Swimming With a Small Shark | What Sam Sees

Barbie – Baby Shark | Ep.221

Barbie – Baby Shark So I was wondering if you could do a presentation to the staff? Sure! Thanks Boss! I’d love to! Great! Just talk about how well the company has been doing in the past year and maybe include some sales and budget figures That sound alright? Hmmm… What is it Ken? I […]

Tiger Shark Encounter – Director’s CHOMP!

– Mario, I’m usually really confident about everything we do, but today, man, I hope we didn’t bite off more than we could chew. Oh boy. (suspenseful music) (lively orchestral music) The ocean, a vast wilderness where life began millions upon millions of years ago, and to this day, remains one of the most unexplored […]

Tiger Shark FACE-OFF!

(dramatic music intensifying) (booming) (riveting instrumental music) – Welcome to Tiger Beach. A world famous destination for shark diving. More specifically, tiger shark diving. And not only will you see tiger sharks, you can encounter up to five different species. All formidable, all top marine predators, all on the same dive. And if that isn’t […]

Orcas Vs Shark: Killer Whales Take Down Tiger Shark

START 00:04 COMM: Off Chatham Bay, Costa Rica, a pod of killer wahels dramatically hunt and take down a tiger shark. Possibly the first time this has been caught on camera. 00:25 COMM: Caroline Power and Nick Bach had already encountered this pod of whales on their diving trip, getting incredibly close to the awesome […]

Is Sargassum Attracting Sharks to Galveston? | SharkFest

NARRATOR: Bull sharks bite with more force, pound for pound, than any other species of large shark. But in Texas waters, they don’t frequently turn their teeth on humans. That is, until 2010– three attacks in less than a year. The safety and livelihood of local residents is under threat. Galveston is a tourism mecca, […]

Rubber Gloves Recommended: The Art of Moving an Electric Eel

Today, we got to move our Electric Eel from his original exhibit that’s he’s been in since it opened into a new exhibit. It’s a little bit larger with more structures, plants, wood and things for him to explore. Of course, the main concern was his electric shock, that if he decided to give a […]

Top 10 Most Bizarre Deep Sea Creatures Ever Discovered

Chattanooga’s Superpower Dogs — Meet Mario and Stosh

My name is Mario Santos. I’m a lieutenant with the Bradley County Sheriff’s Department in Cleveland, Tennessee. My partner’s name is Stosh, and his superpower is narcotic detection. Stosh is a German short-haired pointer. They track really good. The only thing we use him for is narcotic detection. His nose is better than ours, and […]

Chattanooga’s Superpower Dogs — Meet Rachel and Nova (really comic’d up version)

My name is Rachel Burns. I’m a disabled veteran who served in the United States Army. This is my two-year-old Pyrenees-Labrador mix. Her name is Nova. Nova is a psychiatric service dog who helps mitigate PTSD (post-traumatic stress) and anxiety sometimes. She also has mobility assistance for stairs. I got Nova almost two years ago, […]