Ask the Aquarium — “Why do small fish matter?”

I’m standing in front of River Giants, and these have our big fish. That’s what everyone seems to be attracted to and notice, but our rivers and creeks are full of small, little fish that are really important. What are these big fish going to eat? They’ve got to eat smaller fish. What do these […]

Serena’s Story: Why Sensory Inclusivity Matters at the Aquarium

Do you want to go to the Aquarium today? Today, I came with my husband, Craig, and my two children, Serena, who is 7, and Lucas, my son, who just turned 4. Serena has a couple of diagnoses. When she was six months old, she started to have seizures, so she was diagnosed with epilepsy. […]

Animal Song

Mammals have lungs that breathe the air. Warm blooded bodies that have fur or hair. Mammals give birth to their living young. Mothers give milk to their daughters and sons. Dogs say, “roof!” Cats say, “meow!” Cows say, “moo!” Humans say, “wow!” Monkeys say, “ooo ooo ooo!” Horses say, “neigh!” Elephants say, “pvvvvt!” Dophins say, […]

Ask the Aquarium — “Why do the turtles stretch out their legs?”

We’re doing turtle yoga here in the swamp. We do it every single day, but what that means is for our aquatic turtles, these guys living in their life in the water, they’ve got to get out and catch some sunlight. So they’re crawling out and they are basking. What that means for them is […]

Venomous Octopus Defends the Reef!

– [Narrator] Tonight we are on the hunt for something truly bizarre. As I hope to encounter the aliens of the reef. (intense music) (majestic music) – What’s going on everybody? And welcome back to another Blue Wilderness adventure. Here on the edge of the Caribbean Sea at night. Now we’re at Grand Cayman Island […]

Part 1: Sphere Tutorial for the Turtle Lanyard, Boondoggle, Scoubidou

Hey, guys. So today I’m going to be showing you how to make, or do the sphere stitch which is required in order to make the turtle or the octopus. So let’s jump right into it. What we are going to need are 8 pieces of string that are about 30 inches to 36 inches […]

Ask the Aquarium — “What is a turtle’s shell made of?”

That’s a great question. So today, I’m holding a Mexican Box Turtle. This is a male. You know that because of the really bright colorations he has and a few other ways, of course, too. For the shell, it’s actually made of bone, and it’s covered in a keratin overlayer. Now, that keratin is the […]

Shell-ebrating the Year of the Turtle in 2020!

I work at an Aquarium that really likes turtles and supports us in doing turtle — turtle-y things. Pretty much, I do turtle stuff all day, if I can get away with it. It’s hard not to look at a turtle and go, “Hey, that’s a cool animal,” you know? They live a long time. […]

Aquarium scientists help open the STEM-gate for young women

Today, we have a watershed workshop in conjunction with Tennessee American Water and some of the tenth grade girls from Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy. We hope that we can show some of the different aspects of science. You know, sometimes, it can be a little intimidating going into the field. This is a good day […]