Andy Learns Thai Cooking Techniques from a Thai Chef | Bon Appétit

Fly Fishing Brown n Rainbow Trout Urban Flyfishing Tasmania Urban fishing Australia EP.90

I’m in quiet little town in Tasmania Australia. This is Russel and Rochelle’s House. And I am going for a fish soon. There’s Russell there. It’s now about 2.30pm in the afternoon and just heading out for a fish. Walk down the road a little bit, jump in the creek and come back out there […]

Fieldsports Britain – Bambi-catching, chalkstream trout and pesky dassies, episode 133

[Music] Welcome to Fieldsports Britain. Coming up. Browning shows us how to assemble and dis-assemble a semi-auto as fast as you possibly can, using a kid with a blind fold. How do you think he does it? I do not know. We are after the rat, rabbit type animal from Africa. The rock hyrax or […]

Trout Fishing on Yellowstone Lake

Alright, so we’re out here on Yellowstone Lake with Captain Mark. Captain Mark, come over here and say hi to the folks here. We’re doing a little lake trout fishing [Mark] How’s it goin’? [Andy] We just caught our first lake trout and immediately got on another one but apparently it was a cutthroat? [Mark] […]

Tusky Tuesday Fly fishing with Phantom4 Drone Andy’s Fish Video EP.335

Andy’s Fishing Hi. Im Andy and I’m fishing with Simon a youtube fan. Pull your buff down Simon. Hi everyone. Luckily spending the day out with Andy. We will try to catch some Tusk Fish on Fly, I have tried a few times last week. And the week before as well, so hopefully Simon is […]