Mackerel fishing Herring and Water Wolf/Slow motion – Makrillfiske Landskronabåten – Øresund

– Bottom or mid water? Bottom! Really nice fish! Nice! Really nice! Wow! Damned I drop it! – Mackerel? Yes, it was! Damn! – Bottom Peter? No, a few meter up! – A few meters up?

Mancing Strike Ikan Patin Pakai Umpan Experimen!!

Hi friends! Im at “Delta Fishing” Fishing Pond Delta Fishing is in Sidoarjo East Java Perhaps this pool is well known enough this pool is good enough for family fishing vacation but fishes here are difficult to fish, especially the Shark Catfish [Patin fish] I want to try experimenting what baits that good enough fishes’s […]

Children’s Lake stocked with thousands of pounds of trout

My name is David Hurst and I’m the Waterways Conservation Officer for Cumberland County. People call us the fish warden. Today we’re stocking Children’s Lake with adult trout made at the Huntsville State Fish Hatchery. We’re putting about 3,500 pounds of fish in the lake in anticipation, preparation for the regional opening day at trout […]

Fishing Denmark/ Herring/ Randers Fjord/ Djursland

We are on the way down to, Voer, Randers Fjord, in Denmark, to see if there are any herring to be caught. Just rround the corner is the Fjord Center, a visiting center where one can hire a boat, and where there are exhibitions about the Fjord. Amongst other things. I have been here today […]

Managing Catfish for the Future

[Narrator] This is Passport to Texas. Largemouth bass is hands down the favorite sport fish among anglers in Texas. [Dave Terre] Today in Texas about 50% of our anglers say they prefer largemouth bass. [Narrator] Dave Terre, chief of Inland Fisheries research and management, says another fish is gaining on largemouth bass. About 20 percent […]

Big Wels Catfish on lure! – Fishing Lady

Come on… Come on… Stop to go down! *Did you ask for a big one?* And then it turns out to be a trunk… No, it’s not a trunk! *A walking trunk, LOL* *She will be more tired then me* *It’s big, it’s big…* Davide, it’s here… Please… Its HUGE! Big boy…. Big big boy! […]

Little known Sea Trout Coast, Denmark, Djursland

We are in east-Jutland, Djursland, Denmark, in Northern Europe, at one of Djurslands most remote beaches. The purpose is a sea-trout walk, in part to take a look at a good sea trout fishing spot, and in part to recommend a good walk. One drives to the end of Glatved Strandvej, and gets to on […]


Unboxing + modifying Savage Gear 40cm Line-Thru Trout

hello everyone welcome at the white label YouTube channel today today we are unboxing the big 40 centimeter 70s line throughout this is the slow sink seatrout version this is 16 inches and weighs 665 grams I’m already used to fishing with this lure in Sweden and with the season starting in the Netherlands now […]

Circle hooks vs standard hooks for catfish

Fishermen have different opinions on what kind of hook you should use I actually prefer the circle hook. If you notice, this one here is a standard J-hook and the point come straight out. The circle hook on the other hand you see the point actually comes down toward the shank of the hook. The […]