Public Mtg, Day 2 Pt 2: PANEL 6: Consumer Impact on Antibiotic Use

>>Michael Apley: Welcome, everyone, to our second panel of the day. I would like to welcome our panelists; Dr. Jay Graham, Bruce Feinberg, Dr. Jeffrey Gerber, and Harshika Sarbajna. Thank you all for coming. And without further ado, we will start with Dr. Graham, and welcome.>>Jay Graham: Thank you. Thank you for having me. I’ll […]

The drugs don’t work: a global antibiotics crisis | FT Investigation

We’ve got used to the fact that if you have a small infection, if you have a cut, if you need an operation, then you can use antibiotics and the infection won’t be serious. Unless we get a grip on resistance to the antibiotics, people will die from these things. The issue of anti-microbial resistance […]

What are EFSA and EMA doing to reduce the use of antibiotics in animals?

I think if I would be very familiar with from the the whole concept of climate change is a global crisis in many ways antimicrobial resistance is another global crisis we do know that antimicrobial resistance is important in animals and also we know that there’s substantial connectivity between antimicrobial resistance in animals in people […]

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) research at the Quadram Institute

Antimicrobial resistance is a global problem caused by bacteria which develop resistance to antimicrobial drugs. This is a serious life-threatening issue, as treating infections and safely performing routine medical procedures could become impossible. The Quadram Institute is contributing to the battle against AMR, but we need a coordinated coordinated global approach based on the One […]